Win a Lumia 920 in Nokia's Submit Your Switch and Win contest

Nokia's Submit Your Switch and Win contest

Nokia has a new contest over at Facebook where you could win one of five Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phones. All you need to do is tell Nokia why you would like to switch to a Lumia 920 from your current phone.

The closing date for the contest is Friday, September 21st so you have time to give your entry some thought. All you need to do is enter your name, email, contact number and why you want to make the switch to the Lumia 920.

While you are limited to one entry, you can earn an extra chance to win by referring the contest to a friend.  You don't have to share the contest with friends but it may give you a step up on the competition.

Once the closing date passes, the Nokia Facebook team will determine the winning entries. Winners will be contacted via email by September 30th and if the winner doesn't send a confirmation response back to Nokia within two weeks, another winner will be chosen. Oh... you have to be over 16 to enter.

You can find all the details here at Nokia's Facebook page.



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aubreyq says:

It appears so.

aubreyq says:

Its character limit doesn't help this contest.

barry.weston says:

What is the limit?

Didn't see any mention on character limit. Well, my sentence was small, anyway.

aubreyq says:

I was referring to the OP's mention of Twitter.

Arcticwolf says:

I hate that everything is done through Facebook. Some of us don't have or want a Facebook Page!!!! Oh well, good luck to those who do.

BK-one says:

Agreed.. I don't Facebook either.

Piro.Garay says:

Fuck Facebook... In the face!!!

Pardon my French

lerimer says:

Awesome, the lesser people facebook have, the greater my chances to win. :D

LOL! same here, i want to increase my chances!

CSJr1 says:

I guess I won't be winning.  I don't do Facebook either.

RaRa85 says:

Glad you don't have Facebook as that will increase my slim chances of winning.:)

rebinoh says:

I agree with you! Although I have a Facebook page, I hardly use it. Nokia should have some other way to enter, dayum!

MediaCastleX says:

Its integrated in my Lumia710 and integral to my contacts list, where else am I suppose to get an image of who my friends are? If you have a smartphone and its just a list of names, BORING... =P

I get contacts pics from their twitter accounts or take a picture of them :P . But yeah, I don't have a Facebook either, I leave those to the grandmas, hoochies, & wannabe rappers, lol!

aubreyq says:

I'm SO entering this contest!

RaRa85 says:

Me too. I can't take any chances with T-Mobile.

3lackdeath says:

Is this for all locals?

Anubis99 says:

I tried to enter but it keep telling me:
"(Tell us why you would like to #switch to a Lumia 920 from your current smartphone!)

Field not valid, please check"


Anyone can help??

tissotti says:

Too much text. Make it shorter.

If I help you I will be decreasing my chance to win!

Generalguy41 says:

255 character limit (including spaces). I checked the page source :P

I had something all nicely written out too lol.

Appmek says:

Error, error.. Typical Nokia

LMAO, it's funny cuz it's true :D

Shibuya Zh says:

you got the same problem too...i also need help on that

Adiliyo says:

if you get the error its because you have to have under 140 characters AND the phrase "#switch to lumia 920" in the field.
however i get no error but cannot submit my entry, so the only solace i have is that the contest ends in sept, so i'm hoping for a late sept release so i can just go buy one. :(

SEKKDS says:

Well, if I am correct, I just entered with a freakin' blank entry!! I tried with a ever so slightly long entry, got the error. Then, too quickly, I hit enter with no entry text, and it went through. Great, they won't pick my blank entry!! GRRR!!! So I found out the character limit issue the hard way too. Nowhere in the competition does it state a character limit!! So a few hundred people have to run into an error, rather than play by a rule in the first place. Great......
How do you know you have to include a phrase? I can see where they might want "#switch" in it, but you got this whole phrase idea...?

OMG55 says:

They might since your were SPEECHLESS, WORDS COULDN'T EXPLAIN  : ]

Appmek says:

Error, error..Like I said before, typical Nokia. They just can't pull their act together. I feel sorry for them. Wish I could fan some other OEM, but I'm stuck with Nokia, being a Finn and all...

mjfadaway says:

What if u already have a lumia 900? Is this only for people who don't have Lumias? Or even Windows Phones period?

jerrynomenon says:

u don't have to mention ur previous phone. Just tell nckia why lumia 920 is so good enough to make u to want it

Dusteater says:

So annoying. Yet another contest requiring Facebook. Sucks that you aren't considered human without one.

touchpad4760 says:

You're human, just not a marketable human ;-)

Ho Hey says:

Annoying complaint

Annoying response.

I would do this but they didn't even announce which carriers will get this phone so it's att it won't work on tmo. No wonder their stock dropped again. Not smart in their part.

JPDVM2014 says:

Or you could enter the contest, and if you win, sell the phone if TMo isn't supported.

Coffee says:

At&t phones work just fine on TMO, I've been using them for years on it.  I just buy them outright and don't use the data plan, which is the part that doesn't work as fast.

Ho Hey says:

It will work fully once T-mobile finishes refarming their network.

I wouldn't want to not be able to use my data plan. I had a BB storm and couldn't use data at all. So, exactly how long is it going to take to refarm their network? You know, oems could make it easier by just having their phones on all carriers.

Coffee says:

Nothing wrong with facebook, just treat it like a universal sign-in client.  Nothing says you have to friend people or actually use it.
And thanks to wpcentral, which alerts me to these contests, I only go there when there is one.

insi says:

actually I hate Facefook, too :-D

paschott says:

Considering that Nokia is judging each entry and my main reason to consider switching is that the beta phones aren't upgradeable to WP8 and all of the huge enhancements that it brings, seems like my chances are kind of slim (not bitter - nope, not me).
Were it a random contest, I'd probably enter, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to come up with an answer that seems creative enough to win.

aubreyq says:

Fair enough.

