Microsoft publishes changelog for Windows Phone 8 OS update

Although we have gone over a lot of the changes in the Windows Phone 8 ‘Portico’ update that started rolling out today (build 10211), there were a few tiny nuggets that even we missed.

Luckily Microsoft has gone ahead and printed out all the changes in detail on the site and while there is nothing that’s stop-the-presses, the details should satisfy those who need to know.

Update 8.0.10211.204

  • Messaging improvements. A great messaging experience is now even better. You can now add multiple recipients at the same time when you send a text message and automatically save unsent text messages as drafts. You can even edit received text messages before you forward them.
  • Text replies to incoming calls. Can't take a call? Now you can send a prewritten text reply to a caller directly from the call answer screen. It's a nice way to let people know that you're not ignoring them.
  • Internet Explorer improvements. You can now change your settings to prevent pictures from downloading automatically—an easy way to help keep data usage low. You can also delete selected sites from your browsing history and leave the rest intact.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity. Got a favorite Wi-Fi network? Windows Phone 8 will now prioritize Wi-Fi connections based on your connection history.
  • Other improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

For us, besides Nokia’s camera fixes, the always-on Wi-Fi seems to be the coolest. While these changes are not game changers, they certainly do add some nice pizzazz and finishing touches to Windows Phone 8.

How’s the update treating you? What’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in comments. (Thanks, jcutting, for the tip!)



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afripino says:

I thought I was the only one who noticed that. We get 5 specific changes and 1 extremely vague one. It's like they ran out of time to type it out.

elpidiosimon says:

Updated my 920 on att buy cannot find the option in ie to not download pictures automatically.

VineRider says:

Sam here. Anyone know where that setting is?

Does anybody know when Microsoft will fix that search button that each time open up the browser upon the currently used app instead of in-app search?

Memristor says:

That's by design, but I agree, a search button like on Windows 8 and RT would be much prefered.

subi says:

Downloading the update now for my 920!!
I have noticed during the last two weeks my battery life has increased to close to 2 days (everything on). Was there another earlier update on the battery?

Byrese says:

Does anybody know how to do the ignore message reply the article takes about? Is it a setting?

TheCat123 says:

...I have the same question...

Jason Schleh says:

You can access this in the phone settings.  Goto Setting>applications>phone.  Edit text replies.

stevethenerd says:

Don't really see any differences ???

stimshady says:

Does this new update bring gapless playback in the music app? Cant believe I'm STILL waiting for this.. It's my only gripe with WP8... (and 7.x)...

Hope they add a way to customize sounds like the SMS, Mail, etc...

inteller says:

"Other improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone."
seriously?  I could have told you that.  The whole purpose of change logs is to provide DETAIL.

TMavC5 says:

How do you setup answer automatically text reply on incoming call?

Byrese says:

@Jason..still Don't see it

Dark_Halmut says:

Terrible. When I turn on my camera now the screen is all green after the update. I switched to the front camera to check and that shows all screen too. Something is definitely botched with the latest Nokia drivers.

Dark_Halmut says:

Weird. I hard booted the phone and the camera is working again. Hope this doesnt keep happening.

supersoyary says:

Hallelujah! My Lumia 920 finally charges through my Sony head unit's USB port.

zazouboy says:

Hello Guys,
My HTC 8S had this OS version right from the start. I had to wait to get it, but I guess it was for the better :)
I own(ed) a Lumia 800, pretty happy with the 8S!
Have a wonderful Festive Season together with your loved ones !

bigdjunk says:

Let's hope I will be able to play my Cisco voice mails at work now. It still blows my mind that we cannot open those wav files when WP7 was able to... *sigh*

kingraven says:

So my 920 drops WiFi now almost every time I turn the screen off at work, however at home I left the phone on overnight to charge and the WiFi stayed connected all night.  Not sure what to make of this.  I enjoy some of the other fixes.  I would like to see Microsoft push out updates every couple of months to keep things moving in the right direction.

pratnala says:

When Apple introduced "text to reject", they touted it so much in the keynote. And Microsoft quietly slipped in an update without making much noise. Clever.

dexi says:

The update do not address the most important problems. One of them is problem with music on SD card. In the Music app, Music files from SD card have problem with playing, in the library they appear a couple of times, etc. THere is so many problems with the music app, that I am considering changing of the phone.