Microsoft's first OTA update for Windows Phone 8 OS now live for HTC 8X

Microsoft has begun rolling out their first over-the-air update (aka Portico) for Windows Phone 8, bringing bug fixes and new features to the OS. [Updated with video]

We just got tipped that the HTC 8X (international) is receiving the first over-the-air update for the Windows Phone 8 OS. The update brings the OS to 10211 (up from build 9905) and brings fixes for rebooting plus adding the “keep Wi-Fi alive” feature, allowing a persistent WLAN connection when the display is off...

The update, called Portico, took about 10 minutes to download and for the device to prepare. Once we agreed to the update, the device reboot itself and launched into a “moving gears” mode whereby the OS was clearly patching itself. That process took another 10 minutes or so at which point the OS rebooted and reloaded. Once there, the OS did a migration of our data (in four steps). That process took another 5 minutes or so, at which point we were brought to the full newly updated OS.

Windows Phone 8 OS update screen

Currently we are unsure about the status of this update, including all the changes it brings, whether all phones will be getting it (we assume yes) or whether carriers will play a role in approving it. Seeing as our 8X was unbranded, it makes sense it gets the update first.

Post-update welcome screen

All in all this was an impressive feat to finally witness: Microsoft remotely updating the OS (numerous time) for both bug patching and adding new features.

We did film the whole process and will have that posted as soon as we’re done editing.

Update for new features: SMS Call Reject, SMS Drafts and SMS Select all have been added to the OS. Read more here.

via: WPCentras.lt

New persistent Wi-Fi feature enabled on the HTC 8X



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inteller says:

Buying DRM media that could disappear like "poof" is your folly.

kidjenius says:

Awesome news!

jtes8 says:

This indeed is great news I hope all other devices get their respective device updates soon!

dalydose says:

Nice. That's "signature" service!  :)

Flagz says:

Tmobile HTC 8X no update as of a second ago.

inteller says:

no, now you are going to get to see FIRST HAND, that Microsoft is indeed NOT skipping the carriers for OTA updates.  This should put an end to all those stupid comments that MS was in control of updates.

aubreyq says:

Seriously. I've been maintaining all along that, at least in the US, we are slaves to the carriers and MS has no control.

WPenvy says:

If Apple can do it with no carrier crapware installed, why can't Microsoft with uninstallable crapware from carriers?...

inteller says:

cause they sold their control contractually to the carriers. 

WPenvy says:

Such a foolish move if they did. Putting your own product at the mercy of others when it comes to getting stuff pushed to devices in the wild

KillaRizzay says:

They had no choice. After Apple screwedover the carriers, they've  had to protect themselves from ever getting bullied agian. Carriers hate apple but need/want the customers that come with it.

Malmer says:

Seriously, people! Chill! Software updates just about any product are rolled out gracefully, so that if there are any major issues they can pull the update and don't brick everyones phone. It is also a server load issue. I almost bricked an iphone when iOS5 was released due to big demand and servers going down. I managed to salvage it and just got all my stuff deleted (good thing I had a backup).

When MS updated the Xbox this fall it took me about a month Before it turned up in my console. Now that was as long as I've ever waited for an update from MS, but you should note that this is common behavior.

So please, people on US carriers, calm down. You will get the update. And it probably will be without carrier intervention. Just a staged rollout.

If there was a 'Like' button I would use it.

nizzon says:

Working with deployment and update distribution in this quantity and environment must be somewhat of a nightmare, especially with all the different hardware out there.

inteller says:

strange how Apple has no problem do it (and the single model BS is just that, we know there aren't even a fraction of 920s out there)
ATT will sit on these updates just like always.  If the carriers weren't in the way we should be able to get them right now.

spaulagain says:

No, the single model advantage is not BS. In addition, Apple owns the OS AND the hardware. So they have a double advantage.
Microsoft has At least 10-20 variations of hardware out there from all around the world. And they don't make that hardware, a 3rd party OEM does. Making it more difficult and full of variables that could wreck the update process.
You obviously don't know shit about development, or anything tech related.

inteller says:

Horse manure.  You have one 8X.  The GSM international (unlocked) phone is getting it.  The T-Mo and ATT versions are not.

jbrandonf says:

The problem I have is that Microsoft offered a way to update our phones if we forego our carrier warranty. This was one of my favorite features of the new OS and I've heard nothing about it.

MooseFruit says:

@inteller: Source?

Thank you!!

Hope this won't be the same stuff for android phones. The siii on Verizon still has 4.0.

apocacrux says:

All carrier apps can be uninstalled.

WPenvy says:

That wasn't the question.

