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Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S unboxing and hands-on

It's here, it's finally here! Well, almost anyway. The Samsung ATIV S does actually exist and is starting to hit markets as we head into 2013. We've managed to get hold of a unit, thanks to Clove UK, and have taken a few shots while using the Windows Phone for a fair few hours. Our initial thoughts? It's a solid smartphone.

Samsung's AMOLED displays never fail to impress when properly implemented and the ATIV S is no exception. Colours are sharp, contrast is superb and overall performance, responsiveness and clarity is simply stunning. While the actual display itself is a whopping 4.8" (be sure to invest in some new pants to fit the handset in), it doesn't suffer from lower quality results.

The Windows Phone is both thin and light (only 135g and 8.7mm thin), which is surprising when the specification sheet is analysed - particularly the 2,300mAh battery. A dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 chip powers the system, while 1GB RAM and 16 / 32GB internal storage ensures enough memory is presently available. 

All the bells and whistles are featured in the ATIV S, including NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi. The rear shooter is an 8MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash, while the front-facing camera is a 1.9MP. Samsung has also bundled a number of apps with the Windows Phone, these include: ChatON, Family Story, MiniDiary, Music Hub, Now and Photo Editor.

Check out the device in action with our quick visual walkthrough below.

We're happy with what Samsung has delivered and believe the ATIV S to be a worthy Windows Phone that's definitely going to accumulate fans. The expandable storage, impressive display technology and overall design will win consumers over who are struggling to choose between Windows Phone flagships.

We'll have a full, in-depth review up soon. In the meantime, check out more photos below (click each to view larger version).

Samsung ATIV S     Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S     Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S     Samsung ATIV S



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rodneyej says:

Those images that are posted sure are crappy! You didn't take those with a L920 did you??

?? Look fine to do drugs?

rodneyej says:

Only crack, meth, Krylon, ice, shrooms, coke, pills, PCP, solvent, and acid... But, I don't drink because that stuff impairs your vision, and it'll kill you!

Sobr0801 says:

looks fine full size , but tiny they look a bit dark.

scdkad says:

Looks to me no flash was used. So they are pretty good considering that..

rodneyej says:

Right. Not to bad without flash.

yxw4774 says:

cannot agree with you more. stuck with plastic, no fashion. Totaly copy of GS3

blessthejon says:

Looks nothing like the Galaxy S 3.

yxw4774 says:

Really? Except the home button and the internal OS, it is totally the copy of GS3

blessthejon says:

Didn't mean to exaggerate that it looks nothing like it, but the front looks different, the back looks almost the same tho. Lol.

Rich Edmonds says:

Nah, 3310 - but used it after a software upgrade of course.

ZX9 says:

I take it you have the WPCentral app set to download images in low quality when you don't have WiFi?

rodneyej says:

Yeah you guys are right. They look fine. The images seem to look better when I select them from the menu, not click on the from the article..

Lithon says:

Are you saying that Lumia 920's camera is crappy? what phone are you using? ANSWER!

rodneyej says:

I'm using the HTC OneX because Android devices are better in every way than any WP device!!...

Just joking.. Lol! I'm using a shiny red L920.. That's why I was asking if they were taken by the 920 because I know it can do better than that... Funny story... This weekend, while at the bar, once everyone saw how good my 920 took pictures in low light they all were asking me to take pictures of everyone and send them to their iPhones, GS2's, and GS3's.. They didn't even want to use their phones anymore!! Nokia kicks ass with the 920,, I'm so proud!

Sobr0801 says:

This is an awesome story. Would have loved the L920 when I used to frequent the bars. It would have illuminated all those skanky bar flies for all the goodness.

rodneyej says:

Lol..Right!! Well, I'm recently single so I'm going to get a lot of use out of it..

jbrandonf says:

Why didn't Nokia include this on the spec sheet! Picking up women is something that other phones just can't do..

theonedunn says:

Awesome story. Hope you promoted windows phone. You might be the next Ben Rudolph!

rodneyej says:

If you go over to the WP blog you will see that I have the most comments, even more than Michael Stroh himself. I have been personally called by the drivers of the Cafè Mango trucks to meet them in specific locations here in Dallas to help promote WP. The WP team has sent me numerous WP collectibles in the mail, including t-shirts, posters, note pads, stickers.. Really, I have a huge collection of WP stuff. I have attended both the WP night out party, and have been to Microsoft's corporate technology center in Irving Texas for the Lumia 900 event where I gave input to WP team Members, and Nokia representatives. Not to mention the numerous people I have turned on to the platform. Honestly, IMHO I do consider myself the biggest WP fan! If you know of somebody else whose bigger tell me because I would like to shake their hand. Lol

jbrandonf says:

I love the energy in your comments dude, keep it up.

