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Now available: Windows Phone Central official app v3.2

If you’re a particularly keen user you may have spotted that the v3.2 update for our official app has just hit the marketplace. This is another incremental update clearing up some of the loose ends since the v3 release and various updates to our website.

You can pick up the update on the Windows Phone marketplace here, but if you want to know what’s coming first you can find the change list below.

  • Added option to receive e-mail alerts when someone replies to your comment
  • Added comment editing functionality
  • Updated comment icons to be a higher resolution
  • Changed live tile to render at double resolution to improve sharpness on Windows Phone 8
  • Fixed most instances of the black live tile bug
  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash when thanking in the forums
  • Implemented fixes for image viewing in forums as well as the option to view images which fail to load in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a crash caused by using emoji in comments
  • A few other smaller bug fixes not worth mentioning

This update applies to Windows Phone 7 users and above so can be downloaded by the broadest possible audience. Of course we are aware that those of you with Windows Phone 8 devices would like an upgrade (particularly to make the most of 16:9 resolutions where you have them). We will be producing such an update but there is a little more work than expected to ensure we make the most of the new resolutions, so bear with us whilst we get it right.

As always your feedback is welcomed in any form, be it comment, forum post, email or app review, we’ll endeavour to respond wherever possible.



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Sergio0694 says:

Great update!
Just a big question: would it be possible to choose the design of the live tile, between the actual image, and the site logo (the one that uses the Windows8/Windows Phone 8 logo)?
That would be awesome!
I have to say I like that logo, and the logo you use on the wpcentral site more than the actual app logo :)

Jay Bennett says:

We'll be switching to the new logo likely in the next update :)

Sergio0694 says:

That's a great news, thank you for you answer! :)
Keep up the good work, this app is awesome! And it's getting better and better :)

Munkeyphyst says:

I like the app logo, it's got a "hidden" mobile nations logo inside it :)

raji539 says:

I don't know, why it is paid app....?

Jay Bennett says:

The trial will never expire and is completely free. There are just a few premium features and the option to remove adverts for the very low purchase price

CJ Thunder says:

I've always wondered though as a consistently updated site, me launching the app at least twice a day, would me looking at ads for the last two years given you more than a dollar?

Jay Bennett says:

It might if we changed our ad provider, but right now we're using AdDuplex to support other developers and the platform in general. So definitely not right now, we may change provider soon though

purevibz says:

Jay thanks again for a great thing could you make it so that when you get a notification and you click on it you don't have to go back out of the app to read any other of the news articles by putting a home link in.

RockmanNeo says:

This is what I just noticed too the other day (when my HD7 is finally pushing out notification). Please give a link to homepage when you enter the app from the notification bar. Thanks.
This should be one of the programming rules Microsoft should enforce. Either give home link or back button goes to homepage first before exiting the app

touchpad4760 says:

+1 also.   It's gotten to the point that when I get a push notification, I just launch the app instead of entering via the notification.   Needs a way back to the app's start screen.

nichitandrei says:

Because is the best WP news app from the market and you should consider that you are giveing a donation and not a payment. The app is constantly updated and believe me when I'm saying that it's worth it!!

Z10YkakPES says:

Fully agree, guys do GREAT JOB, why not support them?! Thanking for good work

rastanac says:

Coz it's simply the best and most up-to-date WP news & updates source! :)

scdkad says:

Do you work for nothing?

oniororo says:

It really is worth it. A donation for the work done.

cdbstl76 says:

I have NEVER questioned having to lay for this app! Its the best!

wspaw says:

Wow!  is it really THAT good?

tk-093 says:

Complaining about $.99? Must be an Android user.. :)

jaimeastin says:

It is one of the BEST apps designed for windows phone... PERIOD. I use it everyday, multiple times, it is very easy to post, pretty much all functionality is the same as on the desktop,and so much more. This app was made by people who took the time to truly make an app that is 100% made for Windows phone. I think it is actually the top standard and should be known and used by others as the example of an almost perfect app.

As with the article, the updates are plenty. I don't not mind paying for good things. Please keep up the good work WPC. Shoot, I almost wished you all reported on all world news as your unbiased reviews and community is just great. Mobile nations is just awesome!

Munkeyphyst says:

I actually paid twice. :) it's worth it. Great looking app, constantly updating and improving.

Odog4ever says:

I distinctly remember Jay saying he is not getting paid by WPCentral to make the app so why shouldn't he be compensated?

