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Give Windows Phone 8 a voice-actuated camera with ReadyClick!

Every once in awhile we come across a really innovative app that isn’t just gimmicky but extremely useful. Today, that app is ReadyClick!

Built for Windows Phone 8, it allows you take a photo just by using your voice—perfect for getting those group shots and not having to worry about a timer. The app is both a Tile and Lens for the camera, making it quickly available for regular usage. Once launched you have a few options including snapping a photo instantly, using a standard (but configurable) timer or the voice activation.

It’s of course the latter function that really makes this app.

The voice activation works by tapping the on-screen button (or pushing the shutter key). Once it is engaged, it listens for the command “Ready Click!” and then begins an audible 3-second countdown. Heck, with its robotic voice, it can even speak “Say Cheese!” before snapping the photo.

The program comes with quite a few options too, including if you want it to say "cheese", what to do with the shutter key, whether or not it should take one or two photos, etc. There were a few hiccups though as the LED light (aka flash) wasn’t engaging on our Lumia 920 (neither did the AF lamp) and it’s a bit annoying that you can’t view your photos after snapping them. But those are just minor things for what is a really unique app.

Overall, ReadyClick! is quite fun and highly recommended. You can pick it up for $1.99 here in the Windows Phone Store and there is a fully functional trial.

QR: ReadyClick



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MaulerX says:

This is awesome actually. Using it to take group shots is reason alone to get this.

diegohca says:

Just tried the voice activation feature and it's really cool. Great idea!

wheelerk says:

Daniel, where did you get the photosynth app??  I dont see it in the store.

Toddard says:

Yes, I had the same question! I've been missing Photosynth ever since I got my 920.

It's a private beta preview release, sorry. It's coming soon.

ScubaDog says:

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that!  Hands down, my favorite camera app on my 900.  I'm anxious to see it available on my 920!

dKp1977 says:

Awesome app. Flash and focus flash work fine on my Lumia 920.

this, I feel, should be part of the OS in itself.... but nice concept.... waiting to try it in public :)

venetasoft says:

Photosinth not available for 920??

i see you have photosynth....did i miss it?

dKp1977 says:

Wanted to purchase this app, but right after download, when it should start installation it aborts with c101a7d1 :/


Tried to get it from the web store now. 500 not found. Seems they're currently having some issues. At least here in Germany.

Soft reset ur phone and try again.

dKp1977 says:

Still doesn't work. I don't even receive the usual billing email. I was able to purchase timelaps pro though. Strange.

pbroy says:

This will be awesome for taking perv shots like Ninja Cam! Would have been nice if you could change the keyword to take a shot with. Can you disable the screen and start video recording too? :D

JW888 says:

Cool, how long you can play with the trial?

Sounds great, but would have priced if at a buck, and get more impulse buys. $2 I think more people will wait to get this if they need it.

Odog4ever says:

"Sounds great, but would have priced if at a buck, and get more impulse buys. $2 I think more people will wait to get this if they need it."
And this is why I'm glad I'm not trying to make a living as a mobile app developer (or even do it as a hobby since the yearly registration is not free).

If you made something worth buying, you would easily get your yearly registration back, if all you want to do is do it as a hobby.

Lousy cheapskate

Whatsapp updated to :) but don't know what it brings.

nablor says:

How about some wp7 love.

This looks cool; I might try this

ricardios says:

Nice. I currently use PhotoTimer it also has a live countdown. Perfect for my 810 as it can stand up on its flat side. No tripod required.

lottidah says:

Is it possible that this app runs continuously somehow? It may be a coincidence, I saw a big battery drain after installing it. Rebooting didn't help. Finally uninstalled it and the battery is back to normal.

oldpueblo says:

How are you guys setting up the phone to take timed shots anyway? Some fancy tripod accessory?