IceCake says:

Lol!! Nice!! :)

I also also have a OneXp. I find it not bad but I do prefer my 8X. Wish I could buy a WP with 64Gb.

<p>I couldn&#39;t agree more! lol</p>

The screen is so bright! Then the rest looks dark. I find the pictures very good cause the AMOLED screen is so hard to take a picture of.

I couldn't agree more! lol

Ajmcbsat says:

First One!!!!!!!

freerider189 says:

Ahahaha! I love it when that happens

NH3MAN says:

HaHa, I would say :P

anglirich says:

I have been waiting for this great phone! My US contract is up in Feb., just in time for the US arrival!

tbonenga says:

Me too....

rx74ray says:

I retured my 920 and waiting for this one. 920 was great but too bulky for me, I could not make peace with it.

Raesu says:

Lol, so an even larger phone will be less bulky?

rx74ray says:

larger screen, not larger phone. not to mention Ativ is thiner and lighter.

alukard says:

Good luck getting software support from Samsung, to them windows phone is a side project they can stop anytime. Nokia are in the game for the long run.

peterfares says:

Wah wah wah. Updates will be fine on the ATIV S. I have a 920 from AT&T and honestly I'm a little disappointed with it. I want a larger screen and my proximity sensor is broken (pretty common issue on the 920). I might get it replaced (I'll get a refurb for a phone I bought just a little over a month ago) and get the ATIV S if AT&T picks it up or I can manage to find it unlocked for cheap on eBay.

Eddie_Lomax says:

The Ativ is over a 1cm taller, a bit wider I think too in the order of a mm or two, but ~2mm thinner, so overall its a bigger phone.
If you don't like big phones then I think the 920 and ATIV won't be your thing, I would really like to see Nokia drop the size of the 820 next time around to 4" (or release a new 700 series to fit that gap).  But they do seem pretty nimble when it comes to releasing new phones these days.

David Ray says:

I just want go ahead and throw this out there. Thank you Nokia for not putting external memory (sd slot) in the Lumia 920. The less ports the better. Unibody is the best way to go. Ok, I'm done.

rx74ray says:

you are joking right?

RaRa85 says:

Dude, removable battery and expandable storage, chill out.

RaRa85 says:

The design may be better but the advantage is there for the Ativ S.

bsd107 says:

Dude, stop it.  That's rediculous.  I have the 920, and the main things I do not like about it is the non-expandable storage.  And it's weight.
I'm just slightly happy that no US carrier has picked up the ATIV S, as it makes me not have to wonder if I should have gotten that instead of the 920.  Not that I'm regretting the 920 outright, but it'd be a close call compared to the ATIV S.

purevibz says:

I still think the Lumia has a better design than the Ativ...did I say I love my 920!

hasasimo says:

Did you just say "gorgeous?" C'mon lol. Samsung have some of the ugliest, least imaginative aesthetics on the market. It's definitely a phone for the style-challenged. You want beauty? Look to European design... specifically the various Nokia Lumias, especially the 920.

Rich Edmonds says:

Completely subjective. The ATIV S is a superb smartphone to hold and look at.

CylonJason says:

The AVIV was the first WP8 device I fell in love with when it was anounced and my heart was set on it...until I played with it on display and it just felt too plastically and cheap with it's feel and fake chrome look, although It wasn't a problem with my Focus, but playing with the Lumia 920 kind of raised my standards. It's again personal preference, but I was totally surprised I didn't buy the phone I went in to buy after obsessing over it for so long, but was won over by Nokia.

nooryani84 says:

I can agree that this completely subjective, even though I think their design is boring they do make magnificent screens.  I had both of the first Galaxy S phones and enjoyed them quite a bit, though the cheap plastic has always annoyed me.  The Galaxy S III seems to be of somewhat better/sturdier build than the it's predecessors, though it still isn't on par with the likes of the Nokia Lumia line of phones.
I'd also like to point out that their phones have a very dejavu look to them, they dont really bring much new to the table in terms of design.  The past few years you've had iPhones and their clones (Samsung you there?), HTC's phones (most notably the One X", the Lumia line and a slew of very similar android devices (many resemble Samsung phones)

Though yea, I think its an utterly boring phone that's flimsy/cheap.  I want something that's solid and gives a sense of quality when you pick it up, though that's just my opinion of course.

