WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 now available

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 now available

Microsoft engineered Windows Phone to be social and communicative from the get go, with Windows Phone 8 they have pushed that concept even further. Aside from Rooms, Emails, Text Messages and Social networks there are other ways to chat with your friends. One of those ways it to use the free IM app called WhatsApp, a messaging platform that has gained fairly widespread adoption.

We reported a few days ago on an imminent update and good news is that they have just pushed out version 2.8.10 onto the Windows Phone Store. This will update existing Windows Phone 7.x devices whilst also bringing Windows Phone 8 compatibility to the table.


In case you haven’t heard of WhatsApp here is what they say about their app:

“WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Noki9a and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.

In addition to basic messaging WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.”

So WhatsNew in WhatsApp? Aside from the fact it now works on Windows Phone 8 devices we’re not seeing any big changes. Upon installing onto a a device here everything looks very much as we’d expect, setup on a Windows Phone 8 handset was normal and no new options are present. In fact the version on Windows Phone 7 is actually 2.8.8 so this is a very minor update.

We’re glad to see the app has been updated to support Windows Phone 8, we only wish that notifications and the integration of these types of apps could be improved. It would be great to see the messaging hub allow for deeper integration of other messaging platforms and better background persistence. For now the app will endeavour to push notifications for messages via the normal route which is fairly reliable.

Grab the update or download it fresh from the Windows Phone Store or scan the QR code below.

QR: WhatsApp


We’d like to hear from you if you notice anything new or simply have something to say about this IM app. Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks jgreen_0515 for the tip!!



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Sumit8 says:


Sumit8 says:

got it. Next time i read first :P

aerosmillie says:

Good to have it. But the only thing that's improved is the speed of app launch and possibly more fluid in app experience. It needs lock screen notifications. The Devs over at whatsapp aren't exactly doing the best of jobs. Maybe need more support?? Even the look of the app isn't very WP8. Come on whatsapp!!

Sumit8 says:

It is not faster. The WP8 phones are faster, thats why it loads quicker.

fbloise says:

true! because the same version in my old Lumia 800 is still very slow

DenniSundaY says:

YesYesYes! Finally! I hated that fake music stream thing. Now I can delete Stop the Music!
Edit: Fake music stream isn't gone. It didn't come up the first ffew times I started it, but now it is again. If you leave the app with the start button it won't come up, but if you close it using the back button the music buttons are appearing again. So anoying!

WPenvy says:

FML. I love my music....

lasana365 says:

It is really fluid

DenniSundaY says:

It already was on my HTC 8X because of the 1Gb ram and 1.5gHz processor of course, but it is an improvement! And it is made for 1280x720 screen resolution.

rockstarzzz says:

Why does everyone keep saying music streaming is gone? Its still using that on my phone

7SAN says:

You're right, only noticed the speed, now it's a bit faster.

DieNadel says:

Everything is super fast...same as before the update


Facebook app and UC browser have been updated too, woke up to 3 updates :)

DenniSundaY says:

haha thnx for the tip. I don't get those update notifications quick, sometimes after a few days eventually.

Miistercoool says:

That Facebook update must be wp8 only because I checked on my Focus S which is a wp7.5 phone and no update :|

Ed Bayliss says:

Yeah, it is unfortunately. There are no GUI changes so you won't feel left out to much. I made the jump from 7.5 to 8.0 this month, flipping LOVE the changes.

frankiect says:

When I had an android phone I paid for this app, and now it says that it isn't available for my region. This sucks big time.

henlunds says:

Just change your region To US and download it

frankiect says:

Can I do that without resetting my phone to factory settings and choosing USA as my country?

Yes. Check options. There's even a reboot option!

frankiect says:

Thanks for the tip, I changed my region to USA and I installed Whatsapp. Is it OK if I leave it that way, because it has a bigger app selection than Europe.

henlunds says:

Yes keep the location to US, you can always switch back any time you like :)

blackhawk556 says:

how do you switch location?

henlunds says:

Settings->Language+Region. Change "Country/Region" to US and tap the "restart phone" button that appear.

theloz86 says:

Three updates and they still haven't fixed the music stream bug on WP7.5. Why?!