Patrick Kaak says:

Apple cannot do it either.. Here in the Netherlands, the option to share to phones 3G with other devices (tethering) was disabled for a very long time as the carriers wouldn't allow it.

wptom says:

It's kind of amazing that Apple achieved this. This shows how good Jobs was at making contracts for things that at the time were unimaginable. (Just think of the music store in the early 2000s.) He was a true rule breaker!

inteller says:

rule breaker?  No, rule maker.  Jobs never suffered fools.  We need more people like Jobs at Microsoft, not less.

stephen_az says:

I would ask you to give this rant a rest, but I guess that will not happen. The reality is that whether they will push OTA updates is NOT something about which you know any more than any other speculator. Of course if people wish to get worked up over such stuff, to each their own. I personally have no interest in linking my existence and self worth to inanimate objects and operating systems.

aubreyq says:

"I personally have no interest in linking my existence and self worth to inanimate objects and operating systems."
But yet, here you are. On the "Internets" commenting about an OS.

bbqrooster says:

Is commenting about an OS equivalent to linking your existence and self worth to inanimate objects and OS? Maybe you do think this way. But there are others definitely not thinking this way.

This is why some of us were smart enough to choose carriers that supported thier WP7 device very well.  My Trophy has continued to get the latest updates, usually no more than 30 days after release.  VZ didn't have but one device, but they have supported it well.  Gives me a lot of faith that regardless of the situation, my 8X will also be well supported going forward.  VZ has done better by WP than by Android so far.

aubreyq says:

Lucky you. I wish I could say the same about AT&T, who supposedly is the "Premier Partner."

OleWild says:

Well, if the past roll out of AT&T's updates to WP7 are any indication, I guess everyone with AT&T should expect this first update to WP8 sometimes around April or May 2013 - if at all!

danrivhor says:

Very nice to know this is working great so far

dlrohm says:

Its only awesome if this happens for all devices regardless of carrier. Hopefully so...

gooper says:

Awesome, my Vodafone UK 8X is preparing the update as I type!

doomtuba says:

Now we'll see how these updates fare with the carriers' interference here in the USA.

They said at the June WP8 event that OTA updates won't interfere with carriers.

inteller says:

EDIT:  Let me correct myself.  You said "OTA updates won't interfere with carriers"  <-THAT statement is correct, carriers are going to continue screwing you over as usual.
What they NEVER said, was that OTA updates would BYPASS carriers.

aubreyq says:

This is true. MS never guaranteed or said anything. We're f*cked again.

stephen_az says:

So you looked into your crystal ball to confirm the future. Referring to the future in the past tense - neat trick....

aubreyq says:

Just wait and see...

You sure? Watch the keynote about this whole OTA topic.

Edit: Okay

inteller says:

why don't you. I've been pulling misquotes from it for months. Microsoft really wishes June would have never happened because they have broken promise after promise from that event. And everything they have implemented has had tons of little gotchas and asterisks by them.
http://youtu.be/_NuMEmOPRHM?t=1h41m59s  This is ALL THEY SAID.

They said stuff about the carrier pushing updates, and how it is annoying and takes awhile, and Microsoft has a solution.

inteller says:

the point is to debunk the MYTH once and for all that MS would bypass carriers with OTA updates.

inteller says:

as the fat lady said in Total Recall..."Get ready for a surprise!"

hwangeruk says:

The real surpirse would be if you 2 stopped trolling, or posted something useful or even funny.
No-one has confirmed yet whether carriers are involved in rollout or whether this is a staggered rollout. So keep your powder dry and only shoot your mouth off once you have some actual facts from the source. i.e. Microsoft. Thanks.

Sharpmango says:

Um, was hoping for some change log details or is this a pure minor bug fix thing

winmopro says:

It looks like there are associated KB articles with the updates, which is something that didn't happen before.  What do the KB articles say?

madogmoody says:

Any word on that program mentioned at June event about being able to bypass carrier testing and get updates earlier for enthusiasts?

inteller says:

yes it is listed under the section HAHA ROTFL AT U SUCKERS.

FFS guys, Microsoft confused us. Sorry Sir.

Like I said, they confused us.

Inteller: Certified person who doesn't know what he's talkin about

Inteller: certified FUD spreader

WinFan1 says:

@inteller: dude my nuts hurt having to read your negativity, your a bonafide ball buster. if you have so much of an issue with microsoft what are you doing here? If you really wanna give MS the finger then get an iphone and really stick it to the man!!

dogfish54 says:

Now we'll see how these updates fare with the carriers' interference here in the USA <---- This!

leo9212 says:

Att better not hold back on these kind of updates

sayonical says:

Nice. Hopefully Nokia rolls out the camera and battery life fix for the 920 before Christmas.

perspicuity says:

Yeah seriously. I'm living next to my charger.

