Windows Phone Central Podcast - Episode 167 (Replay)

Yes we're back for another jam packed WPCentral podcast. We'll be talking new apps, rumors and putting down some Windows Phone 8.1 rumors!



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thenet says:

I cant wait to go to the LA Windows phone 7.5 event it going to be a great event. Did you hear iphone 4S is having many complaints of battery issues and also Siri does not respond very well hahahahaha love it. Also yes Android is also still lagging and is a battery eater has well.

RogueCode says:

As a WP7 enthusiast I think that it is way more important for our platform to beat the competition because it is good, not because the others are bad.And I think we are achieving that.

Binson#WP says:

Absolutely. Being less worse is not the same as striving to be good.

lubbalots says:

Funny because tech blogs have been touting Google's new siri killer. There was never a competition to begin with!

JamesDax3 says:

Oh well, seems to be no orginization in that chat. Questions being ignored. Whatever.

These comments are funny, because they are still here from 2011. :P

JoRdaNeK says:

Phew!! Thought i was mental for a second there!

sasukeluffy says:

your comment was funny, becuse it's still here from 2013 :P

Are you new here? :P


Thought I was back in time for sec why doesn't comments get deleted?

lippidp says:

Rankings of WP's as of yesterday on BestBuy.com, FYI:

AT&T (66 devices offered)
27. Samsung Focus (26 last week)
32. Samsung Focus Flash (34 last week)
50. HTC Titan (new this week)
51. Samsung Focus S (53 last week)
53. HTC Surround (50 last week)
62. HTC HD7S (56 last week)
66. LG Quantum (59 last week)

T-Mobile (32 devices offered)
18. HTC HD7 (11 last week)
19. HTC Radar (24 last week)

Verizon (51 devices offered)
36. HTC Trophy (36 last week)

Sprint (50 devices offered)
30. HTC Arrive (31 last week)

Quantum LAST :-(

Giddora says:

Where are the Lumia's?

This is from last year

Totally off topic: my Lumia 800 just had an update, anyone knows what for ? I didn't read anything here.

dtboos says:

Significant battery fix.  Should give you 2-3x idle time.

JoRdaNeK says:

Lumia Black? :P

ZeusWeapon says:

Podcasts are great luv listening to u, keep on keeping on :)


Gurggles says:

It goes to 9000!!!!!!!

depeche242 says:

➕12 (Also for the 12th man/woman!)

nizzon says:

I just wish I could watch the live podcast on my phone some way :/


Chill510 says:

Anybody know how I can listen live or go to the chat?

Residing says:

Quick note:  Nokia couldn't implement any of their technology as Mango was already in production at the time of the Feb 11th announcement.  However, the Nokia stamp, from a software perspective, will be debuting with WP8.
With that said, not too much Nokia could do except try to differentiate with apps, design, and the screen.

NIST says:

How can I stream the live podcast on my Windows Phone?

nizzon says:

I wonder the same?

RolexDPracer says:

Any news on a time frame for Nokia devices on Verizon Wireless? I want a Lumia 900 so bad!

Um at&t is always taking new customers lol

Shane says:

It won't be a 900. it will be whatever they call there new Lumia WP8 model. LTE over CDMA isn't supported on current wp's because of IPv6.

ZuNuKoo says:

Soon. After wp8 comes out end of year. Just wait. Its worth the wait. Look at what happens to people who bought a Lumia. If you want to wait, wait. If you want to buy, buy. I'm waiting for VZW to release a wp8. Can't wait.

kbreezy104 says:

they have the 822 which seeems to be a pretty cool phone

JoRdaNeK says:

Did you get it?

Thanx to wpcentral I have a star wars Xbox :P

It was behind the tiles event wpcentral told us about I won an Xbox 360

Lucky! How do you like it?

StylesMTL says:

How can I stream this live on my windows phone?

XboxOmac says:

How do you stream this on Windows Phone?

Tallguy0187 says:

Streaming on windows phone?

Decepticon 6 says:

You'll need a Zune Pass to do so.

jsnod25 says:

I have Zune pass... But I don't know how to stream it on my WP, I can use PODCAST! to listen to past casts but not live ones....

Sarang68 says:

Will 4 p.m. EDT correspond to 1.30 am India time?

gmantione says:

What they said^^

Sarang68 says:

Got it 2.30 a.m. IST.

CJ Thunder says:

Talk about the Xbox Music head phones. All phones have to upgrade as Windows 8 has no Zune. How the Wallet was on old hardware. And of course the Note sized device.

CJ Thunder says:

I meant that the headphones are an icon...need an edit button...

jsnod25 says:

There is an edit icon, its the little pen writing icon...

CJ Thunder says:

Lol, there is now, five months later. Anyway, looks like I was wrong. Oh well Zune is much better than Xbox Music.

gorebashd says:

How do I listen to podcast live on my WP?

Decepticon 6 says:

You'll need a Zune Pass to do so.

Kevin Rush says:

Yes, yes, we know about Zune Pass. How do we listen to the Live podcast (if we have a Zune Pass)?

