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NFC LaunchIt for your Windows Phone

Program NFC tags from your Windows Phone with NFC Launchit

Near Field Communications or NFC is relatively new to our Windows Phones with the technology having enormous potential. With NFC Launchit, you can program NFC tags with a variety of actions to make life a little easier. All from your Windows Phone.

You'll need a supply of unprogrammed NFC tags and with NFC Launchit you can program two types of actions based on System Apps and Popular Apps. If you only use your Bluetooth when in your car, program a NFC Tag to launch your Bluetooth and stick it to your car visor.

The layout on NFC Launchit is rather direct. The System Apps page lists actions specific to your Windows Phone. They range from making a call, launching text messaging or even pull up directions to a specific address. The Popular Apps page basically gives you options to launch any installed app or game.

NFC Launchit

To create the tag, just choose your action, fine tune it if necessary (e.g. find the number you want the tag to call), hold the unprogrammed tag close to the back of the phone and let the app do it's thing. If you need tags, NFC Launchit also includes a link to an Ebay sale for the tags (3 for $10).  You can find NFC tags from other sources as well such as keychain tags here at

NFC Launchit is a neat app for your Windows Phone to help you expand the potential NFC has. You can program a NFC tag to launch directions home to place in your teenager's car, program one for Airplane mode that you can place on your carry on luggage, or just program one to launch a favorite app.

You will need an NFC compatible Windows Phone and unprogammed NFC tags for NFC Launchit to work. It's a free Windows Phone app and you can find NFC Launchit here at the Windows Phone Store.

QR: NFC Launchit



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MajickmanW says:

This is awesome. Could you program a tag to a website with your windows phone and have it work with NFC enabled android phones?

mrshamoozoo says:

YES! I just emailed them about this app and they reviewed it yay thanks! its amazing and i hope everyone will like

Vin Apps says:

(App developer here) Thank you :)

mrshamoozoo says:

your welcome! good job and cheers! seen this first on reddit

snailium says:

Could you please explain why "Owner Identity" is required?

Chill510 says:

Love the app...keep up the good work.

Tetegra says:

Could the tag be reprogramed? I have one come with the box.

Vin Apps says:

Tags can be reprogrammed. However the one that comes with Nokia 920 is readonly and can not be reused.

KillaRizzay says:

Wait, what NFC that came with the 920??? I dont think there was one in mine (Rogers-Canada) and I got mine ahead of almost everybody (October 30th)!

Curtieson says:

It was just a sample tag to show off the technology.  it just went to something like

tonyfreak215 says:

You mean the one that took you to a non-useable (due to lack of JavaScript) website?

goldfingerrd says:

That's the one. I don't even remember what the site was for. Let's hear it for marketing...
I'm so excited to put NFC to some real use!!!

mrshamoozoo says:

nope its locked

Skelnik says:

Perfect!  I can now program a tag to put my phone into airplane mode for when I go to the movies, and I'll just carry it around with me in my pocket, right next... to...  my phone.

jhoff80 says:

Since it won't let me download from the store at the moment... does it let you create a shortcut to Internet Sharing?  I haven't found a single app that has done given me a shortcut for that yet, and it's such a hassle every time I have to tether my Surface.

Vin Apps says:

(App developer here) This version does not support a shortcut for internet sharing. I will investigate if this is possible (a number of things in the phone are locked down) and add it in the next version of the app. 

I'm also interested in a link to Battery Saver, if possible. :)

Does the "System Apps" actual modify the settings you program in? To turn blutooth on and off for example; will it toggle it or just take you to that screen where you have to switch it yourself?

NH3MAN says:

Been looking for one myself. Hard to believe it can't be done but surely someone would have an internet sharing shortcut by now.

ale_ers says:

Just tried this great.  I had some tags, but did not take the time to figure out some of the other apps that were out there...they were not user friendly.
This app just works easily.

erzhik says:

silly question, but all nfc tags are universal..right?

Curtieson says:

No. You will see the reality of that very quickly when you go to buy some as the Nexus line doesn't work with some older tags and many will be listed as such. That is one thing I find VERY confusing...there are multiple formats and different generations of those individual formats also.

dalydose says:

This has probably been covered before, but I think it would be topical here.  There are a variety of tag "types", right?  How do we know which ones will work with our devices?  Where do we buy them? AT&T store didn't have any.

Vin Apps says:

The app has a link to buy tags that are guaranteed to work. (The tags need to be pre-formatted to work with any Windows Phone or Symbian phones)

dalydose says:

I meant to buy today.  I know the article mentions eBay and Amazon.

Vin Apps says:

Samsung TecTiles from your local store work.

sirgrant618 says:

Store is down for me, anyone else? I get error code c101a006

Yangstax says:

Same here.  I also got c101a007 for downloading Paper Shuffle.

dalydose says:

Store error on phone and web.

wpcautobot says:

Can tags be reprogramed?

Vin Apps says:

Yes, they can be re programmed very easily. However the one that comes with Nokia 920 is readonly and can not be reused.

