BBC News Mobile version 4 unpublished, update on the way

BBC News Mobile WP8

Many have noticed the recently released update for BBC News Mobile has been withdrawn with updated installations being reverted back to 3.8. We've contacted the developer, Lawrence Gripper who has revealed to us that a serious bug was present in version 4 that caused the app to fail to when booting up.

Because the update has been withdrawn from the Windows Phone Store, those who have updated will be alerted to another update being available - this is version 3.8. If you're not experiencing issues with the recently rolled out version then you may wish to ignore the notification, but should you be affected it's worth rolling back.

The good news is the bug has been addressed and another update is currently being certified, which should be with us shortly. You can download BBC News Mobile from the Windows Phone Store for free.

QR: BBC News Mobile



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morpheus1982 says:

Damn! I wish i read this first!

marcus26 says:

The bbc news mobile site is amazing. Can't see why you'd need an app for it

TonyDedrick says:

That's what great about choices and free will. You can use whatever you choose

By the logic, why have apps for anything besides games?

The reason for apps like these is because of push notifications (alerts for breaking news), Live Tile updates and customized view of the news.

Show me a website that can do that and we can talk about why apps are not useful.

WPenvy says:

The real war Daniel is HTML5 aka Web 2.0 vs apps...

Wish that he could also add a dark theme

marcus26 says:

Didn't say apps aren't useful. Calm down

SniperED007 says:

This app was awesome, however it did eat my battery dry very quickly... looked like it was updating the live tile almost every minute.

Iskassasya says:

Yeah, wish live tiles weren't so power consuming. The app was sooooo good though

someoneinwa says:

This app has been on all of my Windows Phone devices (Focus, Focus 2, 900, 920). It is one I check a couple of times a day. The dev has been great about updates and bug fixes. I'm a big fan of the World Service, and this app is by far the best Beeb app for WP.

will the wide tile be coming back?

Firetap says:

Happily still running version 4 on my 920 - although it's very hard to resist clearing that marketplace update notification! My only 'grumble' about the update is that headline support for the smallest tile has gone, and I have to use the middle sized one to see updates.

eastbayrae says:

I updated to 4.0.3 and highly unstable and exceptionally slow. It is the same slowness I got when updating USA Today.

sdfkuhiuhsdf says:

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