Sicarius123 says:

Because the Smartphone Beta Test was Windows Phone 7, and you'd like for the beta test to be over.
Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? haha.

OMG55 says:

Nice one!

aubreyq says:

WP7 indeed was a beta test.

kazile says:

facebook my ass

aubreyq says:

The lack of a comma after "facebook" gives your comment a whole different meaning :-P

Indeed it does. =P

CJ Thunder says:

What's with all the Facebook hate? It's The greatest digital scrapbook ever. Also did any of you read the study about people who don't use social networks? Crazy people! Lol

Nakazul says:

I never win, but at least i enterd.

Mattyh95 says:

Not working for me >:( so annoying, fix it Nokia, now!!

BK-one says:

i completely agree that the lumia 900 and 920 are amazing phones physically and software wise. If yesterday  they had said, you can pre-order starting now but it won't ship till October XX, I would have pre-ordered, and I am sure that many others would have too.

It was like looking at a menu in restaurant, and wanting a meal and then the waiter tell you, "oh, we don't carry that item yet but will will soon"........... ""Why da heck is it on the menu then?""

PrivateJoker says:

Several times before I'd like to cancel my account - that's why I can't ... argh!

Sicarius123 says:

I'd like to switch to the Lumia 920, because in the 6 months since the Lumia 800 was launched in my country it has become totally obsolete. No new apps will be coming in the future, and instead of an OS upgrade I'll be getting a skin. If Nokia don't give me free shit I might go to iOS or Android.
Think I'll win?

OMG55 says:

No, but if your leaving, " Don't let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya".....See ya!

caliborn says:

I got my entry in.  I hope they read my Sprint sob story and give me one.

OMG55 says:

And I hope the read my motivational speech and pick me before you  : ]

ZuNuKoo says:

I'd enter but, how do I know what carrier will have the 920? Just att didn't they not say who will carry what yet? How can you promote a contest and not tell who will be carrying this phone? Maybe att and Verizon? So confused.. Anyone help mw out on this, help mw stop the confusion.

OMG55 says:

I'm sure it will be unlocked, otherwise wouldn't they have specified a carrier in the rules?

ZuNuKoo says:

True. We'll see..

druger81 says:

So an unlocked phone will work on any carrier?

rebinoh says:

Will they except the reason that it's effing awesome?!?

OMG55 says:

It was dificult with the character limitation, but I hope I'm a lucky winner : {

ahdr says:

I didn't come across a character limit on Facebook, but after I posted my entry I was shown this "Invite your friends and for each friend who enters you get an extra chance to win". Knew it was too good to be true, every single competition I ever came across was dodgy.

Do you know how many users on Facebook just add thousands of people constantly whom they do not know and spam them everyday.

These same people will enter and spam their entire friends list which means the probability of these people gaining "extra" chances to win increases. Nokia are doing this in order to gain more attention which is not fair because it relies on peoples friends lists and NOT really about what geniune users submissions are about.

I spent ages thinking about what to write and once again I was fooled.

barry.weston says:

We collectivley shed a tear for you...

VagrantWade says:

I told them I am dying of cancer. Let's see what happens.

pbroy says:

I told them I want one because my girlfriend left me after she saw how small I was. :(

rebinoh says:

LMAO. WOW! Just wow. I hope you win just to make up for your shortcomings.

I hope I win this :) I won a N8 in a contest like this last year :) (And a trip to the Nokia World)

barry.weston says:

I played the underdog card. Hope I win!

splash112 says:

It says that the competition closes on the 21st but you only have just 1hour 30mins from now to enter

Quin 2013 says:

I tried it out, it wouldn't let me submit what I typed in, it kept saying that there where mistakes.

I rechecked my wording, no misspells, no error, and it just kept saying there's an error.

Anyone else had his issue?

barry.weston says:

How many characters?

Quin 2013 says:

Probably around 50(+/-) words in total. But there was no specifications on how long or shit has to be.

sumsk7 says:

After following the link, it says that that page does not exists--my soul just died a little bit more after reading that
... .

Save your soul, wait and buy one 920 when it comes out.

jkrc717 says:

I entered and my entry was very long. Like a good paragraph and a half.
It didn't give me an error or a limit. 

Quin 2013 says:

i don't understand why it happened with me.....

splash112 says:

You must be able to enter every day up until it closes, otherwise why the timer?

bokchoy1 says:

I said I needed the Lumia 920 to replace my aging Nokia 3205. The camera on that thing takes pictures approximately 200 PIXELS wide.

Ecurb87 says:

Sweetness. Ppl not liking FB. I even have friends entering for me. Chances to win even greater. Time to get more friends to enter ;-)

deansmilk says:

Ok, is anybody else having a problem submiting? I click on the enter after I fill every thing out, but does nothing.

drg says:

so assuming they give this out end of sept/early october what are the chances the phone will be released then as well?

N8tiveT3ch says:

Why Facebook?! I need create a account now...should I? or not? 

Landslug says:

I'm in!
I like my Lumia 900, but I never pass up a chance to pick up a new toy

Cellus13 says:

They could have just put the phone out for pre-order...

No, because then they might actually be doing something right, lol.

uopjo6 says:

Sorry, with my post, I probably won.

z4alain says:

Telephone beautiful and wonderful and I hope to get one

mobilephones are so beauiful nd i hope to get it