'Limited Edition' HTC 8X Windows Phone for Verizon employees looks hot

Verizon employees get a special gift this year, a 'special edition' of the HTC 8X Windows Phone in rare grey

File this under 'cool' as some Verizon employees are getting special, limited edition HTC 8X Windows Phones in grey with limelight yellow accent colors.  That’s right, not only do is it in a new color but it has that two-tone look from the 8S that people adore.

We don’t have word on which employees qualify for the ‘Employee Edition’ of the 8X but we certainly are a tad jealous and we would love to see that look go public. The devices are individually numbered (we blurred it out) meaning these really are hard to come by.

So what do you folks think? Would you buy the 8X in this color? Thanks, Verizon Wired, for the images!



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sayonical says:

That looks sweet :)

Bearach says:

It doesn't me, they look NOTHING a like...

WhippedKream says:

LOL exactly what I was thinking +1

vtective says:

I like the color combo too. It makes me want to purchase this grey/yellow case: http://store.wpcentral.com/incipio-dualpro-hard-shell-case-with-silicone....

Even though I have a Lumia 920 and to me looks and is better , no gonna lie the phone looks dam good as hell.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

Didn't know hell had Verizon branding 

willied says:

Ya learn somethin' new everyday.

Andygoes says:

You must not be a Verizon subscriber... (I keed, I keed! My wife just went to AT&T and her reception sucks in our house!)

Ehh, that's what happens. I had horrid Verizon service at school and home, while my AT&T service (I had a device on each carrier) at both was consistently strong (usually perfect). Different sections of the country have different positives on service, so it's basically a matter of pciking the carrier with thge best service in your area.
That said, with the fact that Verizon has no Lumia 920, I'd probably have taken a signal downgrade for the superior hardware, but that's me, haha.

cdbstl76 says:

Sweet!! I would love to know the specs just satisfy my curiosity...

I'm sure the specs are the same as the entire 8X line, plus the wireless charging on Verizon.

ryan.kruger says:

Specs are probably the same... But that's pretty cool looking.

AmilM says:

Incredible design. HTC 8X are awesome.

omagic82 says:

I have the California Blue version on AT&T and I'd trade it in a second for this version.

joanzen says:

It makes me want that mythical gray 920...

There is huge market there! Making LTD edition phones and HTC could make some nice 8X color combos!

Vallos says:

I'm a collector of statues, so the fact that these are numbered is what makes it so special.

bilzkh says:

I have a Lumia 920 and love it, but in my opinion the 8X has the better design and feel/farmfactor.

sholokov says:

"farm" factor. LOL.

deloa84 says:

I totally agree. I bought the 8x as a gift for my mom and I can't get my hands off of it. It feels so dam right. I AM actually kinda jealous now... =(

I would like a black one with the rear logo in chrome, Red camera button. Blue power button and Yellow volume controls! With 64Gb, I would pay a $850.- for one like that! Pls also a red circle / accent around the camera! So it is clear that this phone is fully loaded!

sholokov says:

You need a Sharpie color set for DIY.

woodbane says:

If Verizon starts getting some cool colors I might get one off contract ;even though I'm on Straight Talk as I read that their phones are all carrier unlocked now.

TwinBitz says:

That's Hot! To bad its not an option for Verizon customers!

TonyDedrick says:

That is a sweet looking phone

mach1man says:

I want it!!! I wonder if they can sell or trade them?

DenniSundaY says:

One word: wow. I wanted the high-rise grey 8s or the black 8x. And this is the complete mix!

Yeah, HTC WP8 X 'Art Series' 8X phones with buch of variations of cool colors and accents, all limited and numbered! They would sell well! Hey.... Peter Chou milk the cash cow!

willied says:

That's incredibly good looking.

Like the Swiss Swatch... Many colors for all tastes!

n3rfh3rd3r says:

I wonder if you have to have a special billing code on the account if you have a device like this as a way of tracking who has the 'employee only' version of the 8X.  I know it is only a color scheme but I imagine it is a limited run with a specific segment of users in mind and is likely an incentive to those that hit certain performance goals.  

lippidp says:

This is so totally spyware.  They already collect data from their users.  Now they can spy on their employees, too!  But, as long as it has snazzy colors we can all cheer!!!!

willied says:

Completely useless comment.

lippidp says:

As was yours.

willied says:

I knew you would say that. If they work for Verizon they probably already have a Verizon phone. And the data collection can be opted out of.