DaSchnee says:

This is not a bug, it's a feature...

DenniSundaY says:

It is not a bug, they use it so the app remain active if you close it. But it is weird because if I stop the music player after I opened whatsapp, I do get messages though. So it is very unnecessary...

theloz86 says:

I know it's by design. I'm classing it as a bug because it's irritating, unnecesary and unexpected functionality that would be easy to fix. I really don't know how it passed certification with such a blatant misuse of the API.

Sergio0694 says:

That's useless if you use phone data, which is always active.
But if you activate the WiFi and turn the screen off, that faked music stream keeps ot active, so that it will be possible to receive notifications.

DenniSundaY says:

Yes I know, that's what i'm saying. But why does other apps also get notifications without that API? Becasue they are better programmers. And Now on the 8X you have the keep wifi alive function. So I really hope that in a further update (if every wp8 phone has the keep wifi alive funtion) they don't use it anymore. I hate it!

you won't get ANY notifications when screen times out if cellular is off and only WiFi is on. They used this background audio API to prevent just that. And I'm thankful they did. 

DenniSundaY says:

Yes, but cellular is always on and screen is of (and WiFi) it then uses cellular so for me ot isn't helpfull

A lot of people don't have a data plan. And it makes no sense to use your data plan when you have a WiFi connection. This IS an issue which is why Microsoft has already resolved it in 8X.

pikablu0530 says:

If you don't have data plan why bother using WhatsApp which relies on data connection instead of SMS. In fact, it defeats the purpose of even having a smartphone, when so many features on WP8 are designed for data on the go.

ramrac says:

Why should we normal people, who naturally have a data plan for their smartphone (because what's the point without one?) pay with our battery life and having to have to "stop the music" every frikkin time after we use that App because of some of you weridos who buy a smartphone to use as a dumbphone out and about and as a tablet when stationary? Just buy a tablet for 200 bucks to surf the web, it's cheaper than a phone anyway and you get a bigger screen. What's the point of WhatsApp when you don't use data? Most of us have a flatrate for data, with a limit at which it becomes slower. But Whatsapp doesn't really use a lot of data, especially not for push. Now we all have to suffer because some cheapos who don't want to afford 5 moneys a month for data where whining as if the fcking world was going up in flames. I for one like that wifi turns off when the screen is off, I also turn it off when I leave the house (because why should it drain battery when I don't even use it?), and now my phone irritates me and forces me to do a repetetive 3 second task every fcking time I leave the WhatsApp app.

MojoDoj0 says:

Is there an option for saving received videos that I cant find or that cant be done?

kenduro says:

im sure all media sent on whatsapp is saved in whatsapp. Just go on the user info and swipe left or right once and you will see all saved media that person send you. Thats the only way I know of so far

fbloise says:

nein, no option to save videos or to send videos taken from the phone, not from the app.

sokeking says:

Well, i'm really happy that the service is back and even though my lumia 820 is pretty fast anyway, you also seem to feel the performance improvements. However, i'd totally like to see a change log or something, because the changes are not that obvious. Anyways, the replacement of the emoticon button is absolutely grab!!!  Furthermore, i looked forward to see some wp8 integration like lock screen support. I hate the fact that i feel like this will take another 200 years. If the rumors are true and nokia is tryring to improve whatsapp, this would be the only way for us to be surprised in the upcoming weeks... but i really doubt it. Maybe we should be happy about the little things in life. Its back but not better than ever.

restlessdan says:

I like how fast it is now but. Could have been more WP8 features.

EDDS says:

I dont get it, whats the point in this? we already have facebook and msn messenger built straight in and other platforms have clients for those services so why would we need this?

rockstarzzz says:

Because for Facebook other person MUST appear online else you don't get the messages.

pikablu0530 says:

It all depends on if your friends uses it. None of my friends are on MSN Messenger anymore, and people are not always signed in to Facebook chat. Think of WhatsApp as SMS/MMS, except its free and uses data connection instead. The other biggest advantage is Group chat - really useful when trying to organizing something, and can never be done via SMS/MMS.

jiayit says:

Honestly.. Before they removed it from the store, it was working fine on WP8. They removed it for a week or 2, removed in-app Emoji, improved nothing, updated version number and released it? What were they doing the past few days..

