Yes, Photosynth for Windows Phone 8 is coming soon

It’s no secret that here at Windows Phone Central we’ve actually been using Photosynth (www.photosynth.net) for Windows Phone 8 for a few weeks now. But that’s certainly no comfort for those of you who are eagerly waiting for the app to finally make its way to your devices.

Luckily, the team behind Photosynth is well aware of your yearning and have mentioned in a tweet that the app is now finalized and being tested--though that was a few weeks ago. Actually, to our ears that sounds like it is at least a week or two away, assuming nothing needs to be adjusted during that testing.

For those who are unfamiliar, Photosynth is a photo app that is used to take 360-degree panoramas on your Windows Phone. By taking 10-20 photos of a space, the app can stitch the photos together giving viewers the feeling of being in the room as they manipulate the view.

The app is available currently on Windows Phone 7 devices but for whatever reason is not available on Windows Phone 8. The version we have is an early build and as far as we can tell, it is exactly the same. The one addition we have of course is the Lens or rather the ability for the Photosynth app to integrate into the camera module.

We’re not sure what else the final version will bring but we’re sure many of you are excited to give it a whirl on your Lumia 920.  Obviously with a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU on modern devices, processing of the ‘Synth certainly goes much faster and that makes a better experience.

For now, Windows Phone 7 users can grab Photosynth here in the Store. See our review of the app here.

Source: Twitter; via Windows Phone Metro, Windows Phone Daily

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Guitarpik says:

They tweeted that it was in final testing over a month ago so why would you say its a week or two away??

Sometimes I know things. Other times I don't.

Nickkk101 says:

Nice. Love this app.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

That tweet is 1 month old

dalydose says:

So you've been testing it? Have you seen any massive bugs that would slow down the approval process??
It's good to see that Microsoft is getting its in house, 1st-party developers in line.  Maybe Skype will be next. 


myokeeh says:

Now, if we can actually make Synths instead of just Panoramas, that would be awesome. That's what made Photosynth cool.
If you don't know what the difference is: http://photosynth.net/about.aspx

dalydose says:

I don't understand. Are you saying that the test version only makes panoramas? 

myokeeh says:

No, I'm saying, we've never been able to make Synths on mobile apps -- just Panoramas.
it seems Synths can only be made using a desktop app. I don't see any indication that the WP8 version of the app could.
Maybe Daniel Rubino can tell us if it can?

Guitarpik says:

From what I understand, while we cannot make full blown synths on mobile devices, we can still take complete 360 degree shots which are cooler than a standard panorama.

myokeeh says:

Absolutely right. The 360 Panoramas are great. Don't get me wrong. It's just what really makes Photosynth amazing is Synths. With 360 Panoramas, you're stuck in one place looking around. In Synths, you're jumping picture to picture exploring the environment.

Guitarpik says:

I havent tried it yet, but dont you need like hundreds of shots from all different zoom levels to make a good synth anyway?
I'm still not sure how it works, but it seems like the coolest thing to me and I can't wait to jump in and try making my own synths. I just feel like my digital camera will be much better than my Lumia 920 for this anyway.

swanny78 says:

Excellent i loved it on windows phone 7

bilzkh says:

Can't wait to use it with my Lumia 920!

It was over a month. I tweeted them this weekend about it but they didn't respond. So desperate for this app. Suppose the WP8 delay is kinda understandable here as they need to include "lenses" support. Cant wait

JMBasquiat says:

The best panorama app for Windows Phone is Pano, anyway. 

Guitarpik says:

Seriously? Just got the trial and its horrible. The Nokia panorama app works much better for me.

cdbstl76 says:

I have missed this in my 920.

jmajid says:

is this the kind of app that will allow you to just naturally scan and the app automatically takes the image/s? or will  you be requied to line up distinct images in the viewfinder?

Ur new huh....photosynth been available for quite some time...other devices...yrs old

tpitts15 says:

It feels pretty natural to me. You start taking and when you've panned far enough over (slowly) the app automatically takes the next pic. Not sure why microsoftjunkie couldn't just answer the question. What is so hard about answering a perfectly legitimate question rather than scoffing at somebody for not being familiar with the software. I did not discover photosynth until I first downloaded it on my Focus.

jmajid says:

@tpitts15 - thanks for YOUR answer at least.
Agreed, if someone is going to take the time to make a post, why wouldnt you spend that moment giving an answer that would actually be worthwhile and beneficial?

geodan7 says:

Yes, Photosynth takes the pictures automatically as you scan left/right/up/down. I'm surprised it's taking this long to release on Windows Phone 8, you'd think there'd be a monthly release cycle for mobile apps.

tpitts15 says:

whatever happened to this??? did they fall asleep?