ZeusWeapon says:

Obvious questions, when will I get my update for my WP 7.5, and what the heck is going to happen to Zune? Lol I am sure that will be asked a gazillion times for the next 5 months

Ticomfreak says:

Do you mean 7.8? Because 7.5 already rolled out to all devices...

TofuDelight says:

Nobody knows how to listen from a windows phone??

Go to podcast and hit the icon.

Kevin Rush says:

Go to podcast? Where?

locokip says:

Only has last weeks episode up on Zune :(

v10type-r says:


RussST24 says:

Please post it into the RSS Feed tonight so I can listen on my way to work tomorrow . UK listener. Thx

ravi.tandon says:

Why do I see so many old comments on a recently posted article. Did you update an old post?

I noticed that as well. People are saying how they want a Lumia 900 and how the best seller at best buy was a Samsung Focus...

JoRdaNeK says:

What do you mean? This is now and then was before! :P

Kei Square says:

Looks like it

diplomat696 says:

This article is old....no need for comments on a podcast announcement?

KarateDad says:

Is there a way to watch the podcast from my windows phone?

Ticomfreak says:

Did I just travel back in time?

Olivion17 says:

Where is N.O.V.A 3.

Great Podcast ! keep up the good work .

bilal soomro says:

My Nokia Lumia 920 is working without touching the screen.

crise says:

So is wpc usa aimed only? why mention et time, its confusing for the rest of the World. Use gmt in the future please

poddie says:

Just a shot in the dark... probably the person writing it is in the ET timezone? We don't all operate based on your preference.

crise says:

Great argument.

willied says:

No offense, but you should probably kill yourself.

willied says:

Don't go so hard on yourself.

poddie says:

Holy shit! O had given up all hope!

Tragic says:

Finally! I miss the podcast

venom5150 says:

Not a fan of Anything Google these days.... anyhow, I couldnt make any comments. :(

Nankom says:

Hangouts is a really good tool to do those kind of things and it does change automatically and focus to the person who is talking. ! Love your podcasts!

Dadulka says:

Could we get a downloadable audio version of podcasts as well?

poddie says:

Why does it take so long for these to become available? 4 days later, it's still not on the RSS feed and can't even get it through the app. Takes forever to get a podcast and then by the time I can finally listen to it it's all old news anyway. Same thing happened last time too.

shreyas15 says:

Why can'ti watch it live right now? O.o

treiz says:

F*CKING chatroll won't let me log in again, I can log into the site fine but the chat box never lets me.  POS!  We need a mobile nations compatibel alternative.

_Emi_ says:

the podcast through youtube? really?? wow..
from all the better sites around you use the one that is owned by google and then they have blocked Microsoft from releasing an app? okkk

benners76 says:

Yeah... This is pretty frustrating!!! If there is an alternative that will allow Win Phone users access please PLEASE look into it!!!

_Emi_ says:

thanks for your retarded "hue"......

poddie says:

Guys, will you please post this podcast as audio after it's done? We still don't have access to the last one either. I can't explain how frustrating it is when you don't post these on your RSS feed! Arg.

THey're both coming. Stay tuned.

poddie says:

Great, thanks!  Wasn't sure if anyone was even aware of the problem... this is the first response I've gotten.  Looking forward to them!

mprice86 says:

I'm watching/listening for the first time. Guys, this is really good, very professional.

wshwe says:

This must be a mistake. Why is an old podcast at the top of the wpcentral home page? I was excited to finally have a new wpcentral podcast to listen to.

Jay Bennett says:

It is a new one, episode 163 ;) it's just the replay so this post gets recycled

FearL0rd says:

Yeaaaaa!!! Podcasts are back!!!!!!

FearL0rd says:

Lets use SKYPE guys!!!! No to Google

phstratton says:

I feel like they really need to focus on getting some new good Xbox games, and allowing indie developers to make Xbox games for wp8.

rimlover says:

why doesnt wpc use skype confrence better then using a compititors platform?

Jay Bennett says:

Using Skype is actually much harder than it should be for doing live recordings. We used to use it but made the switch to Google+ with the rest of Mobile nations because the On Air hangouts functionality works really quite well (once you get past the confusing UI!) It also means we can do a replay on YouTube instantly and have to spend much less time producing the video and the MP3.

Is that the WPCentral app I saw? O_O

You really need to update the RSS feed faster. It is kind of disappointing to see there is a new episode and wait a few days before being able to actually listen to it while comuting.

I'm so excited for the Xbox one! :D

Nejcooo says:

Windows phone central is using Google+

Nakazul says:

How nice. More Podcasts to the people. And more Bennett for us all :D

Nakazul says:

Oh, it can't play on Swedish YouTube :( "Not available for your country"

Nakazul says:

And now it Works. Thnx

nizzon says:

Finally! Just missed the live show. Would be nice if we could get a heads up at least a day before.

i just came here to comment on the scarf being worn inside

FearL0rd says:

Next you guys need to uses XBOX ONE Skype for the podcast...

Haven't watched the podcast yet, so damn busy. I will once I have the time.

Thimbro says:

Great podcast!

S_C_B says:

OMG! Episode 164 still isn't in my podcast app. Also, I see nothing wrong with using hangouts. Darn Google hating trolls.