I use the app everyday, which is more than I can say for some of my free apps. Money well spent.

jsnod25 says:

Consider the fact that he constantly improves the app, which means he is working on it a lot so it's easy choice to pay less than $1 for the service you enjoy.

addicusbrown says:

I love the app and hated suffering through the first 2 weeks of having my 920 with only the trial due to the repurchase glitch in the Store.

EAA575 says:

Comment editing! Yes!

juanitoriv says:

Yes!! No more

Finally email alerts for replies...good job guys...this is truly the best app for windows phone news...

scdkad says:

My problem is the tile stopped updating 5 days ago along with several others :(

scdkad says:

Been there done that..
Uninstall, reboot, re-install no help. Has been an ongoing problem for me on 2 different device for past year and half but don't want to go too off topic here..

Z10YkakPES says:

Bing it man, I'm sure you are not the only one, maybe somebody found a solution.

scdkad says:

I thought maybe Mr. Bennett could help me out!

scdkad says:

Yes I have. This 3rd time this has happened in 2 1/2 months-the other two times they just all started working again.. I may start uninstalling apps one by one.

Jay Bennett says:

Hmmm that is odd, honestly should not be happening and I'm tempted to say something might be wrong with your device. If you can afford to do it a factory reset may solve all your problems but for now I'd suggest clearing up apps by removing any you really don't use as you suggested

scdkad says:

I also noticed "news task last run" gets stuck at 12 am. That's when tile stops updating. Also don't get notifications...

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah that's where the app re-registers the task to work around issues with background tasks, when it's been freshly registered it shows as last run at midnight :)

Sharpmango says:

My wpcentral live tile also does not act alive, ive a paid app (wanted to show the love more than anything), l920

schlubadub says:

Would it be possible to tie in the article tags into some sort of preferences? For example, I have no interest in W8 or tablets (this is a WP site afterall) and would like to exclude them from my feed. I could imagine other people might not want gaming, store opening, xbox news etc. I would dearly love to never hear about anything related to AT&T ever again :P Perhaps this is for WP Central as a whole instead of just the app... Or is the intention for the site to become Windows Central or even Microsoft Central?

Tsyokiss says:

Would love to see that option aswell, specially because allot of people living outside the US don't bother usually with the new about AT&T.. And just a minor thing, would it be possible to add more different kind of gfx when the live tile turns or the option to just have the number of new updates instead of it rolling over.. ?
Either way, great work guys, love the community and all.. :-) Just tried the edit option and its sweet.. ;-)

Odog4ever says:

Its pretty obvious that this site has grown to cover Microsoft's "three screens" vision. If it were soley focused on WP news, there might not be any posts for days at a time. I wonder if iPhone users are complaing about iPad and Mac news...
None of the stories about Verizion or non-US releases relates to me but its not hurting me either, I just don't click on them. I'm not OCD and have to click on everything.

schlubadub says:

At the top of the site it specifically says "Windows Phone", so presumably all news is phone related. Android is on phones and tablets so it's fine to cover both, similarly IOS is on iPhones and iPads so it's fine to cover both.
However, Windows/Windows RT/Windows Phone/Windows Phone 8/Xbox are all separate beasts. It should really become "Windows & Windows Phone Central" or "Windows Central" if it's going to cater to all news. They should really be more like the iMore site where they have a sub-menu so the user can choose to show one of Windows / Xbox / Windows Phone 7 / Windows Phone 8 news.
You're right that I can skip over Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile news, but even completely unrelated stories get flooded with comments about those carriers. i.e. yet again asking why X carrier hasn't released an update or particular phone model.

Megazone75 says:

Great work dudes and dudettes!
Here's a UI question/tip. Wouldn't it be better if you first post the article title/header and thén the accompanying image?  Try it, I think it will work.

Jay Bennett says:

We did that in an old version of the UI, but found that the title overlaying the image slightly made for a very nice clean divider between articles, and even improved the scrolling speed. But if you look back at old articles on the app (aka v1 releases) you'll see the mess we started with!

Megazone75 says:

Thanks Jay, I guess the reason I ask is that the articles appear to me as if now they're actually not enough 'divided'. When you're scrolling through the list of articles it is not always clear where the previous article ends and the next one begins. The comment counter on the right adds to this feeling, it appears as if it is located in the 'middle' of two articles. Another divider UI-element may help, like a transparent stripe or other airy symbol, or maybe just more black space between a follow up article. Let's make this app even better ;)

schlubadub says:

There's already black space between the previous article text and the next article image. I think it's pretty perfect as it is and I'm really struggling to see it the way that you describe.
Awesome work Jay!

ajua says:

Waiting for that 16:9 support! Great work on the update.

jgraves4480 says:

I can't get it to update. Error 8000ffff

DaSchnee says:

Awesome, now the only app on my startscreen with low res tile is amazing weather.