Personal opinion... I have a feeling that whatever is causing the reboots is also the cause of the battery life issue... so maybe since the 8X is experiencing more reboots and 920 is experiencing more drains (with crossovers rearing their heads on each), it will stabilize both issues.
If Nokia happens to release a radio/firmware update in addition, that's icing on the cake, but I won't hold my breath just yet. Right now, I'm more interested in the fixes from Microsoft.

jasqid says:

Not on Verizon. 7:25pm ET.

gmantione says:

not on vzn @9:30 either

Arvydasg.93 says:

It's WPCentras.lt, not it :)

ClixT says:

I know the 8X is international, but what's the language+region settings? :D

Come on Lumia 920 update!!!

When will this be on my 920?

Villain says:

Not out on bell in Canada yet

Rippin2 says:

No on Verizon.

Good news. Let the 8X ppl be guinea pigs :D

jasqid says:

not cool. :)

ajlopo says:

Wouldn't it be nice if they fixed the Xbox video issues????? They will probably continue to ignore it....after they falsely advertised it....

WPenvy says:

You kept saying "reset" surely you meant "reboot", or "soft-reset"....

MojoDoj0 says:

Not in Sweden either :(

DB_SWE says:

It works for me, im living in sweden

MojoDoj0 says:

DB_SWE, What kind of phone do you have?

mango.lover says:

Woot! Portico!

The only fix I honestly want is the Bluetooth issue, or issues actually

mrdeezus says:

+1 billion, my only issue with the 920.

dreamfly says:

Your PC gets security updates via the internet.  MS should do that same with the phone. Carriers should have no say nor the hardware manufacturers.

dogfish54 says:

Tick Tock Nokia!


Works on my international 8X.

beefydragon says:

Looking forward to the Lumia 920 updates.  Hopefully Portico would fix the DRM issue for the movies and videos purchased via Xbox Video.

Guus2 says:

Hopefully a fix to disable the accelerometer.

xd1936 says:

Where's that "Update Beta Program" that we were promised at build?

jcagga says:

I wish my 8x have HTC logo in front. Looks better imo. I wonder when my Verizon 8x receive such thing.

luk3ja says:

we now have drafts for text messages and auto text replies when you can't take a call

The Prayer says:

Can you please check in call settings if the call blocking feature is available?

rloszak says:

Any word on the VPN support?

luk3ja says:

can't see any mention of it in settings

dru2690 says:

Now this is awesome. WP8 really is promising. Rejoice :)))

bilzkh says:

Rogers in Canada tends to be pretty good with handling Windows Phone updates...so...some good news for us 3-year slaves.

Tomasz S. says:

But how much free space does the install process require? I have only under 1,5 GB left on my 820 with a minimal number of apps and games. (WP8's size is ridiculous)

ryan.kruger says:

It's not for the 820 - it's the 8X.

pikablu0530 says:

There is a purpose of that microSD card slot in your Lumia 820, use it. You get what you paid for. Want 32GB of storage? Get the Lumia 920.

ryan.kruger says:

Nothing yet on Verizon.

Complete BS...they cant push out with windows phone 7.8 update sooner but instead will give a windows phone 8 update already.  WTF.  Would be nice if this update is included in 7.8...but prolly not...prolly in a 7.8 refresh like the mango refresh.  Complete BS.

luk3ja says:

Hey! It's only bug fixes, to fix random reboots and other issues. That's more important than 7.8 which will give you loads of new features and you've already been told when its being released

New feaures that dont include the "bug fixes" and enhancements this update gave and we havent been told when, early 2013 isnt much of a date.

Ron.H says:

Second Tuesday of the month has been Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for computers for years. It seems reasonable that many phone updates will now coincide with that since they share a lot of code - for WP8 at least.

bonecrusher says:

Regarding the last photo:  the correct spelling is "Wi-Fi", not "WiFi".  

taxidriver9 says:

The correct spelling is "bone crusher", not bonecrusher.

ryan.kruger says:

WP8 auto corrects to WiFi.

Vvillegas134 says:

@Daniel what are the network specs for the international 8x you guys have? Thanks

evilpinkeye says:

I'm not sure why anyone woudl be expecting an update from Nokia around this time. Nokia has different hardware and who knows, they may be working on a camera fix along with other goodies.
I imagine the same applies to carriers here in the states. Aren't radios different? I would hella pist if I had a crap load of phones roll into one of my stores for an exchange...

mrdeezus says:

Can anyone who recieves this update let us know if it fixes the bluetooth autoconnectong?

mrdeezus says:

Can someone who gets the update tell is if it fixes the Bluetooth issues?