Yakkaimono says:

I was using the old version on my 920 just fine and it worked exactly like this one. To me nothing changed. I was hoping for at least lock screen implementation. 
Seriously...What do those developers over there do all day?

Ronnet says:

'' It would be great to see the messaging hub allow for deeper integration of other messaging platforms and better background persistence. ''
Most definatly. Since Facebook is preparing to become a direct competitor to Whatsapp, Microsoft could improve the Facebook chat integration. Right now it lacks the option to send messages to offline friends. Add that and I don't need a thirdparty client like Whatsapp.

robert brand says:

Why not open the People Hub/Messaging to others? Just seems like a no-brainer to myself. Give some key apps the abilty to blend into the OS experience. RB

Quite obvious actualy. If the service brakes, for whatever reason, it's going to look like it's a bug in the OS, and thats not what Microsoft wants you to think. Definitely an different story when it would be an open service with an API. And btw, Whatsapp isnt the most reliable thing out there.
Anyway. Is it 5 times faster! Like they said it would be. We're all waiting for Whatsapp version 3.0 which would be written up all from scratch. That's what I want to know!

pikablu0530 says:

Totally agree with you. People hub is already open for third party apps to be integrated in (I.e. Skype or RCSe). Its quite obvious the next step is to open up Messaging to let third party apps (like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat...etc) to be integrated.

frankiect says:

Nevertheless it's all about friends. Here in Romania, all my friends use whatsapp and at school everybody sends pictures over whatsapp. So it's a no-brainer for me, whatsapp is a must-have.

uopjo6 says:

I'm guessing this is just the old ver. They had to put it back because of all the whiners. I'm pretty sure they're working on improvements for WP8 because the only thing that changed is the speed (phone is faster) and nothing else. If they call this improvement, they didn't have to take it down in the first place.

And, this thing eats away battery pretty darn fast. Still disappointed. 

Windsilver says:

what version of whatsapp would this be then? Seems to me it still has the emoji stuff in it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ6c5LXugt4&NR=1&feature=endscreen

DrewLumia900 says:

There was also a Whatsapp update for Windows 7.5 in Toronto Canada. On TELUS network using an unlocked Rogers branded Nokia Lumia 900.

suraj.das says:

I noticed a change.. We can now remove people from a group.. Of course only if you create the group!

FAKNL says:

I'm glad it is finally there AND for free in the store, perfect.
In the meantime I used my new WP8 I had my old HTC HD7 on the side purely for Whatsapp. Those days are over.

elicoz says:

changed to US store still can't find it... how do I download it? or did they remove it again?

superfox says:

You can download it from the whatsapp site.

luk3ja says:

What's this all about, I've had version 2.8.20 for over a month now so how is 2.8.10 an update??????

shahulvm says:

To me 2.8.2 was faster than the released 2.8.10

Memopoblete says:

It was 2.8.2
now is 2.8.10 
2<10  :) at first I thought the same, the realized that i was wrong :) 

WPenvy says:

So pointless.

Lobbie1978 says:

I notice a startup time improvement on my HTC HD7. Overall UI is smoother too.
But it sucks the WhatsApp team still don''t show the same love to WP than to Android and iOS.
I hope Nokia will indeed help WhatsApp to improve the app, because it's a must have app for WP.

TTarkasu says:

Did anyone else notice the $0.99/year subscription to this app after the first FREE year expires? I'm new to WPcentral and I don't know if it's been mentioned before and I missed it.

DieNadel says:

Yup, it was there

Yes, it was always there. It's the same for Android, whereas iPhone users have to pay 0.99$ to get the app, and then it's free for life. I personally prefer Viber, as it's 100% free, runs a bit faster and allows you to make free calls.

Rahul Menon says:

Is there a way to customize the sound alerts?

I've been trying to verify it for an hour now...still can't...it keeps telling me to check my network settings and try later...reinstalled it, and it's still doing the same thing...

futurix says:

Absolutely nothing changed in this version.
Looks like they just recompiled it for WP8 without touching the code. Even the splash screen is not in WP8 size...