Are NFC tags rewriteable? Also, once an action is programmed, is there any other user input required?

dalydose says:

If any devs are reading this thread, It would be awesome to have tile to quickly toggle NFC on/off.  I keep it off as I've heard that it might contribute to the battery drain issues, but I'd like to quickly be able to turn it on as NFC tags become mmore popular.

goldfingerrd says:

I remember reading that the NFC feature on Nokia phones uses hardly any power while idle, and you shouldn't need to worry about whether it's on or off. I think that was in an article on Nokia's site.

Where can I buy these? Link please.

  1. Read the article. We give you links.
  2. The app itself also gives you links.

Yepeekai says:

I have read that the tags have to be preformatted to NDEF.  Is it true?  The tagsfordroid mentioned on amazon don't seem to be preformatted.  Also, they have two types of tags: MIFARE and N203  Are the two types compatible with the lumia 920?

Vin Apps says:

The app has a link where you can buy pre-formatted tags that are guaranteed to be compatible with Windows Phone 8. Formatted Mifare tags are compatible, I am not sure about N203.

Ken Grainger says:

NTAG203 is compatible, as near as I can tell.  I got a 10 pack + key fob from Amazon.  Worked fine.  Need to be able to do more than just open  general app.  I suspect that the URL based ones are OK.  Wireless Sharing gets me closer.  Would be nice if it would be able to toggle it on/off in one tap.

robshobs says:

Great idea to program a tag on my carry-on bag to activate airplane mode.  Could the same tag be programmed to do the reverse?  For example, tap once to turn airplane mode on.  Tap again to turn it on?
Also, can a tag set the ring volume?  When I go to bed, I like to make sure the ring volume is up about mid-way so I get woke up if I get a call.

I like the extensive list of system apps. I know some things are limited by the OS, but if Internet Sharing and Battery Saver can be added, that would be awesome. Also, it would be excellent if it can show a list of installed apps and not just the "popular" ones. Lastly, it would be awesome if your buy tags link could offer a link on Amazon in addition to or instead of Ebay.
Very, VERY cool app. I'm really excited to get some tags and put this to use. Thanks!!

Jips says:

great.  i shall be having a go tomorrow on this.  i have some nfc tags and was messing with the trial of nfc interactor.
Holy Grail for me would be the toggle of bluetooth so i could put a tag on the car to turn in on as its the only place i need it.
good work

Andeh says:

Would be nice to see some NFC tags with the new Windows logo on them. 

Soylent Red says:

Would any NFC tag work? I don't want Android-labeled ones... what about the Samsung TecTiles? It says it's for the Galaxy, but NFC is NFC right?

Vin Apps says:

The app has a link where you can buy unbranded compatible tags.

jsayz says:

Would like to see a video of this in action.

GreenScrew says:

Interested in the clarification of the on/off use such as blue tooth versus just opening the settings?

Vin Apps says:

Just the settings, sorry (its a platform limitation)

Gken says:

finally, now i'm  gonna pick up a few nfc tags and this should work very well.

Joao Rostli says:

Vin apps; "The tags need to be pre-formatted to work with any Windows Phone"
This is most important for Windows 8 users. Troubles with a tag? Use an nfc enabled android phone for an NDEF format.
Dalydose;  "How do we know which ones will work with our devices?"
One of the four NFC-forum types are always o.k.. Tectiles and other mifare classic tags are not an nfc-forum type. To date, most phones have an NXP nfc controller chip, and support the classic type.
Other chip suppliers have (announced) nfc controller chips, more and more devices will not support the classic type.
If you want to read more about this.

joeaux says:

Does this app allow the NFC tag to be Locked so that it cannot be reprogrammed?

Vin Apps says:

Sorry, the App can not lock tags (WIndows Phone 8 restriction)

joeaux says:

Thanks for the reply!

Gken says:

ok wait, I know this is a dumb question but does nfc work if the phone is locked?

Vin Apps says:

For NFC to work, the phone can be locked but the screen has to be on.

pvcleave says:

I think NFC on Windows Phone is kind of useless. Since you cannot actual change any setting and can only launch apps after confirmation I do not see the point. On Andriod you can do a whole lote more.  Microsoft needs to change this allow users to toggle Bluetooth on or off, change volume.

hcbx says:

tested with friends - they can program a series of actions and change system settings
I can´t with WP8 on a Nokia 920.
And you have to confirm "using NFC" - which is a bit beside the point.
Too bad... just starting things is not that... interesting, to be honest

Sam_Smith says:

yep I with you here NFC on Windows Phone is kinda useless, cannot actually do anything other than launch settings or apps. 920 with 8.1 here.

renster721 says:

Hey everyone. There is a feature request on the WP uservoice forum that would provide better Android-like NFC functionality. Please vote for it, and maybe this can be included in the next update.

S93 says:

Please program the app to actually change settings on your phone, not just open them. Its pointless and a real letdown. With update 8.1 coming out, its even more pointless. NFC is a great feature and can be really useful if the app has more functions.