Jas00555 says:

Guys, did you hear that Lenovo is buying Motorola? Maybe this patent war between Google and Microsoft can stop since Lenovo works with Microsoft and Google's patents are (one) of the thing that keep Google services from WP.

Jay, which version of Visual Studio do you use, is it 2012 Professional or 2012 Ultimate & did you pay for the full version or do you use the Express Edition?

S_C_B says:

When is this latest episode gonna hit podcast land? It isn't showing in my fave podcast app. Also, was there an episode 165? I don't see that in my feed either.

poddie says:

It really is starting to irk me that WPC keeps claiming this thing is a podcast and then never making it available on the RSS feed (or doing it so late that it's hopelessly out of date). This show is not a podcast. It's a stupid google hangout. Please rename it so I can dump it and not get excited every time you claim to have a new podcast.

S_C_B says:

You can dump it without them renaming it.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

poddie says:

Sure I could... but id still see these headlines and het excited that there may be a podcast, then have to search out the RSS feed, see it still has nothing in it, and then feel like I've been tricked yet again. Not a great solution is it? Hey, how about if they just post the damn audio to the feed like every other "podcast" known to man? I'm a big fan, but this whole situation is just a bit silly.

jmacwan1 says:

more excited about notification center and a voice assistant

dgr_874 says:

Mkkkk emdmdmdmnrtkhtbg. V .bbpllpollllllnmhfbnbn

I can't see the podcast. With the official YouTube "app" it says the video format is not compatible. Neither m.youtube.com or Metrotube work. What can I do?

crise says:

I can't play the video on my L920... Tried through browser and my tube.. It says it could also be because I live in another country. What's the deal?

Same happens to me, as I said just above you

crise says:

We are in serious trouble my fellow WP user

Jay Bennett says:

Something is seriously messed up with YouTube for this episode (167), we can't get the video back after the broadcast so you may have to watch this one on a desktop (lame we know!). The official YouTube app does appear to work on Windows Phone but the mobile site doesn't :(

WindowsLocos says:

Can't watch on my Lumia 1520? What gives?

sip1995 says:

Sorry Daniel but i really hate the Google+ ad at the video.

Dean Lewis says:

This video is NOT AVAILABLE ON MOBILE. lol. Yes myTube will play it anyway - but... for whatever reason it wasn't loading (maybe the same reason why it wouldn't on the YouTube mobile site, lol).

Google +, surprised you guys don't use something more MS... like... er YouTube? LOL - oh dear.

toraji says:

Great podcast again...tnx guys!!!..... Only one complaint--> Daniel, stop that google+ crap ;-)

benrp says:

Funny listening to Dan trying to defend the US carriers. I'm in Australia which is about the same as the US with much smaller population and still heaps cheaper.

S_C_B says:

Get over it. They use Hangouts. Upload the audio version, por favor.

Jay Bennett says:

We are in the process of uploading the audio version now, had some problems with retrieving the video this week!

S_C_B says:

I'm still patiently waiting. If you tell me it is uploaded, I'm gonna go yell at Pocket Casts!

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psychotron says:

Same here. I keep checking for the new episode every couple of hours.

Posted via the WPC App!

S_C_B says:

I just want the latest podcast to show in Pocket Casts.

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Kevin Rush says:

Hi Jay, Are you still watching this stream of comments that started in 2011 and is now March 2014?

Aashish13 says:

Please Daniel don't use scroogle +

crise says:

Lol funny that you use Google hangouts for this video...

crise says:

And you are so right Daniel about google changing everything all the time, it's so frustrating!

Sean D. says:

I was thinking where the whole Skype being integrated thing came from and I'm almost positive it was put out there by Joe Belfiore. But either way, I believe it can and should be built in pretty easily. First off people just have to understand that if it is built in, then IF new things are introduced it likely wont be available. Simple as that. But adding calling, video calls, and IM that are part of the OS seems pretty easy and logical. Those are things that don't need to be updated frequently if it works right to begin with. The skype account is already linked to MS accounts so it should be easy to know if you have and can use Skype credit, just add the ability to buy it directly from the wallet.

psychotron says:

Latest episode still not showing up in the feed. :(

Posted via the WPC App!

S_C_B says:

Still nothing.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Kevin Rush says:

Hi, I have a few question?
1. Why do we have to comment on the most recent podcast, in a string of comments starting in November 2011? (See above.)
2. Where exactly, is the March 2014 episode of WPCentral Podcast? I can't find it on ZUNE Marketplace, I mean XBOX Marketplace? I have it set up to download automatically and even when I force check, it doesn't exist? This procedure/ setup works for all my other podcasts.
3. Why isn't the WPCentral Podcast, "Windows" and "WindowsPhone" media first? I think gooogle and youutube should be second.
Just my thoughts.
Where is the podcast?

S_C_B says:

Podcast, where you be?

S_C_B says:

Episode 167 finally downloaded today!

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Kevin Rush says:

Episode 167 wasn't available, for me, on the Xbox Marketplace yesterday the 25th.
Just now, I just checked and it is now downloaded and ready to play on my Lumia Phone from Xbox Marketplace.
Thank You.