Look at the stars with Astronomy Lockscreen, available for Windows Phone 8

Astronomy Lockscreen

Astronomy Lockscreen is a brand new app now available for Windows Phone. The app (as the name suggests) is a simple concept that pulls down the Astronomy Picture of the Day from the Nasa website. It's able to refresh each day with a new photo of the universe, sending any Windows Phone into another dimension.

While being little more than a basic app, Astronomy Lockscreen (developed by Martin Suchan - @martinsuchan) is a great solution for those who enjoy looking at new images of what's beyond our skies.

Astronomy Lockscreen

You can download Astronomy Lockscreen from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: Astronomy Lockscreen


Reader comments

Look at the stars with Astronomy Lockscreen, available for Windows Phone 8


I suppose if you print it out with edible paper & ink then you could put it on an Ice-Cream Sandwich... Then as you eat it pretend you're eating entire solar systems while making loud OM NOM NOM noises.

This is awesome, I was literally looking for an app that did this just yesterday and couldn't find one, I was even thinking of dusting off the old student dev acct and writing one myself. So glad this is out!

I've been using baconit, but there seems tos be an issue with the updating. At times I'll unlock my phone and it instantly reverts back to the previous image.

Its pretty cool. It would be even more awesome if it was an animated lock screen like android. Hopefully Apollo plus will bring even more dynamic lock screens (and a notification center of course!)

The Bing lock screen on mine seems to be a day behind. I don't have to force it to update, it happens on its own, but late at night.

Bing update workes for me but I decided to go with this app for my lock screen because I use bing search a lot and would like to see more variety when turning on my phone and going to bing search. Plus I love space pics!

this is lovely! off topic... but is there a lockscreen app that suffles photos that appear ?

It would be nice if somewhere a list of apps existed that take advantage of the lockscreen "live wallpaper".

It won't download any picture for me, just says 3/12/2012. Could be because APOD isn't available until late in the afternoon due to my timezone (AU) but it could at least download yesterdays picture.

is it hard to make windows phone apps available on every single windows phone store ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,