Mobile Nations Survey: Do you use a car mount with your smartphone?

Car Mount Survey

This Mobile Nations Survey comes to you via our accessories team. We're always putting new smartphone accessories to the test, and are often getting into debates over which are the best.

One topic where the team is 100% in agreement though is car mount docks. We think that car mounts are the absolute best way to take your smartphone with you on the road.

We're curious to know if you agree, if you own a car mount or not, if you like them or not and why. Thanks for sharing!

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erzhik says:

Yes, mainly because I use Nokia Drive alot. Using Nokia CR-123 holder and couldn't be happier.

GregMilan says:


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)


toyotast165 says:

I use the Garmin mount that I used with my 900 and a case. Works perfect, also holds strong while on the track

cdbstl76 says:

I did the same!

Jeebus137 says:

It doesn't look like you can charge with that mount with all of the WP8 devices having the usb port on the bottom now...

dangish says:

You can, there's a hole in it. Not a tiny one, its big enough for a cable.

ScarletStar says:

I'm using the CR-122. And it fits as if it was made for the Lumia800

dangish says:

Just got one myself.

Sharpmango says:

I bought the cr123 also for thel920. I am disappointed that there is no specific Nokia car mount for the l920. Everytime i lock it into place the camera button is activated.

iSicle says:

Got one of those too and loving it. Used to have one of those Clingo sticky holders but I guess the summer heat disagreed with it and it became too sticky, started leaving sticky residue on my phone. Besides, if you set up  the CR-123  just right, it looks like a TIE-interceptor 

The moment someone comes out with a wireless charging car mount/cradle, I'm throwing money at em!

Abdul9 says:

Why would you want a wireless mount when you can just plug it to the car and charge the phone faster? Just curious.

Less wires using aux plus the car charger I have now gets tangled all the time. Less wires less pain. Idk first world problems I guess lol

Aaron M says:

Why do people ask these questions?  Obviously its not neccessary, but you can say that about 99% of our modern conveniences.  Simply put, its more convenient and thats the only reason anyone needs.  I have a car charger but I hardly ever hook my phone up to it unless its dying because I'm too lazy to remember to plug the thing in.  A wireless charging car mount would be much easier as I can just plop the phone onto it.

AshDOG says:

I don't think we will see a wireless car charger. Think about how much longer it takes to charge your phone now on the plate from a wall outlet. Now think about running GPS while charging wirelessly... I have a feeling we dont see one yet is because the wireless charnging can't keep up with the GPS battery drain.

David Ray says:

Put me down for 2

PolishHitta says:

Seriously. Just set it and go. Someone freaking do it!

AriesDog says:

Someone more motivated than me will Kickstarter this.

rbuckton says:

I constantly use my phone while driving for podcasts, audible, music, and maps with an aftermarket Bluetooth car stereo.

The only cable I have to plug in is power (assuming I remember to), so a Qi dock would be amazing.

erasure25 says:

Me too. I'm throwing doubloons at anyone who makes a wireless charging car holder.

Totally agrees, it's still okay to have my desktop a bit wired up, but again in my car??? Just hate that.
Somemay think its crazy but it would be just perfect if they can install a solar charged dock on the mount, since most of the time the mount is on the front and have sufficient sunlight. This would be energy conserving while no need the hassle as most of our city drives r just short period. N then only plug in cable for charge when going on a long distance travel.

I would say it's not impossible...

Laura Knotek says:

I've never used one and they don't interest me.

Chi28n2k says:

Much the same way, as I feel about your useless comment. Thanks for sharing...absolutely nothing meaningful, to the thread.

tonyfreak215 says:

Yes he is. They are asking if you use them or not. So he was stating he doesn't.

I don't use one either.

jdevenberg says:

They asked if people had used them and if not, if they interested them.  So his comment is completely pertinent to the questions asked.  Idiot.

troll4500 says:

Woah! We got a smart ass here! 

stumpy1570 says:

Haven't used one. But wireless charging would be awesome

theonedunn says:

Yes! I actually use a Motorola GPS car mount. It fits my HTC Trophy perfectly so i can watch skate videos on the way to the skate park, or when i need to use maps

LordGreylock says:

I use a Proclip with my 920, I use it for GPS instead of my old dedicated Garmin unit. I typically use the Navigon app.

ZuNuKoo says:

I would if the phones audio could transmit wirelessly to the cars audio. (correct me if it already does this) (while using the phones GPS)

kevin2577 says:

It can do this if your car stereo system has Bluetooth audio streaming support.

