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Samsung ATIV S

While Samsung was the first out the gate to publicly announce their Windows Phone 8 device, the ATIV S is definitely taking it's time to come to various markets. The Italian market was due to see the ATIV S in November which was eventually pushed back to sometime this month.

According to sources from Samsung Italy, The Italian release of the Windows Phone 8 device has now been delayed to the end of January 2013.

The cause for the delay is a bit of a mystery seeing that the ATIV S is already available in other markets. We've even heard that Expansys USA has begun shipping their pre-orders for the ATIV S.

The Expansys version features just 16GB (but expandable) and is SIM Unlocked with the following bands: HSPA 42Mbps 850/900/1900/2100MHz EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz . It can be purchased here for $649. Though not a bad offering, we should caution you that CES is right around the corner, meaning US carriers may announce this device, subsidized and with LTE support.

Hopefully the ATIV S fans in Italy won't see any further delays and will begin seeing the ATIV S on shelves shortly.

Source: Windows Phone Italy; Thanks, Rickard, for the Expansys tip!



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rodneyej says:

Sick of hearing about the ATIV S.. Lol!!

Really...? Well, then I'm glad. Because I get tired of hearing how we should rename ourselves to "Nokia Central".

So tough cookies! And I just bought an ATIV S, which means I'm gonna post even more on out of spite :)

Tumultus says:

Please do! Expecting mine in a couple of days, so, you have already 1 reader! :)

rodneyej says:

Lol! Well you do that then. Seriously, its all good.. For the sake of the platform.

splash112 says:

I will happily take your ATIV out of your hands when you're bored if it..

Is it available in the US?

When will the phone be available in the US or is it already?

Love the new trend of Americans getting it first

WinFan1 says:

Its about time considering the guys in Europe get all the cool light shows :)

al.cantara says:

Interested in this phone to replace my TItan2. Looking forward to WPC review n more news about it. Love Nokia, HTC, n Samsung WP handsets.

R0bR says:

Saw it at Rogers, non functioning of course, and tried it out at the MS Store. I like the direction of the Nokia and HTC designs for WP, the Ativ just looks like Droid a phone.

Tips_y says:

Yes, this phone would look fantastic with Android, or even iOS, in it. But for some reason, it doesn't look so good with the aesthetics of WP OS. But still glad it's here, even just to silence all those who would otherwise say WP8 is less capable because it can't do bigger screen, expandable storage, and removable battery.

Tips_y says:

Hope Samsung would do a redesign of their forthcoming Ativ S II so as to put it in line with the beautiful aesthetics of WP8, rather than just crank up the specs.

Hi, got 2 Ativ S for wife and I to replace HD7's and where very happy with them, I mean what not to like? Beautiful OS on a beautiful phone… what’s the matter with you guys!!

Hi, got 2 Ativ S for wife and I to replace HD7's and where very happy with them, I mean what not to like? Beautiful OS on a beautiful phone… what’s the matter with you guys!!