ProClip USA announce HTC 8X and Lumia 920 fixed car mounts, no Qi wireless support

For many with new high-end Windows Phone 8 devices, being able to mount them in the car for some of that sweet offline navigation is the dream. Perhaps even more so for those with a Nokia Lumia 920 (or the Verizon HTC 8X) who have the Qi wireless charging on board as that promises the swift in-and-out luxury unlike anything we’ve previously seen.

ProClip USA, who make some fine custom phone holders, have just announced pre-orders for their 8X and Lumia 920 series. Ranging from fixed power for permanent setups to a cigarette lighter method to just the holder, the setups should give users an ideal setup for their car. The downside of course is it seems ProClip is not interested (or capable) of doing the whole wireless charging thing—which we think is what people really want.

Sure, sliding your phone in to the microUSB connection will charge faster and it looks effortless, but wireless charging is where it’s at these days.

Prices range from $34 for the barebones model up to $79.99 for the permanent wired setup. We’ll see about stocking them in our Store (and review 'em) when they do become available, expected in the coming weeks.

For now, you can pre-order them if you can't wait.

Source: ProClip (920, 8X); via Mobility Digest



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cgold1 says:

Cars? What a blast from the past!

Sumit8 says:

i don't see Wireless Charging usefull here... it charges way faster with the USB port and it has to be in that spot anyway so who cares about the Wireless Charging. The only difference to the current mount is that it charges slower. You need exactly the same cables so who cares?

aaronchow says:

I know, right! This is why I prefer Apple's 3D map view. It really helps me while I'm piloting my personal jet!! /s

si49 says:

Does it have Audio Out?

bguy_1986 says:

That kinda sucks!

eshy says:

The problem is that the USB connector is on the bottom and the headphone connector is on the top, so you can't really slide the phone in and connect to both.
I have bluetooth in my car radio, so it works great for me (with the lumia 800) no cables to plug in

Make one for the L920 for super sport bikes.

woodbane says:

As someone that has used Proclip for the last 4 cell phones I have owned I can tell you that they are without doubt the BEST mounting solution you are going to find. They are precision made and very well built. The only down side is not only do you need the device holder but you need the car model specific mounting plate to attach it to (there's usually a couple of different mounting points). However, no drilling or dismantling required, they use the exisiting seams and joins in panels for the mounting procedure.
I'm sounding like a shill for them here but I'm truly not - just never had anything but excellent results with their holders.

Jf.Vigor says:

You do sound like a shill... But I believe you

mikewp says:

Yup, good products. I bought a setup for my car when I had my iPhone 3gs. Got the wired model so I could charge and play everything from my iPhone. I do miss that capability. Luckily, that old holder expands just enough to fit my 920. Doesn't charge obviously, but don't need it to at this point.

Stan City says:

I second this as I have had the same great experiences with Pro-Clip USA.  Great customer service too.  I have ordered these for all vehicles.  Now only if Skin-it would get with that program.

GhostITMG says:

Is it just me, or does it look like there might be enough of a gap between the back of the phone and the holder to mount your own wireless charging plate in the space?

woodbane says:

Unfortunately there's not enough room for a charging plate. That gap looks bigger than it is.

elisaur says:

Is it rubberized at all? I'd fear scratching my phone with this kind of a mount.

LeiChat says:

They look just like the Brodit holders.
Perhaps just distributed in the US as/by ProClip ?

andrewkeith5 says:

Brodit and Proclip are the same thing ;) (sort of, anyway)
Brodit is the manufacturer of both the holders and the respective car mounting plates. The mounting plates are branded Proclip.  Most people assume that the Proclip brand also applies to the holders although it doens't officially.

lippidp says:

It's my understanding that the conductive charging is too slow to make it really worthwhile for nav.

Jf.Vigor says:

Charges fully in just under 3 hours so i don't think so. The least it'll do is keep your phone ON

My rough estimates put wireless charging at about 75% efficacy as USB. It should be more than enough, especially for offline navigation.

lippidp says:

Offline nav still uses the GPS, so I'm doubtful, but would certainly love to be proven wrong. I guess we'll never know until they ever release one.

DieNadel says:

I use Exogear and that is the best I ever had.

Stan City says:

These blow Exogear out of the water.  Much more secure than Exogear.

jasqid says:

Release one with qi and u got my $$.

eshy says:

There's no need for Qi wireless charging since it the usb slides in to the phone anyway. It worked great with my lumia 800

malciv says:

Pre-ordered mine last week.  Can't wait till I get it.  
BTW ProClip has AMAZING customer service. 

dalydose says:

From my not-scientific-at-all observations, Nokia Drive sucks a a TON of juice, so I'd probably want to plug in while driving anyway.

insi says:

Concerning qi: It doesn't charge the phone fast enough for using it for gps :-(

DanBB1 says:

It should. I think there might be something wrong with Nokia Drive app(haven't tested it myself, just read comments). Navigation shouldn't use that much battery. Qi should be plenty when/if Nokia fixes its Drive app.

humboldt1 says:

Offline maps got me through US HWY 101 south to San Francisco international and back out of the city easier than any previous phone navigation I've used.
This mount looks great but would love to hear about future Qi charging from them for the Lumia 920, I kept it plugged into charger due to power use of app

jaimeastin says:

Though I really like Nokia Drive and still think it is the best phoneNav I have ever used, I have had a few issues with the new release on the 920 vs. my old 900.
I used it to get to Redwood City this past thursday and it was taking me way out of the way to get there from the East Bay.  Like 20 mins out of the way...  If I did not have my car GPS going at the time and kinda new where I was going, I would have been really late for this appointment.  This is the second time I have had a not so good experience with Nokia Drive (beta) on the 920.  The first I was trying to get to a clients residence and the map would constantly lock up and reroute, yet the phone was so lost... 
With the 900, I never had these issues...  Can't wait for them to fix the beta and give us the App we know it can be :)
This post is sooooo off topic from the article...  Well again, I would only consider this dock for the 920 to use with Nokia Drive :)

I would like one with Qi and NFC so it will auto-launch your navigation app of choice.

No Qi? Not for me!

si49 says:

Does the L920 have the usb port on the bottom? L900 is on top...

eshy says:

yes, it seems WP8 devices from all OEMs have it on the bottom

I want wireless charging ! I got a lumia 800 can I wireless charge it ?

boarder2 says:

Will this charge the Lumia 920 fast enough to actually use navigation, play streaming music via bluetooth, and not lose battey charge?  Not to mention not overheat the thing in the process?  Because the basic charger i bought thats supposed to be able to do 2.1A can't do that now and it's quite frustrating.

eshy says:

I ordered mine on black friday with the 25% promo code. They kept extending it so maybe it still works (try 12BLKFRI)