Edit: Galaxy S I and II where my last two phones, now I'm rocking a Nokia Lumia 920.   I know a lot of people love Samsung's design so it's good to see that they're releasing a WP8 phone. :)

freerider189 says:

2 words... Fake. Chrome.

RaRa85 says:

I happen to love the design. Even more so if the metallic finish was actually made of the real materials and not plastic.

I have to agree with Rich here. I was planning to buy and unlock a Rogers 920 to use on my Bell plan with my income tax return, and likely still will, but then my HD7 stopped taking a charge, so I got the Ativ S on an early upgrade, and it is a beautiful, premium-feeling device, that is much less bulky than the 920 in spite of the larger screen. I'm typing this on it, and I've given a more in-depth review in the forums. Battery life is superb, too.

HaibaneReki says:

premium feeling - that's exactly what did NOT come to my mind when I held it for the first time, sorry :)
enough trolling, enjoy Your new WP8 :)

Is everyone who disagrees with you a troll?

HaibaneReki says:

actually I was refering to myself as a troll :)

Odd-i-See says:

Come on T-Mo US....announce this already!

jabtano says:


RaRa85 says:

I'm with you. Nokia gave us the little brother again. I'm tired of that treatment. T-Mobile we need this one.

jmshub says:

I was interested in this phone before the launch, but I am glad that I went with the 920.

robert brand says:

Rich, just remember what I said about the ATIV S. Jiffy bag> :)

Mafiatounes says:

Is that a GS3? Oh my bad it just looks the same just like most of Samsung devices. I will stay with my 920.

topleya says:

They look the same because that is the current design model they use.

All companies do this. GS3 is incredibly successful and much of that is the design.

Tomasz S. says:

GS3 is sucessfull among spec-whores, android-fanboys and people who don't know any better and just blindly follow the former crowd.
No person of taste and sane mind likes the cheap plastic toy design of the GS3.

Xiao Ti says:

^THIS! +9999
Exactly what is on my mind!

topleya says:

Received mine today, totally worth the wait.

I have now put 2 year old Omnia 7 into retirement.

Denegar says:

Got my new Samsung ATIV S last Friday -- launch day for this phone on TELUS on Canada. It's a very nice phone. Big screen, great performance, battery is awesome, camera is great (much better than I expected), yet very light and thin. Oh, and although I liked the sturdy unibody design of my previous Lumia 800, I now prefer having the option to replace the battery and add storage. I don't feel handcuffed any more.

B Eubanks says:

Since it's the only WP8 at Telus, I've decided to love it.  Actually, I also checked out the dummy version and it looks and feels great.

Optimus82 says:

Snapdragon S2? Lol

Is Apple going to sue because they kind of placed a border around the home button?

weetigo says:

1. handset gets warm when charging & it seems to discharge if you use it while charging..  
2. handset doesn't get warm in regular use, unlike the 920 which seems to generate heat if you are using programs like Beem Plus, or internet games like Words with Draw Something.
3. Default automatic brightness is set to LOW.  I set the screen brightness manually to Medium for best settings; high seems overkill.  
4. Default settings for Text and Email notifications are set to none.  Easy to update these in 'settings'.  
5. Crashes: No system crashes from playing the new Zynga games.  However, it refused to complete the WPBench test upon first run and I had to force restart, but then it completed fine; I got a 232 rating (slightly lower than my 920).

theefman says:

Hopefully the comments wont be filled with '920 is better' posts, and the discussion will be more constructive.

Says the person who just the other day said that the 8X is a subpar experience.

theefman says:

Link please, do you have your facts straight?

