Holiday Inn launches Windows 8 RT app

Holiday Inn has released an app for Windows 8

Hotel giant Holiday Inn, owned by UK-based InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), has released a travel app for Windows 8. The app is incredibly simple, but effective. It lets you book rooms and check on reservations anywhere in the world with a straight-forward interface and controls. It also lets users sign in to their Priority Club Rewards account, or sign up if they do not have one.

Michael Menis, the vice president, web and interactive marketing, for the company, said,

"Holiday Inn has transformed the hospitality industry with its innovative and modern approach to guest services, and has a rich heritage of firsts in the industry, so it was a natural fit for our first app for Windows 8 to be rolled out with this industry-leading brand."

The Holiday Inn app is not yet available for Windows Phone, but the company previously released a Priority Club Rewards app for the mobile OS, so it is quite possible that one is on the way. More and more travelers rely on their phones when they are on the go, so it would make a lot of sense for IHG to put out a version for WP8.

You can click here to download the app for free.





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ricardios says:

Currently use the priority rewards club app. Great to see my points add up

inteller says:

pretty cool, the first tier apps seem to be ramping up now.

rodneyej says:

""why no app for WP!!""" lol.. Just joking.

Wow, season's greetings from big app developers!?
BTW, I also saw on Neowin.net that Amazon, ESPN, College Humor, and Ancestry.com have launched apps today too.

silent'g says:

cool, will come in pretty handy, thanks

That all sounds good, but until we get instagram, the haters still have something stupid to hang over our heads. That and when we can have real SMS ringtones.

Haters will do anything to hate. Eventually they'll start grasping at straws and hating just because it's Microsoft. I kid you not, I've had people tell me the HTC Wildfire and even the BlackBerry Curve 8520 is better than my HTC TITAN just because the titan is a WP.

slkrck says:

I've had this app since Day 1....hmmm??