This is what I'm wondering too.  If it fixes the bluetooth issues I'm pretty much completely satisfied with my phone going forward.

nizzon says:

Im having connectionproblems and activating music through my BT-headset. Are those the issues you are talking about? I havent seen this mentioned anywhere yet and im too tired to moan baout it right now.

Its mostly related to the apparenty missing or broken A2DP support.  Handsets will connect to headphones and audio systems, but advanced functionality seems to be missing on most systems(like the ability to play/pause/ff/rw via the stereo or headset and get track info and such).

cedarlog says:

Finally the long awaited feature :)

Wonder if it will roll on Tuesday in your region.  Let's see if the update hits the US and Canada after Midnight.  Might be on Pacific Time as well, seeing as that's where Redmond is.  Seems like the update rolls out regionally, not internationally simultaneously. 

blackhawk556 says:

is microsoft bypassing carriers for this update?
Sorry if i missed it.

jrnag24 says:

can anyone confirm if the update fixes Xbox Video DRM issue so i can sync my purchases to my phone?

AngryNil says:

Hooray, new intro!

lippidp says:

Updates are rad.  I love updates and don't even care what they do.  I just like to watch the little progress bar go and then hope it doesn't brick the phone.  So exciting!

wptom says:

So much for Nokia being the preferred WP vendor who gets special treatment from Microsoft. If I weren't so much into taking quality photos with a phone I'd regret my Lumia 920 purchase pretty much now.

Because HTC got an update a week or two earlier? Wouldn't you say the same if you had an HTC phone and witnessed how Nkoia keep updating their Lumia specific apps?

wptom says:

How do you know the update for the Lumia 920 is only one or two weeks away? And about your 2nd point, this is a moot one because I would never have an HTC phone. Not in this life at least.

Memristor says:

I think the Lumia needs a few more fixes than the 8X that's why it takes longer to release this update. Soft camera shots, bluetooth issues just to name a couple that bother me the most.

I'm downloading the update right now on a PAYG Three HTC 8X - so may not be carrier approved...

adhi depp says:

i dont have wifi...how can i update it...pliisssss help me

henry.gray says:

You would have to use somebody elses or a wifi hotspot.

adhi depp says:

can i use zune app....?

taurgis says:

The update is now downloading on my HTC 8x (Belgium)

Davidmuful says:

I am seeing something others have missed (or its unrelated to the update) twitter mentions in the "me" notifications area are now displayed in full rather than just saying who tweeted at you.

AzelDazel says:

Got mine last night! 8X Three Uk

SimonTG says:

I had an extra update, not listed on the photo above called 'HTC Update for Windows Phone.' (as well as the 4 MS updates); also an additional 'Update Completed' on the final screen.
No idea what (if any) additional changes are. I've a Black 8X UK unlocked. .

phirefly says:

What are your firmware versions now?

SimonTG says:

I didn't note what I had before (I did screenshot the list of updates though)
Useful bits from the about screen after the update:
OS version: 8.0.10211.204
Firmware revision number: 1532.20.20003.401
Hardware revision number: 0002
Radio software version: 1.11b.32.19.23_2_15.42.32.19
Radio hardware version: 2.126.0.D4
Bootloader version: 0.0.1532.20(159895)
Chip SOC version: 8260A

brmiller1976 says:

No update for my AT&T 8X.  Wasn't the big idea behind WP8 that Microsoft would release updates independent of the major carriers?  Looks like they've backslid on this... another broken promise, along with "integrated Skype?" :P

mrdeeds72 says:

Still waiting for mine.  On Hell.. I mean Bell Canada.

CRGuy says:

Rogers..... Nothing yet.

I bought Nokia Lumia 920 on contract from Rogers Canada about a month ago. I got both the updates by Nokia and Microsoft on December 20 and 22 respectively.
I did not seeing issue in getting the updates not even with my career. You all should have the update by now or by the next few days.

michail71 says:

As far as WiFi on with the screen timeout goes how is that on battery life?  
I can see that it may be better if you have an active WiFi connection and a bad LTE signal.

I am in India and HTC have released the SIM unlocked version over here and I was able to perform the updates yesterday. As mentioned in the above post the whole process took about 20 - 30 minutes.

steve potter says:

My 8x on O2 UK is updating as I type. Hopefully it actually fixes the random reboot issue!

haha my x8 just got a good bricked after that update !!! congratulations to windows phones !

Still waiting for it from bell Canada on the 8x. And bell still has no foreseen updates from a conversation had today.

plzzz tell mee,when i updated phone next it swith on and swith off automaticaly,plz tell me what can i do???