AzelDazel says:

Emoji is stil lthere use the intergrated WP8 keyboard emotes, they might look a tad different on the KB but they all come out as the emoji ones in whatsapp

I need WhatsApp for Windows RT. Please , mr. Dev.

kayb27 says:

You can now share images from your albums and such straight to Whatsapp without having to open the app. Same way Android users have been able to do it. Can't share music, but then again I don't have any music on my phone that is mine; I use the Xbox music pass, so my songs are streamed.

lambacini says:

Always connected wifi, after installing "whatsapp".
Whatsapp keep wifi open ?

Memopoblete says:

yup, that's because they use the music API (i heard that) and it keeps the wifi on even when the phone has the screen off. 

holzlondon says:

Has nobody else noticed that this new version causes some extreme battery drain? It is absolutely atrocious!!

bt66 says:

I thought I was the only one that noticed this. I just uninstalled it & the battery drain has gone away. This sucks. I was so happy to see it back on...but this is not helping. Any suggestions?

Mogolent says:

Guys, someone have this:
After installing WhatsApp, in Xbox Music+Videos appeared "paused"? If you click to this "paused" in Music+Videos it will open WhatsApp. It is bug or what?

RobinPaul says:

Always has been like that, i think its a bug since the 2nd update

Mogolent says:

WhatsApp removed from market??? - App is no longer published

DADSGN says:

I updated the app now it wont connect to Whatsapp servers... Was working great before the update!

same here - nokia 920

what a joke. new update now cannot connect to whatsapp servers. older version worked on nokia 920

I have a Lumia 920 and it says 'Not connected' in the apps settings. My wife has iPhone 4 and the same problem there.

stridley says:

Whatsapp down globally...did Win phone 8 kill it for everyone? Unlikely. https://twitter.com/wa_status

TKhaldi says:

Installed it on my Lumia 920. The thing just freezed up my phone. :/ The port for Windows Phone 8 sucks. They should do better than this.

baygacon says:

still no lockscreen integration? :/

Works Fine on HTC 8X in Brasil With Vivo 3G Network :P

I contacted Whatsapp as recently as last week and they refused to tell me that within days Whatsapp would come to wp8! Cheeky buggers.

Claytonn says:

Whatsapp sucks!!! Atleast for my lumia 710 its a looser..

i know we arent supposed to do these here but i thought it would be really be appropriate considering the topic

 vote for my app please .Its Windows phone Messenger+

gerson72 says:

Still missing the option enable/disable toast notifications ;(

BlackSaint says:

I compared whatsapp, viber and line,,, of the three Line is way ahead because its fully optimized for WP8,,,, to the line developer,,, thanks

Can anyone help me out plz...my whatsapp won't authenticate...i did everything except reset my phone and it still won't get past inputting my phone number...is anyone having the same issue...am using a L920

gjain says:

I was really hoping for start screen notification for a version for Windows 8, but they have not yet done this. It would be very good if we could choose it as one of the 5 options for showing on the start screen.

DenniSundaY says:

Indeed, I'm hoping for that too.

Per Mathisen says:

TuneIn also in appstore for WP8!!

uopjo6 says:


But it's just that most of my friends use Whatsapp (on their iPhones) so i've got no choice...

Ben Salmon says:

im a bit confused, ive been using Whatsapp, since ive had my WP8 about 4 weeks or so, it is a lot faster than it was before thou

jvt1 says:

I've installed Whatsapp in the HTC Windows Phone 8, but the verification code is sent via a SMS Text, which i have blocked from my account. The previous version had an option of sending it to an email. I don;t see that anymore... How do I verify if i got NO sms text!

hrking2000 says:

I have just ordered Lumia 920 - does anyone know how to move over my chat history from Whatsapp Android to Whatsapp WP8?

SergeMcG says:

Nokia Pulse is better! Just less friends using it.. :-(

Sukesh Kumar says:

Check out the bug in WhatsApp for Windows Phone (Tested on : Nokia Lumia 920)