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Blue HTC 8S now available at Clove for £224


UK smartphone retailer Clove, who has been in business for 20 years, now has the HTC 8S in stock and ready for shipment. Available in blue, and priced at just £224, the Windows Phone is an affordable choice for those who wish to move onto Windows Phone 8, but not pay out for flagship models.

The HTC 8S sports a 1Ghz dual-core processor, 4GB internal storage (with MicroSD support), 512MB RAM, 4" Super-LCD display and a 5MP shooter. It's certainly no slouch and will provide a butter smooth experience Windows Phone owners have enjoyed since the platform launched back in 2010.

We'll have our HTC 8S review up in due course, but the device is already a favourite among many for the two-toned colour design.

Source: Clove



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Even though I have a 920, it would be a good phone here in the US. It should have been on US cellular.

yosagojimbo says:

Looks a decent handset foe the price, and could be idea for younger owners and for parents who can't stretch to £400

£224? That should be $400, no?

olasuneri says:

£224 should be around $360

Tomasz S. says:

UK prices usually include VAT, so it should be more like $300 in the US.

ejlee072006 says:

Those two tone are sexy

WinFan1 says:

These should be offered as prepaids or phones with peoples wallets in mind

Sobr0801 says:

Definetly could have been a good prepaid option.

doomtuba says:

A prepaid HTC 8S would stomp all the cheap and crappy Android options. It would have helped WP8 get more market share.

onggeo says:

Can't wait to get a domino one with black on white accent

StreetNerd says:

getting it this friday :D

ggonzalez777 says:

I honestly would have loved this design in the 8x. If it were, I would have chosen it above the NL 920.

aubreyq says:

Same here. The 8S design is my favorite of the WP8s.

madhu.tmk says:

Hello Rich,

1) When can we expect the review?

2) 8s has 4GB storage. In the review please mention how much usable storage out of that 4gb is available to us.. and what happens to installing apps if u run out of phone storage(apps can only be installed on phone storage in wp8)..

Someone in the forums mentioned it only has a gig of free space and if that's true it really limits the no of apps u can install(basically few big games would do it)

These r the only 2 things preventing me 4m buying the 8s..

Eagerly waiting for your review:-)

richard_c says:

I posted in the forums a list of apps and games you could install on the phone and still have about 700MB free, this was a good like of 50 apps.
This was my concern as well in regards to buying the 8S. I really think they should of gone with 8GB as most users wont be tech savy enough to use the SD card. But im still going to take the jump and switch from my iPhone 4.

nablor says:

So are you saying apps can't be installed to SD card

Tomasz S. says:

You can only choose to store new music, pictures and video on the Card.
From the 4GB about 1,9 is taken by the OS.
Now that wouldn't be a big deal if some unknown stuff didn't eat the remaining space. On my Lumia 820 only 1,28 is taken by apps and games, while 2,30 disappeared into some mysterious "other" category. If I had the 8S I'd run out of space in a week, and I only have like 10 games and 25 small apps including a dozen of those Nokia musthaves, most of which came preinstalled.