Yes I do, I'm actually surprised you responded this time. You usually have nothing to say everytime I call you out for saying something stupid.
Here's the link:

Xiao Ti says:

Says the person who is ironically HTCrap fanboy and only care about its trivia sound enhancer on the phone...

procen says:

Nokia 920 is better. :-)

apocacrux says:

You can get this phone everywhere in Ontario, canada, no matter the carrier. They all seem to have them in stock.
Had I not been so impatient I would have picked this over the 920. Just for the expandable memory and bigger screen.

BfnC says:

snapdragon s2 or s4?

nizzon says:

It looks great until you turn it on. The design and grey bezel doesn't flow with the WP-ui at all. Far from gorgeous imo.

12Danny123 says:

Unless you have the theme set to steel

procen says:

So you are stuck with steel theme for you to enjoy it?

I'm quite happy with the cyan theme I'm currently using.

Josh604 says:

I had an S3 and now i have the 920, which i just love. Beautiful design and the build quality is just top notch.. The ativ looks boring and cheap.


My cyan Lumia 900 will beat that!

branoh says:

I am actually using the Ativ S and the Lumia 920 parallel about a week and have to say that Ativ S is better to handle, despite the bigger size. Don't get me wrong, I love my Lumia, it's a beautiful device. But if I have to write a email or browse the web for a longer time, I choose the Ativ S.

Tahiti Bob says:

There are so many STUPID Windows Phone fans. Supposedly they want the platform to succeed but they're always dissing non-Nokia phones. I have a 920 but the Ativ S sports some impressive hardware, we should be happy to have it in the Windows Phone lineup. Remember the poor hardware we used to get under Windows Phone 7, morons!

VikArmo says:

Well said. The most important thing is the platform not who makes a better handset. As long as people buy a WP8 mobile then they'll be models to fit everyone's taste. Personally I think the Ativ S looks great and will wait with profuse enthusiasm for a WPCentral review then I will decide which model I will upgrade my Lumia 900 to.

Now you finally see the point. People deserve to be called out.

yxw4774 says:

+1. This is ides that a WIndows Phone fan should have in mind. we should welcome more manufacturers enter this field with their handsets so that WP8 can be a better and more popluar OS than Android. We should welcome Samsung, HTC, and APPLE as possible. :)

TonyDedrick says:

Not sure if I'd call people stupid and moronic. But I agree this "Us vs. Them" mentality is counterproductive

DanBB1 says:

You are wrong. I've seen plenty of HTC-fanboys with low self esteem about themselves and the device they have chosen. Sure those Nokia-fanboys can be very annoying some times, but HTC owners are as bad(or worse actually) as well. Luckily AtivS doesn't seem to have any fans. Atleast not yet..

conanheath says:

Is ATT getting this? Never paid attention because I wanted 920. Now that I have 920, I can't wait to be rid of it. Epic fail from Nokia. Function over form for me. Samsung does make some ugly phones, but at least they work. Pos just locked up again during post.

12Danny123 says:

I don't think it will. But you could try and get it unlocked =)

procen says:

Samsung work? I had a Samsung vibrant and a simple GPS doesn't work even with replacement the same issue and being an Android it lags and freezes.

Dare2Blink says:

Stop blaming nokia for your defective unit... My Lumia 920 never locked up. Anyway in case you have been living under a rock , there is a firmware update coming tomorrow that will fix any instability problems you may be having.

You don't want him to blame the manufacturer of a product...for the defectiveness of said product? Interesting.

Dare2Blink says:

If you get a defective product you can't blame the manufacturer unless a significant number of the phones are shipping defective. It is impossible for a manufacturer not to ship some defective phones especially when they are ready way behind schedule and its a brand new phone. So,as long as you can easily get your phone replaced for a working one it is ridiculous to blame the manufacturer

conanheath says:

Battery life sucks and I've tried everything short of hard reset which has been known to lock up phone. I can't use any features and make it through the day on one charge. Haven't seen a Nokia exclusive app that didn't cause problems. My phone doesn't freeze all the time. Happens about once a week. Camera was over hyped. I have Moto Razr Max with better camera day and night. And its 2 yr old tech. I don't like to post edit all my pics to remove glowing eyes and soft appearence. I'm sold on WP8, W8 and RT. Love my Surface but 920 has more problems than its worth. So yes, its Nokia's problem. I'll wait and read the reviews next time. I've owned iPhone 3gs, BB9810, and Razr Max. They all have better battery life with 1-2 yrs on battery than Nokia out of the box. I can accept a few problems but for $450, this phone has been a huge disappointment. And from the looks of the forums mine is not a defect. It seems to be the norm. Hope Nokia gets it figured out. The phone looks amazing but it doesn't live up to my expectations. Function over form.

