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Windows 8 Ringtone available at the Windows Phone Store

Windows 8 Ringtone

One nice feature on our Windows Phones is the ability to download and use custom ringtones. Windows 8 Ringtones is available over at the Windows Phone Store and is a collection of all the Windows 8 advertisement background tunes.

The Windows 8 Ringtone collection includes the tunes you hear in the background of the ad campaigns for not only Windows 8 but also the Surface Tablets.

Windows 8 Ringtone

There's really not much to Windows 8 Ringtone. Just tap the ringtone to highlight, press the play button at the bottom of the screen to preview the ringtone and the save button to save it to your Windows Phone. As you save the ringtone you can rename the file and set it as your current ringtone.

If you're a fan of the Windows 8 commercials, Windows 8 Ringtone might be worth a try. Audio quality is nice and the app is free. Windows 8 Ringtone is high on the New+Rising list and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Windows 8 Ringtone



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Prodigy11 says:

Nice! By the way, is there a length limit for ringtones in WP8?

Kenjoe says:

As long it smaller than 30 MB....look it up on (get more) under Ringtone

jsnod25 says:

Myxer is a wonderful app for ringtones.

gmcnatt says:

Can you customize text and email alerts in wp8

carlosrdd says:

You should be able to but I haven't found out how yet or any app that can do it. If anyone knows let me know.

Vheissu says:

No you can't one of the hold over problems from WP 7

hoopo says:

How can that can be so difficult... Amazing

EAA575 says:

Just saw this a while ago on the marketplace but didn't think much of it. I'll give it a try later.

Kenjoe says:

Nice nice...imma give it a try

WPenvy says:

Oh... This is awesome. Definitely using the Surface Movement.
Independent social advertising by way of psychological audio recognition? (totally made that up, at least I know what i mean haha)

iamoniwaban says:

The app title should have "advertisement ringtones" in the name.

Odog4ever says:

Wake me up when we can finally customize notification sounds... ZZZZ

ScytheNoire says:

No kidding. Customizing ringtones has been a standard in phones for a long time now. It's real sad to think that this is a big deal. And the fact you can't even customize notification sounds is a huge oversight. How did they forget to include that? It's as basic as you can get.

Mr osi says:

May sound silly to note, but it works on my lumia 800.

schlubadub says:

Why wouldn't it? It's a WP7/WP8 app OF Windows 8 advert music. Not restricted to W8 or WP8

tmotytn says:

The link to the market at the end of the article goes nowhere...

KLinCHI says:

Sweet! Just made the Surface Movement my ringtone (on my 710)! :)
That aside, the marketplace link is busted, but I found it by searching in the marketplace.

zokstar says:

link at end of article doesnt work?  Getting a 404 - Not found

procen says:

same here!

wpguy says:

The QR link and the app worked for me on my HD7. (I was reading on my workstation at the time.) I like the collection, though I am not sure how well many of the songs will work as a ringtone for me. Even so, I'll get some good use out of them..

NIST says:

Pretty cool. I must admit the Surface songs are the best..

Surface Groove as my new ringtone, it's absolutely epic!