Keep up the good work Jay :)

stevethenerd says:

Great job Jay...

Much better! The animations aren't as crappy as before ( still not good ) and there's not the usual lag. I don't support the use of tiles within applications, as I think they're rather useless when they don't update and just make it harder to navigate. What's the problem with a list of text like you get when you open the Windows Phone Store?

Sergio0694 says:

+1 for the tiles inside the app.
A text list like in Metrotube would be much more clear and smooth :)

Jay Bennett says:

You can call the tiles design flare if you like.... Honestly people identify with them and they are only for navigation. They also highlight that these tiles can be pinned to your start screen.

cdbstl76 says:

TILES are part of the OS design. Most like to see that continued with-an app. There are some that don't. I know a few other OSs that may fit your needs. I know the apps with-in them won't have TILES.

ousooner314 says:

I find the tiles visually pleasing versus a wall of text. There are places where text serves the purpose (like the Store where lots of information needs to be dispalyed), but I prefer tiles in the WPCentral app.

TheMoose14 says:

I had a problem when using white background colour. When trying to start a movie, the new box to chose hd/sd is completely black. You can not se the text. Don't know if it is fixed in the new version.

Jay Bennett says:

It should have been fixed in v3.1 :)

cdbstl76 says:

It was on mine...

luk3ja says:

Still no support for WP8 HTC 8X and its taller screen....really? And i have taken screenshots of a couple of bugs I've found, where do i send them?

Jay Bennett says:

We literally covered that issue in the post... There's also a forum thread about it. As for screenshots, send them using the address you get when sending feedback through the about screen

expectafight says:

Lol...From the article:

Of course we are aware that those of you with Windows Phone 8 devices would like an upgrade (particularly to make the most of 16:9 resolutions where you have them). We will be producing such an update but there is a little more work than expected to ensure we make the most of the new resolutions, so bear with us whilst we get it right.

Tommy Parker says:

Definitely worth purchasing the app! Couldn't be without it.

Why is it telling me app isn't available for my device? (L920)

Sarang68 says:

All I can say is Thank you! You guys & gals rock!

WillBrown says:

I'm getting an error that it is not available on my device. HTC 8X. I have the previous version already installed.

lottidah says:

Thanks for the update! This is a terrific app and the one I use most often. Definitely worth buying.

dinchy87 says:

First this a great app :) thank you. And i have a little question - why does the live tile on a 7.8 device flip like wp7. And other live tiles coded with the windows phone sdk 7.1 flip now likw wp8 live tiles? Are you using some 3rd party for the live tiles? And now you can set the 7.8 live tile also to big, have you seen that? You can use .net reflection and set wp8 live tiles on 7.8 devices... :)

I realized now that it flip like wp8 but before the update it was like wp7. But you could still have a look at the implementation of the biggest tile, that would be great!

anumat.s says:

At least give the live tile in the trial.

ousooner314 says:

Would defeat the purpose of calling it a trial. The intent is for people to purchase if they like what they see, and want to enjoy all the benefits of the app.

deansmilk says:

Nice update as always.

pankaj981 says:

Jay can u explain what was causing the black tile from time to time? I mean when u tried to replicate it on your emulator what did u have to do?
Edit: BTW, thanks for the new update!!

Jay Bennett says:

It's because we are rendering the tile on the device, if it fails to render that happens. We're changing the tile next release and should have it totally sorted

pankaj981 says:

Makes some sense to me since i am a developer but not a WP :) so dont know how the tile rendering works.
Damn even should start developing some apps for fun...

pankaj981 says:

Btw still had that issue again

schlubadub says:

I'd like an option to turn off the back of the tile & tile flipping altogether. I find that having an article counter on the front is more than sufficient...

GuerrillaM6 says:

Is there any way to manually check for app updates? 

ousooner314 says:

There's no way to manually check for updates for all apps. But you can manually update each app by:
- Open the Marketplace/Store on your phone
- Go to the WPCentral app
- Use the back button to go back to the previous page
- Go to the WPCentral app again
- This time you'll get the Update button.

