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Windows Phone 8S by HTC sold out at Virgin Mobile Canada


Virgin Mobile Canada has completely sold out of HTC 8S stock, according to an alert on its website. It's displayed when attempting to add the Windows Phone to the basket for checkout. This is a refreshing look on Windows Phone popularity with HTC hardware continuing to sell as well as Nokia handsets.

Available at just $279 (or $79 on contract), it's no wonder the HTC 8S is a popular choice. The alert displayed on the website is as follows:

"Sorry this phone has been flying off the shelves and we're out of stock. Please make another selection."

Virgin Mobile has also started a deal to offer an opportunity for consumers to take the 8S for a test drive with the chance of keeping the handset for free should enough tips and tricks be provided along with feedback. Be sure to register your interest if not done so already.

Source: Virgin Mobile; Thanks, Frederick, for the tip!


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Windows Phone 8S by HTC sold out at Virgin Mobile Canada

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awesome! great to hear. although I feel like they could have low stock? I went to a Radioshack in the US last week and they didn't even have any Windows Phone's on display! I was ticked. Has anyone else heard of how well the devices are being stocked?

I plan to since I'm in Canada, I need my Lumia 900's rattle fixed still lol (it just keeps getting worse...)

I hope more people look at the 8S cause it is a great phone for the money with a good display, nice camera and very good battery life. While limited on map downloads, it can take plenty of music on a microSD.

If I would ever lose my phone (Nokia Lumia 900) for any reason, I would probably get the HTC 8S. Three UK offers it for a monthly £19 with no upfront cost (includes 100 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data). Doesn't get any better than that!

I saw the phone in the mall the day Virgin Mobile released it and I have to say it feels and looks even better than on the pictures and videos I saw online! Design is amazing and the hardware is high quality!

8S is definitely the best looking Windows Phone. Too bad it wasn't created for the big leagues. At that price I would pick it up as secondary phone only if it works on Wind.

Why ISN'T the 8S not in U.S. Virigin Mobile? Or even stores like MetroPCS, Boost or Straight Talk? It makes perfect sense to scale and the time is NOW.