Chase Mobile re-appears in the Windows Phone Store

Chase Mobile

The other day the Chase Mobile app vanished from the Windows Phone Store. While we haven't received official word from Chase as to the why, we do know there was a problem with the QuickDeposit feature.

QuickDeposit allows you to deposit checks into your account by snapping a photo of the check and sending it to Chase. For whatever reason the photos were going to your Windows Phone Pictures Hub instead of to your bank account.

Chase Mobile

It appears whatever caused the Chase Mobile app from being pulled has been fixed and the Windows Phone banking app is once again available. The QuickDeposit feature is still present as is the other Chase Mobile features that include:

  • View your account balances and credit/debit card rewards status
  • Pay bills and credit cards
  • Transfer funds between Chase accounts
  • Send wire transfers
  • Locate the nearest Chase branch and ATMs

Some features are available for eligible customers and Chase accounts only. The Chase Mobile app is a free banking app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, madisonjar, for the tip!

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Laceym says:

Hmmm removed again?

Links don't work and I can't find it in the store, FYI.

Found it no problem.

L2nak says:

Yep same here

RyanDaLyon says:

Haha i was worried, just upgraded to the Lumia 920. Thought the chase app wasn't available for a sec.

jhoff80 says:

While it is possible that maybe the QuickDeposit wasn't working (I don't use Chase), that appears to be a systemwide change in WP8 (and I don't like it either).
What I mean is that in WP7, when you took a picture within an app, such as email or text messaging, it stayed within that app.  However, in WP8, when you take a picture inside an app, it ALSO saves to the Camera Roll.

Agent-P says:

I believe you're correct about this as I have noticed that too. I also preferred the old system of pictures taken in other apps not being saved to my camera roll. I don't want random photos in there that I'll never use again.

The USAA app also saves the pictures to the Camera Roll (and SkyDrive if you have it set up).  I have laso been having problems with the phone trying to help me by rotating the images of the checks.  But this screws the app up.

Ninja1043 says:

The 2-step Authenticator app by Matt McCormick also saves the pics from the bar code scanner into the Picture hub.

Link: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=82c12390-0176-43de-916e-5613d17f61a0

c5thunder says:

Quick deposit is disabled. If you tap it it'll give the full notice. Its expected to return in January.

jbwpcentral says:

So diaspointed with no  NFC payments..

WPSteve says:

No QuickDeposits on WP8 'til January.

camaroguy says:

Does anyone know why this app needs access to my contacts/music/video libraries?