Lumia 920, 820, 620 heading to India early 2013

Nokia Lumia

The Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are both launching in multiple markets and word has got round from Nokia that the company's latest Windows Phone 8 hardware will be released in India by early 2013. According to multiple reports from consumers who have contacted Nokia's support channel, the company is planning to launch the Lumia 920 and 820 in the first week of January 2013, while the Lumia 620 will be hitting stores in the last week of the month.

Nokia's flagship, the Lumia 920 is the company's high-end Windows Phone 8 device, which sports a number of features to make the expensive price tag seem well worth the investment. Microsoft's new mobile platform is being pushed by not only the Finnish manufacturer, but also HTC and Samsung, with the latter finally bringing the ATIV S to market.

We've recently looked at Nokia India starting to promote the Lumia 510 through the publication of a new advertisement, as well as the launch of a new website. Trendify.In (www.trendify.in) will provide a location for consumers to aggregate social connections. Check out the video below of the Lumia 510 in action with a catchy promotion.

India is an important market to tackle, much like Asia, the US and Europe, with a significant room for low end Windows Phones to absorb marketshare from Android and feature mobile devices. Nokia has always taken the low-end market seriously, which it hopes to continue with more affordable smartphones. The Lumia 510 and Lumia 620 are two handsets that fit the mould.

It's a certainty that Nokia will be launching its next wave of smartphones in India, but with the latest information we could be seeing the device early next year. A thread has been created on our forum to cover the Lumia handsets heading to India, so be sure to engage with other members in discussion.

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simbathecat says:

..oops, did I mess that up?

Rich Edmonds says:


EISENbricher says:



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Jey Si says:

The Philippines will be getting 820 and 920 on W3 of January.

January 13, 2013

Nope, L920 will be launched late January, only pre-ordering will start early january, availablity will be by late feb or march !

Rich Edmonds says:

We've stated the devices will be heading to India early 2013. We'll throw up another post detailing pre-ordering information when they're ready :-)

Sarang68 says:

Where did you get that from?

anujtwp says:

He is HTC fanboy bashing Lumia 920 at every go.
The truth is, pre orders for Lumia 920 have already began . You can deposite 5000 INR at nearest Nokia priority dealer and confirm your purchase. If not satisfied about final price, you can always get 100% money back. You can verify this at priority dealers.
Morever, all sales representatives I had conversation with were quoting actual launch date of last week of december or 1st week of january at last right from the begining.

venetasoft says:

Isn't it better to push harder to "bigger" markets instead ??
In Italy is quite impossible to find a 920 as everyone want one... Shops are giving away iphone5 in the meantime Nokia will send them new 920s....Cmon Nokia :)

Sarang68 says:

Where will you find bigger markets than China & India?

venetasoft says:

I wrote "bigger" between "", as I was clearly referring to wp market share, I see only 1% of apps SOLD in china and india (see stats :( ).
In Italy WP is at 12% growing fast with Lumia line dominating, we are small but we spend more money on top phones and apps ;)

kunwar_91 says:

i dont know what is the source of your facts about marketshare but according to paul thurrott India(12%) is the 3rd largest WP market after US(14%) and China(13%) and Italy ties with Mexico and Russia at 6% each

venetasoft says:

I had different statistics, I m happy that WP is running so good :)
Could you share App selling statistics too? I read that numbers are distributed differently.

SMMinke says:

Nope. The goal is to get as many WP8 devices in as many hands as possible. Inevitably app development and purchases will follow once you have market share.

venetasoft says:

Totally agree here.

Brazil Q1 2013. I bet march for the 620, 820 e 920...

Diego Godoy says:

I asked in Nokia Store in Goiania and they said that will be available in end of january or begin of february.

Sarang68 says:

At last. At least some news showing up. Thanks Rich! =)

Sarang68 says:

Well. This is not confirmed but price could be between ₹35,000 to ₹40,000 for the Lumia 920. But I may be wrong

krishna6233 says:

price colud be under 35000 for L920 n under 26000 for L820

Sarang68 says:

Really? So low for a high end phone Under ₹35,000? I doubt it but will be happy if proven wrong!=]

<p>35000 is low what do u think</p>

rocky 710 says:

Absolutely iPhone prices 45k why not Nokia lumia 920 which is best phone available in market to be priced above INR35000 if u want it lil less priced may b u have 2 wait
Btw lumia 820 is also pretty good one :) :)

krishna6233 says:

a week before i called nokia customer care .. L920 n 820 wil be comin in the 1st week of january n L620 in the 3rd...

I want that on Brazil! But, i think I will see only about march or february, It is not good!

gevabar1 says:

If I was a developer I would only develop for windows 8 phone because iPhone all ready has everything what's the point, your app will get lost in ios app store, India developers will realize that

gevabar1 says:

For all India developers, Nokia coming to India should be a big plus,

DarthVeda says:

Finally, something great to start the new year. I had a chance to have a look at the 920 when my friend from UK came down here, the camera is just unbelievable for night shots! it feels so right in the hands, all those comments about the weight in unfounded, think of it as your normal smartphone with a casing, that's how much it would weigh.

Sarang68 says:

Good. I have 1st Gen HTC HD7 2 years with case so the size & weight won't be a consideration for me hopefully they would have corrected the softness in daylight camera photos by then!

In Indonesia Lumia 920 & 820 will be available on 22nd Dec. The pre-order has already began.

empemp says:

In Vietnam, Lumia 920 will be dilivered around 20-22nd Dec, pre-order began in Nov.
Lumia 820 starts selling on 22nd, on this day (only this one day), people will get a free wireless charge plate & wireless cover (when buying Lumia 820)

It's nice to get the wireless charge plate.. They don't offer that for us who pre-ordered Lumia. It's kind of sad to see other countries did give free wireless charging.

raji539 says:

wating for 720(620 + gorilla glass +1gb RAM( atleast 768 Ram ) + 4 inch screen) ............

Me three. 4" screen, WVGA and 1GB RAM is my minimal requirement. Otherwise it's the L820 for me.
On another note, I'm glad Nokia didn't follow the design style of the 610 and 710 for the L620, those were hideous. Hopefully the 720 follows the design style of the 620 and 720.

sholokov says:

You call that add "catchy"? It is an embarrassment, imo.
I am sick of watching that every day on tv.

rmichael75 says:

i know that it is embrassing.. well atlest now pple know there is 510... i will buy it once they release winows 8 models::).. shouls go down onw or 2 k RS

Kameng says:

Cyan colour will be available too ? Can't see one on the website http://www.nokia.com/in-en/products/phone/lumia920/specifications/
And will it support India's 4g Lte spectrum ?