RafRol says:

I'm using a Clingo Universal Mobile Stand as a car mount. I don't like a large contraption mounted on my dashboard or windshield and it works with my Lumia 920 mounted on my dashboard. It has dropped when I went over a significant bump on the road though and I attribute it to the Lumia's non-flat surface on the back, but at the same time it makes it easy to remove from the Clingo.

geluadi says:

i use brodit complex for my 8x and i think is the best holder

nizzon says:

Have to get a car first. Actually getting one next month. No I wont have a mount.

David Ray says:

Would enjoy having one for my Lumia 920 that plugged into the cigarette lighter and wirelessly charged it (I hate fighting to plug it in, would enjoy just clamping it in) and then wirelessly played it over an FM transmitter.

ejlee072006 says:

Ahhh hell no!!!

Jf.Vigor says:

I dont use it only because my car has in-dash GPS. if it didn't tho, Nokia Drive+ would be perfectly suitable for me!

blends says:

I also use my cars nav and Bluetooth audio streaming in my car. I would us Nokia Drive if my car wasn't equipped with nav but I would miss live traffic updates.

Muessig says:

I really want one of these fir my 920 but need to find a nice reliable one.

I'm waiting for a wireless charger that has a high quality build. Willing to pay $40-$70 for high end clamp wireless charger. Why? Clip it in and go. I don't like damaging the micro USB port on my phone when docking a few degrees off-center. As soon as a high end product is available, I will buy again. Yes, again. My old 'dock' charger is in the trash after initial testing. :)

Chi28n2k says:

Oh, yes. I use an iKross/Fonus universal charging cradle, with two.2.1 amp usp fast charging slots and a 12v cig adapter port built in. Its actually another brand but the exact same as the iKross/Fonus. Got it at Microcenter, though, and they prefer their own in-house knockoff labeling. The cradle was brilliant for my Titan, but the top clamp covers the stupidly positioned 3.5mm jack port on the 920. So, I have to mount it cock-eyed, then plug in my aux cable. The clamp on mine is different from the one in the link, but the main body/gooseneck, are the exact same. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009SSN6TC/ref=mp_s_a_1?qid=1354909832&sr=...

Pappa Ed says:

Yes. Primarily for GPS/Nokia Drive. A wireless pad built in would be the bomb.

scottcraft says:

If I had a car dock I would use it. Currently looking for one for my 822.

barry.weston says:

I use one. I actually use the same one from the picture in the post :D

Not only used for GPS though...just makes everything easier if it is mounted there at all times. See an incoming call easier, see a text when stopped at a light, change songs, etc...

flyboy009 says:

What model is the one in the picture?

jsayz says:

Can never get em to stay attached. Afraid of my phone dropping to its doom. I use a holder that clips to the ac vent

Jazmac says:

I own one but it's used rarely unless I'm traveling. Beyond that, I'll put the phone on the seat and listen for turn by turn.

pr0phecy says:

I use the X-Way from Italian maker Tetrax. Hands down the best no-nonsense car phone holder for me. Nothing on your windshield, no suction crap, it's wonderful :)

CowboyRush says:

My job keeps me on the road for over half the year. I've been using the Nokia CR-123. This has to be one of Nokia's best accessories yet it is not sold in many places in the USA online or otherwise. I do find having a car mount useful as well as having a Bluetooth hands-free device (I use the Luna).

Gurggles says:

I bought a mount from MS store for doing the Bing challenge. It has the "sticky" pad to hold the phone. I have to say I love having a dock but it needs to be easily reachable so anyone in the front seat can access it.
that issue is my biggest complaint, if I mount on my window it is too far, and my dash does not have a better place. Why are there not more mounts that connect to the CLA?

schlubadub says:

There are... Personally I find these a bit dangerous as you have to look down away from the road. On the dash or windscreen you can glance at it while still having the road in your peripheral vision

Gurggles says:

My CLA is as high as my radio so its not too far from normal glance range. Window mounts just seem too far from the driver to be able to change the song playing...maybe my next car will be better

schlubadub says:

Hmm okay, only you know what works best for you :) My CLA is at the bottom in front of the gear stick, and the radio is above that - it's definitely not higher than the bottom of my steering wheel, so I would need to look down at a phone mounted there. Have you seen the mounts that plug into the CLA on a bendable "cable"? They're quite strong and could be bent into any position to suit the driver or passenger

d_speed says:

Just got an iOttie Easy Flex 2 for my 920.  Still getting used to it.  First time I tried to install it, I couldn't (partly because of my fault), second time I tried my best to affix it to my windshield and it really did, I just plugged it to wrong way.  When I wanted to remove it, it was really tough to do so without using a removal accessory (aka plastic key card).  It looks pretty slick and once I figure out how to remove it easily, I think its a keeper.  In the description, they also mention its use as a desk holder which I found interesting.

