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Buy a Nokia Lumia 920 in Vietnam. Get a free rice cooker? Deal.

We’ve seen some fairly fantastic offerings paired up when purchasing a Windows Phone lately, whether it’s a free charging pad, discounted phones or a Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

And it makes sense to see regional variations of such deals, such as in Vietnam where you can get a free wireless Microsoft mouse and a rice cooker.

Yes, for USD $695 (13,900,000 Dong) you can buy the Nokia Lumia 920 in white and get a free Philips rice cooker—because it just makes sense: white phone, white rice. Right?

Personally, we're on the lookout for a deep frier deal in the South. Have an interesting regional offering for a Windows Phone? Let us know.

Source: Nguyenkim; via: Reddit



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mud314 says:

LOL. I'd rather have the cash equivalent. :)

Hiiiiiiiii says:

The power of rice compels you!

Tsyokiss says:

As long it has a wireless charging pad build in I wouldn't mind.. ^^

+1 Can't believe I missed using that joke. Next time!

No dong related joke either.

I do have standards :P 

Tsyokiss says:

I thought it was a quite obvious one considering the info related in the article.. :-P Would be nice if it had NFC inbedded aswell, tab the phone to start the cooker and get info on your phone when the rice is done ect.. ^^

mmoses1978 says:

Rice is a deal there so that might be a good deal for them.

diplomat696 says:

Does the rice cooker have bluetooth/nfc enabled sharing?

Targus says:

A Japanese company did demonstrate a high-tech rice cooker which can be controlled by a smartphone app via NFC. But it's pretty overkill because even kids know how to cook steam rice from scratch in east Asia.

nn_hung says:

Nokia Vietnam offers free charging pad and wireless Microsoft mouse for pre-orders in some major retail stores ;) Trust me, I'm from Vietnam lol

Soxpranos says:

Cool man, sounds like some good deals over in there.

MaximW97 says:

AND a rice cooker. NICE!

dkp23 says:

nokia you clowns, y no U.S?????

aubreyq says:

Ha! Maybe if they actually had more 920s in stock :P

kaynachtsman says:

Now i am Sold shut up and take my money.

planetparker says:

This really steams me up!

Weavile2196 says:

Oh god.......

aheinrich says:

Dooood! I would love a free rice cooker. I love my rice cooker! Seriously. :) Somehow I don't think it would be as popular in Canada.

SoloXCRacer says:

A free hockey stick perhaps?

Agent-P says:

If it was a bottle of maple syrup, I'd be sold. I always bring some back with me whenever I visit Canada.

willied says:

Plenty of Asians in Toronto.

Vulak'Aerr says:

I'd buy that! Nobody needs that many dong.

erzhik says:

It's not just a rice cooker. It's HD too!

brianLTE says:

Yet another offer early adopters miss. I'd love to be making rice as I wirelessly charge my 920 all while using my purity headphones. Psh.

220SeaChaser says:

LOL! Only in the Asian world.

I seriously wouldn't doubt that this is an easier promotion to fill than the charging pad, and part of the reason why they are offering this instead.

scottcraft says:

That would be a nice benefit here in Louisiana too. We eat lots of rice here.

eidorian22 says:

Mmmm Arsenic.

kaynachtsman says:

Does it have built in NFC ?

Does anyone have any idea how racist this sounds?

SoloXCRacer says:

Why? Vietnam is one of the largest, if not, the largest rice exporter in the world.

RDeckard says:

No, you're the only one who thinks so. You fail miserably at being PC.

NIST says:

Its called regionally appropriate marketing.

willied says:

It's not racist at all. Maybe it's just you with the problem...ever think of that?

No, I'm not racist.

Eddie_Lomax says:

I do, not at all.

Quin 2013 says:

What? Man, and all we get is a dumb wireless charger.

BigDre97 says:

lol, this is great!

inteller says:

Omg, what's next, free litre of Vodka if you buy one in Russia?

Agent-P says:

Does it link wirelessly with your Lumia to let you know when the rice is done?

Gken says:

haha screw the wireless charging plate and heaphones.  Give me a rice cooker!

Damn! If only I had 13.9 million dongs!

samyaras says:

This is outright hilarious. How is this an attractive offer?

ihavewp8 says:

I wish nokia 920 body design and very light weight like HTC 8x many weak people will not complain too much of nokia weight

Tips_y says:

Troll! I've seen this post copy-pasted all over!

ihavewp8 says:

Great now I can eat with it on my food. Instead of boring American food of cold cuts and chip & dip. Hahaha

tranthe says:

Nokia Vietnam only offers free wireless charging for preorder Lumia. The rice cooker (about 25 usd) is Nguyen Kim's bonus deal :-)

Thamuz says:

'But wait, there's more!'