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Toyota to start offering Qi wireless charging in 2013 models

Yesterday Toyota became the self-proclaimed first automaker to offer wireless device charging as an option in their vehicles. The 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited and Avalon Hybrid Limited will have Qi wireless charging technology included in their Technology add-on package.

As you probably know, Qi is the same technology found in the Nokia Lumia 920, Verizon's HTC 8X and in optional backplates for Nokia's Lumia 810, 820 and 822.

While it's great to see Toyota start incorporating such features into their cars, it's a little disheartening that the availability is so limited. Not only is Qi only going to be offered in Toyota's $40,000+ high-end Avalon, but you will have to shell out an additional $1750 for the Technology package. Hopefully, you also want radar cruise control, precollision system, and automatic high beams.

Of course, as this kind of thing becomes more widespread across devices, it will doubtless start showing up more and more in vehicles. In the meantime, it would have been nice if Toyota used a phone that actually has built-in wireless charging in their picture.

Source: CNET; Thanks, Jason F, for the tip!



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Dusteater says:

That is awesome. I think all auto makers should do this. I hope Ford will consider it for 2014 models.

isn't that GM already developed this technology for their cars like the Chevy Volt?

Kacey Green says:

They never actually put it in, even as an option, they just showed it off for the press. My Volt doesn't have it and the ones we sell at my store don't offer it yet either.

StefaniIrina says:


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)

jjMustang says:

As with all new technology, it starts out expensive and then trickles down.

Lmao Seth nice catch

Seth Brodeur says:

Thanks. It's amazing how Apple products find their way into everything. Now some guy is going to buy a Toyota Avalon and be mad that he needs another adapter for his iPhone 5.

Well, considering they were the largest company in the world, and considering media fawning over everything Apple not surprised, you know, the dude that buys this package should be mad at Toyota for false advertising if anything, Apple will come out with a non compatible qi standard for iPhone 6 ;D

insi says:

Nice, the pic shows a non qi compatible IPhone ;-P

jarettp says:

look close.  it's in a qi charging case.

svenkka63 says:

There goes the superlight phone... :D

VHMP01 says:

Also Apple will have to backpedal on the proprietary reversible New New New connector for the New New New iPhone 5 S!!!

Piro.Garay says:

Yeah, it might be a tip for the next iPhone 5s... But it's all for promotion.

Ryan32 says:

There is a case that is Qi compatible that goes on the iphone...  The alarm clock I bought from Oregon Scientific had an option of including that iPhone case...

Chix018 says:

The picture is just SAD :(

IceDree says:

Dodge have it as an Accessory for the Dodge Dart & the upcoming SRT Viper , It only costs 199.00 dollars , not sure if its a Qi certified though

cdbstl76 says:

The USA TODAY article said, Nokia will be making compatible devices'. Not, already have compatible devices. Little things tick me off...oh well.

pulkit10 says:

I know what you mean. Got nothing against USA Today and they make beautiful apps but the staff over there is completely in love with Apple products. They'll downplay anything Microsoft and praise anything Apple (yeah, they even wrote an article about how the maps weren't "that bad").

willied says:

Funny how it's in the Avalon, which only sells to old geezers.

SmoothDog says:

I guess I'm an old geezer.

Reflexx says:

The new Avalon is pretty sweet.

Uh, nothing wrong with bland, but this car needs to be spiced up just to get to bland. Even though I'm sure some form of display of the phone is represented on the NAV screen above, it does make you wonder why the charger causes the phone to be placed so low and hard to read. It would make more sense to have it held higher with some form of proclip /brodit phone holder with a a built in Qi charger if it would ever come out. Of course, this would never be available on new cars because it doesn't fit in with modern sleek dashboards.

Dossm says:

29 years old owner of a 2013 toyota avalon... is that tooo old for you???

TheOHouse says:

My dream is coming true!

blessthejon says:

Please include in Prius. I want that car. Lol.

willied says:

Why would you want a Prius?

SmoothDog says:

Why do you stereotype and question anyone who doesn't think like you?

blessthejon says:

It's a nice looking car. Good on gas, and idk, I just like it. Lots of pros if you look it up.

Pricing is outrageous, as is everything in the automible industry. These companies STILL want $500+ for a bluetooth package. Ridiculous.

Duffau says:

Read what else it comes with, there are some big features if im reading it right

MauroLE says:

It opens the way on industry for Qi charhing...but Nokia's devices will always be the first for the record

Bekkenes says:

Or just buy a fatboy and connect it to your cars poweroutlet or usb port.

jmshub says:

This kind of intregration is what makes wireless charging a viable standard and not a neat gimmick. The funny part is that the iphone would be the device to benefit the most from wireless charging, since they decided to start arbiltrarily changing their connector. When the iphone 5s comes out with the lighter, thinner Lighting II (tm) connector, then everyone will need new connectors again, but Qi is the easiest way to charge an Iphone, Android, WP or more without changing a thing. Just drop the device on the charger and that's it. Briliant!

cowboy620 says:

I already talked to Nokia about contacting ford to add wireless charging they are going to do this. Look for it in the future!.

Eugene Lin0 says:

In a perfect world, it will have Qi charging with NFC coupling bluetooth hands free speaker phone, music player, and GPS turn by turn navigation, all sync with the car speaker set.  I predict 2 years later, iPhone 6 will be doing all those and people who watch the iTV ad will be like: wow, they are so innovative.