Couldn't live without mine.

jedah says:

I have a cheapo one from ebay that holds steady on my vent.  Orientation is adjustable, as is tilt level.  Also accomodates different sizes: iPhone to Note probably.  My last mount scratched the shit out of my GS2 cuz it was designed for an iPhone.

americasteam says:

I use a Mountek MT5000. Love it!

troll4500 says:

^This! This mount is a solid one. My L900 haven't fell off even once from the mount and I have it attached to my aftermarket stereo!

mrolympia74 says:

I use it all the time. For podcasts and Nokia Drive. I have my phone connected to my Bluetooth deck

erasure25 says:

Yes... The Lumia 920 is so massive that it alters the center of gravity of my car and thus need it fixed to a specific location to aid in driving. Or, it really convenient to have it fixed to a location where I can use Hey DJ to listen to music.

joecatskill says:

Hahaha! Alters the center of gravity!!

I am using one I got a discount on at work, it was originally for a GPS, but with my clearance discount, I had to try it. It works okay, but it's a bit big and bulky, I wouldn't mind something slimmer.

cgold1 says:

No I've never used one as I have no need or want in owning a car, why spend lots of money for the privilege of it taking longer to get around?
(I know I have a clear NYC bias)

joecatskill says:

Nope. I connect w blue tooth w Ford sync so no need. I only very occasionally need maps so no need.

cdbstl76 says:

Anyone else feel a lockable orientation, swivel mount would be great? So, if you press something on the phone it doesn't move? Maybe this already exists, I'd like to know if it does.

slepr says:

I have used Pro Clips for my last three phones. Love the way the mounts are custom made for each car and the phone holder is custom made for each phone. For my L900 I had the charger mount. I will be getting a charger mount for my 920.

kevin2577 says:

Been using one I used to use with my iPhone 4S, its a tight fit with my Lumia 920 but works

oditius says:

Nope, I have Regular GPS for that.

oditius says:

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contributorM says:

No, but need to.

Heresy64 says:

I use a proclip for my 8x. I have one in each of my cars.

Gemini Ace says:

I don't use one. Don't see the need and don't want something suction cupped to my windshield obstructing my view.

I use a powered Brodit holder, I slide my Lumia 800 into it and it starts charging.- I use Nokia Drive for SatNav and have a bluetooth connection with car to use the phone handsfree.

drmnyousuf says:

I have tried a number of car mounts and designs but the most ingenious and best quality I found was the iMagnet on Amazon for 20 bucks. Its uses magnet to hold the phone and the grip is incredible. Even the suction cup is top notch. I love it.

ihavewp8 says:

Yup I use a car mount. While I am watching live tv streaming. Don't worry I have unlimited data no over head charges here all day steaming unlimited data hahahh

bigbosseby says:

I am from new Zealand, and I use 'milkshake' brand windscreen phone mount with my Lumia 800 and 920.

dalydose says:

Looking for one for my Lumia 920.  I don't think I need wireless charging.  I've heard people say that Nokai Drive really sucks down the power so I'd want to have maximum current flowing to the phone. 

schlubadub says:

It's illegal in Australia to operate your phone if it's not in a proper cradle. I have one, but bloody thing broke the other day :(

daelumia says:

No, don't like any excess clutter. Use the cupholder.

aancrs says:

A touchstone with my palm pre rocked as the best car mount. Quick on and off the dock and positioned right at my fingertips.

as147 says:

I have used Brodit holders for over 5 years now and can't fault them for quality and their wide coverage of phones
They now three specific Lumia 920 holders
Active holder for fixed (wired) installation
Active holder with cigarette plug connection
Passive holder only

Rob.Elliott says:

I've been using a clingo mount. It was amazing but now it leaves a load of gunk on the back of my phone. I wouldn't worry so much if it was years old but it started happening after about 8 weeks.

schlubadub says:

Thanks, I definitely won't be buying that one now! (I was tempted)

SmoothDog says:

I had an iPhone mount in my Ferrari but it made it look tacky so I moved it into my Yugo. I think my iPhone now is in a more appropriate environment. I now have my 920 in my Ferrari, but I may move it. The Ferrari cheapens the look of my 920.

kenovi says:

I find the car mount necessary as I like to use my phone as GPS while on the road too. However, i find that these car mounts does not last long. I have had two bad experience with the car mounts and they are now filling up my glove drawer. It just tends to drop off from time to time which is very frustrating. Anyone has good carmount to recommend or what should I look out for to avoid car mount unmounting themselve?

Listen97 says:

currently using a Mountek CD mount. Now if only they would come out with a wireless charging version