Weavile2196 says:

Gotta love updates.

slkrck says:

Not available for my device....what????

zishbu says:

Excellent app guys, easily worth paying for. The app paid for itself with the info and advice I got here. Upgraded from a Lumia 900 to Lumia 920 (18 months early), got a free charge pad (admittedly not here yet), got a price reduction from $99 to $49 and got $36 fee waived. So I could swing paying for the app :)

juanitoriv says:

I got a sweet hook up from T-Mo on my 8X (12 mo. early) getting delivered today. Not as good as yours, up front. $150, w/ $75 down, sticker at $199, but I'm going to see $25+/month less. My poor Radar got spiderwebbed out the other night. What did you say to them?? I gotta know.

zishbu says:

"what did you say to them???"

I did a blog post on this on my site below. I encourage all 900 owners that would like a 920 to at least try. Can't win if you don't play.

dlrohm says:

Great job, this app is great!

xeno3d says:

Awesome app!

juanitoriv says:

Yeah edit is GREAT!!

Edit: Awesome!! Thanks Jay! Hope in the next update, it will really take advantage of my amazing 920 display.

Great app and one of the few I use EVERY day!

Dave Blake says:

Great job on the update Jay

jsnod25 says:

I love that this is probably the only app I have that doesn't ask for access permission when I update it. Also great update Jay.

willied says:

I love how you support this excellent app so well. I was wondering though, is there a way to like posts on the forum in the app? I only see the ability to thank others.

Jay Bennett says:

Only thank right now because of an API limitation, will see if I can get like working though

Conasca says:

Love the app.

ricardios says:

Curious how hard is it to build for different screen resolutions? WP8 has 3, iPhone has 2, android too many.

Jay, I see two of my bugs made the list! Thanks for fixing them! Having downloaded quite a few apps the last 10 days this app rocks and I actually prefer it the website.

Agent-P says:

Great work as always, Jay. Because of this incredible support, I didn't mind buying it a second time when there was that marketplace glitch. I think you deserve it :)

gmantione says:

Horrible (awesome)... I hate this app (love it), I never use it (I check it obsessively), and you should just take it off the marketplace (thanks for constantly updating it!). But seriously though, I appreciate the work and love this app!.

prestonalan says:

Jay, has quick status on the lock screen been something you've considered for WP8? I would LOVE that!!

apocacrux says:

Love the update. Worth paying for this app. I use it every day.

judas2100 says:

as always, brilliant work

Brandon619 says:

Thx for the update glad to support with the full version purchase... And yes 16:9 support coming :) great

ihavewp8 says:

I hope this update will fix the live tile and notification. This use to work before.

How else can we donate?

bokchoy1 says:

When I change the accent colour in-app (wp7), comments follow the change but replies stay the old colour until the next app restart. Right now i have a red/blue bicolour scheme :)

bokchoy1 says:

The two-colour thing actually looks quite striking. I wouldn't mind an option to keep it that way, if possible.

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah that's because we have to calculate the darker colour and then cache the calculation, interesting I might look into the multi coloured option...

wetworker says:

Any news on the tablet version? This app is going to be awesome on my Surface.

woodbane says:

+1 Jay, I could see this looking awesome on Win8 machines. It would be going straight on my touch screen laptop that's for sure and I'd definitely pay again for it and expect a higher price. Maybe $1.99 or $2.99?

woodbane says:

Where'd my plus symbol go? LOL Obviously that was "plus one"

Jay Bennett says:

It's in progress but I'm starting from scratch here, going to be a while. Honestly I find the full site works amazing on the surface, the experience is not in as much a need of refinement as on mobile

MediaCastleX says:

This is why. you guys...RUUUUULE! =D

melvinmajor says:

The black live tile bug is still there with v3.2 ... :/

Jay Bennett says:

I know, it's a pain to hunt down... But it should very rarely occur now

I just upgraded from the Trophy to the Lumia 822.  I had previously paid for this great app.  When I go to install it on the Lumia, there's no option to install, just buy.  I will pay for it again, but just wondering whether I have to...

EDIT: never mind. I deleted and reinstalled the app to attempt to correct the faulty login and now I apparently have to buy it AGAIN to get rid of ads.
Uninstalled! Gave it a bad rating and review just to get my childish little revenge for having been cheated out of a Dollar.

Jay Bennett says:

I've just sent you a message to try and get this resolved, we don't control the billing process as it's totally handled by Microsoft, if that changes your bad rating of the app itself I hope you'll consider updating the review