Follow Santa's path with NORAD on your Windows Phone or tablet

NORAD Tracks Santa keeps tabs on that slippery St. Nick on Christmas night

If you can't wait for that Red Ryder BB gun that you begged Santa for and want to see just how close he is to dropping it off under your tree, check out the NORAD Tracks Santa app for Windows and Windows Phone. The North America Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) keeps tabs on St. Nick's whereabouts throughout Christmas night and reports to eager young tikes awaiting his arrival.

NORAD previously reported their radar tracking of the jolly old elf on television and on their website, but has made the jump to the mobile world by creating an app for Windows Phone and Windows 8. NORAD Tracks Santa runs on both WP7 and WP8, as well as Windows 8 and RT. The app counts down until Santa's departure and then shows you live updates as Santa makes his rounds.

The app is available for Windows and Windows Phone

NORAD Tracks Santa is free for Windows and Windows Phone.

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Not many kids who believe in Santa have windows phones. Most have the iSheep Mobile.

wpguy says:

In some parts, that's considered child abuse.

I'm not making fun of kids... I'm actually a kid myself.

NIST says:

Now make it track the ATIV S and the Lumia 920 shipments. Then you'd have something.

cdbstl76 says:

Can't help but notice no live tile support.

teoami says:

QR code does not work, goes to a blank webpage.
Nevermind, it was just my phone.

WPenvy says:

Is this app also available for iOS and Android?....

WPenvy says:

Nevermind... Glad to see that WP is in front of Android and iOS at the bottom of the website

ImAdrian23 says:

Lol? US cannot track terrorists but a simple app can track Santa? Holly brownie

tgr42 says:

Ahh NORAD.  Good for two things: Russian ICBMs and Santa.  It's logical when you think about it.  The similarities are striking.

stevethenerd says:

Too bad there's no live tile :(

Scowy says:

It's a nice little app, but would be better if you could set your location, kind of makes it useless outside USA.