Deal: Bring some glory to your lockscreen with Locksider for Windows Phone 8

We previewed Locksider, the new lockscreen image app from developer Liquid Daffodil just over a week ago and we’re happy to announce it is now live in the Store for Windows Phone 8 users.

What’s more, it’s going for free right now but only for the next 72 hours, after which it will be raised to $0.99—so snatch it up!

For those curious as to why Locksider is a solid choice for your lockscreen wallpaper management, we’ll give you a few. Locksider just doesn’t stream in images from a site that are then “forced” onto your lockscreen. Instead, images are hand picked and curated, resulting in designs that are formatted to look good on your lockscreen.

That means things are sized appropriately for high resolution, your time/date area is not obscured and the image just looks respectable. If you just pull in images from a stream, you don’t know what you’re getting…lower resolution, formatted wrong, things off centered etc.

With Locksider, you also get to choose some categories with a ton of variety, including Today, Cool, Geeky, Abstract, Nature and Mellow. Finally, you can also choose the frequency of updates, incorporating once a day, twice a day, every four hours and every hour options, giving you quite a bit of flexibility.

All in all, Locksider is another high-quality app from Liquid Daffodil and we highly recommend it, especially since it is temporarily free. Pick it up here in the Store.

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I'm liking the lock screen changer apps

dKp1977 says:

Already got it and it rocks! Like all apps by Liquid Daffodil. Very high quality as usual. Props to Scott P. :)

TomWomack2 says:


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)


Visual360 says:

Good deal! Thanks for the heads up.

helloyello says:

Very nice. I'm new to Windows Phone and I'll tell you how helpful these forums and reviews and previews and news features have been to enhance my experience. Thanks especially to Daniel Rubino who has been especially helpful. I enjoy your posts the most.

Ah thanks and welcome! Hope you enjoy it.

bizzy-glx says:

Yup +1 to the whole WPC team!

Pretty sweet.  I dig it, and will be using it.

qwertyops says:

Much thanks to the Developer and WPC for this!

zikifer says:

Wow, there are so many great lock screen apps I feel like I need an app to rotate through my lock screen apps.

akshatm says:

I've been having trouble finding good one. Any suggestions?

RafRol says:

Once again, Liquid Daffodil knocks one out of the park.

Arsenic17 says:

Kind of disappoing you cant use this app in combination with Weather Flow for the lockscreen (i.e. Locksider updates the lockscreen image every so often and Weather flow just overlays the weather information.
Oh well. Cant have everything in life I guess. Maybe in a future update?

Matt Sharp says:

Took the words right out of my mouth. This would be the ultimate combo for the lock screen.

SofaTester says:

Agree, good thing I didn't buy Weather Flow since I wanted this app more and it makes Weather Flow's lockscreen useless.
Was really hoping it would just overlay ontop of whatever wallpaper was chosen, but no. Grr.

Giuseppe79 says:

I just wish I could save the igames the I really like in case I want to put them up again in future. Apart from the that, its a great app and images are amazing.

LA6507a says:

Can you use your own favorite pics from the Pictures Hub or did I miss something here?

Listen97 says:

Since its free I'll give it a try but that's my exact question. I use Fresh Comics and save images to my phone. If it allows you to select your favorites to roate thru this would be awesome until maybe FC adds lock screen support.

david90531 says:

Liking "Lock Themes" better at the moment, more selections. The Locksider wallpapers are pretty limitted, otherwise the app seems well-designed

Visual360 says:

somehow the wallpaper is not changing automatically for me. Anyone else?

HaibaneReki says:

for me it keeps reverting to default settings, and hangs in the backgrounf killing my battery :( probably going back to Lockscreen photos)

erobillard says:

Lost phone screen is what I use. It's free and does one thing old WP phones did the new ones don't, let you display owner lost&found info. You choose the pic. Since its fixed should be fine with Weather apps (depending where they overlay).

hiwayracer says:

I am loving the app but it does not seem to keep the (save) the settings.
I keep having to go back in and put the Auto-update back no as well as the period of time i want the image to change....

JerryRaia says:

I am having the same issue

Parktreeone says:

Seems like a nice app but will not auto update images, which is its main purpose really, sure an update will sort it soon

JerryRaia says:

Looks like a fix is on the way, just got this email
There seems to be a bug on Settings in the current version. An update has been submitted that should resolve it and available shortly! Thanks and hope you love it and rate it 5 **** anyway! J
Scott J. Peterson, MCSD, MCPSB, MCT
Enterprise Solution Architect & Developer

psiu_glen says:

This sucks...I don't have WP8 (yet), therefore I can't get apps on sale like this before I get one...it should just tie to the account and then obviously only install on devices capable. Urgh.

Byrese says:

So I got it cause this review talked about it. It sucks! It doesn't work at all on my N810.

JerryRaia says:

In the meantime if you pin the app it saves the settings correctly