Meet Windows Phone 8 event – chance to win phones, Xbox consoles and more!

Meet Windows Phone 8 event – Chance to win phones, Xbox’s and more!

Windows Phone UK has announced that they will be having a ‘Meet Windows Phone’ event later today in Westfield Shopping Centre.

The event, to be held in conjunction with O2 will see a colourful evening of fun with the O2 angels, demos and of course Windows Phone 8. Chances to win Windows Phone handsets and Xbox’s shouldn’t be missed, check the details after the break.

The big meet up will take place in London this evening from 5pm onwards and finish at 10pm, it will be held in Westfield Shopping centre in Sheppard’s Bush. This is what their Facebook page had to say on the details:


"Join O2 and Windows Phone for a colourful evening of O2 angels, divine demos of the new Windows Phone, mouth-watering cocktails and a chance to win some heavenly prizes such as the new Windows Phone, Xboxs and plenty more.

See you there!"

The Windows Phone UK team always does a good job of putting on a show and nice they are offering cocktails and free prizes. Great to see the momentum in this crucial pre-Christmas season is being kept up. If out an about in London, it’s getting more and more difficult to miss a billboard advert with “meet Holly” and switching on the TV has become something of a Lumia advert extravaganza.

It is also interesting to see O2 involved with the event, they look poised to have a big push on Windows Phone 8. Displays have been spotted in stores awaiting the arrival of Samsung’s ATIV S handsets and tablets.

If your heading down there, good luck with winning some of those prizes and try not to drink too many of those free cocktails eh?

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LeiChat says:

Very very tempted to check this event out.

stevethenerd says:

No love for Canada :( ... Shouldn't complain we have an MS store :)

jusatin says:

And it's 2 days before I go to London.. just my luck :P

Sarang68 says:

Please let there be a webcast.

robert brand says:

We should be popping down there to check it out, if we get some good video we'll be sure to post it up after. RB

Sarang68 says:

Hey thanks so kind of you.

Eljonn says:

whatever. nokia is unavailable in UK for normal people, samsung ativ s will be never launched, so they will show only htc 8x. 
so far my attempt to buy windows phone are unsucessfull 

WinFan1 says:

And that's the issue

Shoulders says:

I consider myself normal, and i've got a 920.
It's not on EE's 4g, it's just on Orange. 2 years, £36 a month.
That's pretty normal right?

noelwilliams says:

Any hint of the 920 coming to O2?

j_the_geek says:

Speaking to one of the O2 rep at Gadget Show Live XMas, O2 will, hopefully, be informed when they can sell the phone this month.

noelwilliams says:

Nice one :-) thanks for that j

gillaz says:

Unavailable in UK for normal people? What????
920 is available from phones4u for EE or from EE themselves for the past couple of weeks. I went into both shops to see what deals they could do for me

kinaton says:

I'm in London Thursday. Damn