Keep your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen fresh with Lock Themes

Lock Themes for Windows Phone 8

Lock Themes is a Windows Phone 8 app that keeps your lock screen wallpapers fresh by rotating images from select themes. Lock Themes provides you with over forty themes that include astronomy, nature, horoscopes, daily inspirational quotes, and travel.  Lock Themes has a healthy selection of themes with new themes added weekly.

Lock Themes is laid out in simple and straight forward fashion. You have a page to turn enable/disable Lock Themes and a page listing all the themes. At the bottom of the screen you will find four command buttons; save the current lock screen to your Pictures Hub, request a theme from the developer, search the themes and clear your search results.

Lock Themes

Just enable the Lock Themes, swipe over to the themes listing, and choose the theme of your choice. Lock screen wallpapers are rotated throughout the day but you lack the ability to set the rotation schedule.

All in all, Lock Themes is a nice app to keep your Windows Phone lock screen fresh throughout the day. There is a free trial version available for Lock Themes that has a limited selection of themes. The full version is currently running $.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

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sayonical says:

After I bought paper I suddenly realized I was too lazy to set up wallpapers myself and much rather apps that cycled interesting wallpapers for me.

Any word on ESPN live lock screens???

edjr07 says:

This would be amazing if it ever happened.

doomtuba says:

Seriously. That was the live wallpaper I was the most excited for. Very disappointing.

Nah I would just stick to Bing. The images there usually are top notch, they make me forget about my drunken abusive parents and how they used to hit me as a child. Sad times, sad times.

ncxcstud says:

I want a pictures hub lock screen app. Is that even possible? I want it to change pics at least every 6 hours... Devs.. Make it happen. And give me credit too ;)

bigkevbosky says:

Uh...yeah it already exists. Paper Shuffle.

cmorgado says:

Look for LockScreenPlus... free and the BEST

daguila29 says:

If anyone ever finds an app that creates collages from my pictures and then changes the wallpaper please let me know. Any developers want to do this ? :)

j_the_geek says:

Sounds like a good idea and, if I had the hardware capable of installing the WP8 SDK, I'd make the app :)
For me, I think I'd find it a tad annoying for an app to control how the collage looks. More often than not, I've had to alter Picasa's attempet at a collage as what I want to see in the images are covered up by other images.

ncxcstud says:

Btw the Flickr live wallpaper app seems pretty good too. Especially since it gives the option of how often you'd like the pic to update and change.

Off topic. Can anyone load the comments in the article before this one? It can't fetch comments for me.

Wish some app would let me choose my own folder of backgrounds and then rotate them randomly. Still, I'm happy with a static image really. Tried things like CNN but when it only changes once a day it isn't that newsy really. As for pretty backgrounds there are too many cheesy images out there for me to let Bing or some other app choose for me.