Not surprising, only useful thing he says is the sales rankings

lippidp says:

Yeah, I can't even post them here any more due to the new spam filter.  I put them in the forums now.

Vallos says:

This might be an incentive for Verizon employees to meet a quota.

rmichael75 says:

There you go.. one more color copy from Lumia.. Why cant they think somethign unique by themselves

12Danny123 says:

dude. you need to stop complaining. Both are good handsets

Seriously dude you're complaining about a "lumia copy" when 26 children were killed today? Get your fúckin mind out the gutter.

schlubadub says:

Uh... Wtf has that got to do with anything? He's talking about a phone, on a mobile website. Something bad happens in the world and no one is allowed to complain on any website about anything? Get a grip

schlubadub says:

Also "get your mind out of the gutter" is usually said when someone makes a dirty joke out of an innocuous statement... so it has been used incorrectly here.

lubbalots says:

Where are all the supposed colors: yellow, red, black, lime, etc? Only blue exist on tmo.

Aluminum54 says:

TMo didn't pay for a color - so they got stuck with the standard color... usually how it always goes

phendrena says:

I'm loving my 8X in Limelight Yellow. Phones 4 U in the UK finally got them in at the start of December. The only problem I have is the 16gb of storage. If it had an SD card slot it wouldn't be a problem. Still I think it should've had 32gb considering it is supposed to be a flagship windows phone. Anyway, i really like the grey one. I wouldn't buy one though :)

tds101 says:

64gb of storage & I like it. Otherwise it's just "meh".

jcagga says:

Looks ugly...

That is the idea, it is different, some will love it, some don't.

jcagga says:

Even my red 8x one is rare and looks hot!

mleone47 says:

That is what I wish they did with the 8x a little slighe two tone with the speaker and camera! Just like that, that looks so sexy omg! wish they made these for real! But I still love my Blue 8x for tmpobile !

fulnix says:

I have a red 920 but if I found one of these might pick it up too =D

Loving the California Blue, not interested in grey.

Tense says:

No, I probably wouldn't buy this color. Don't get me wrong, an employee-exclusive 8X is a fantastic idea, but I'd rather have a brightly colored 8X. This doesn't seem like it would stand out amongst other phones as much. Or at least that's what I think.

ggonzalez777 says:

Phone porn, I would give my nl 920 easily for that raw piece of hotness!!!!

based_graham says:

Yes please give employees Verizon Windows phone's especially employees with old slow Androids. Switch them over

SmoothDog says:

Looks super classy. I would have stayed on Verizon if the 8x had a 32gb version. Still in the honeymoon stage with my 920.

monigal2 says:

I want a red one on at&t

It looks like one of Oregon ducks uniforms sweet

TrustySnooze says:

Give meee!
That's pretty cool of them.

jes1888 says:

Where's that freaking gray Lumia??? I want it!!!!!!!

scottd34 says:

any employee can buy them and no we arent allowed to sell them or put them on a non employee account.

briankariu says:

Hot damn....what does it take to work for verizon? :)
But am pretty sure that this devices will somehow end up on GSM networks. Power to the people!!!!

romeze says:

That is a great looking phone, really need to bring that on the consumer side. 

vistascan32 says:

Damn. I was going to aks my VZ rep about getting one of those.

HornedOwl says:

Nice Seahawk colors, me like

hary536 says:

Am I the only one that finds that greenish speaker grill an ugly mis-match with grey. 
I personally don't like the color combo. 

Fir5X says:

I think that front of this phone looks inconsistent because of that speaker grill, but from back this phone does look good.

phatboy66 says:

Looks really good!

hoonigandad says:

Damn that's awesome! I'll be watching eBay!

This is the exact color I would want too, public please...

My wife is making me wait till Christmas for mine. Should be noted it has a matching wallpaper and gray and limelight yellow tiles to match. And comes with a fatboy charging pillow.

flame l says:

nokia should release the nokia lumia 920 grey.

ihavewp8 says:

Ocean blue still.better

Noskal says:

A grey color as a rare version..  Déjà vu

Gken says:

omg, new thing is gonna be custom color phones with accents.  That would be sick.