Dare2Blink says:

i will say it again, whatever problems you are having with your battery will obviously be resolved with the upcomming firmware update or you have a defective phone. how do I know this? I know this because my lumia 920 lasts easily through a day with heavy use. Last´s much longer than my lumia 900 ever did. "Haven´t seen a nokia exclusive app that didn´t cause problems" really? Either you are making up stuff or you are the only person on earth that is experiencing problems with nokias apps which are ALL rated 5 stars in the marketplace and are trully excellent. "moto razr max with better camera day and night" this is so ridiculous it pretty much shows that you are making stuff up... it´s pretty common knowledge by now that NO PHONE can beat the lumia 920 in low light photos, not even the mighty 808 let alone your moto razr. From the forum´s 2 things are pretty clear: First only a few people are having these problems. Secondly the great majority of them seem to be from ATT 920´s, which leads me to believe that it´s a firmware problem. Either way after the firmware update let me know how your phone is performing.

conanheath says:

I'm glad your experience has been great. If I based my opinion off of your experience I would have to blindly love 920. But I don't. It is from my experience. I don't have a defective phone. My problems are no where near as bad as some I have read here. If update doesn't fix, I will return it and probably end up with a phone with same problems as some here have done. And then it will get retired to a drawer somewhere. If update fixes problems, then I will only be mildly disappointed.  I purchased a flagship phone.  I didn't purchase low end junk. I have  OS that I really like but can't use due to the hardware/software issues of Nokia product. So who is at fault if not Nokia?  It is their half baked software. It's not MS issue as my Surface works like a dream. Possibly ATT as it wouldn't be the first time. You can be a fanboy and take every critique as a personal insult, but I'm a realist and I'm a little disappointed at this point with 920. And yes the camera is better in low light on my Razr. Why? Because I don't have to mess with the settings to make it work. Point, click, done. 920 required trial and error to get best results and I still have to post edit pics to remove glowing eyes. I'm no photographer. I want point and click and done. The only Nokia apps I tried were Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, City lens and Drive. Drive is useless and battery issues, Bing Maps is much faster and finds what I'm looking for. Nokia music, why when there is Xbox music and City lens caused constant freeze. So, if you want to be a blind fanboy, by all means. I'll stick with what works and the 920 doesn't. For me anyway.

simplescheme says:

The more choice the better. Originally I was waiting for the Ativ S but got sold on the 920 while handling it. Maybe getting this one as a dev device as my Titan just broke.

abe3211 says:

This is not bound for the U.S right? Unlocked maybe? TMobile?

Canadian carrier versions have the AWS bands. You could unlock one.

doomtuba says:

If this had been a available on AT&T at launch I would have been tempted between this and my Lumina. I love me some Super AMOLED and Nokia apps aren't a dealbreaker for me. I love the ATIV's big removable battery and expandable storage.

hyderaly says:

I use (and love) my Lumia 920. But miss the ability to side load apps using SD card... Another plus for the ATIV... But i wonder if the choice is really between an 820 and ATIV. Lumia 920 trumps them both

romeze says:

I don't know who is worse Apple fanboys, or Nokia fanboys. There is really no reason to read the comments anymore, anything that is not Nokia related is barraged by 920 trolls. The forum community is really becoming a fanatical Nokia cult. In all honesty this website has become Nokia central, I remember a time when Windows phone users seemed to be the impartial third party who chose practicality and function over the Apple obsession and convoluted Android OS. Does anyone know a good site dedicated to Windows Phone 8 instead of Nokia? 

Your post doesn't do much towards changing his views.

cdbstl76 says:

Complete effing idiot!

nooryani84 says:

I understand your frustration, though you'll just have to ignore the Lumia 920 comments as this site otherwise has a rather superb coverage of general Windows Phone-content.

I'll admit I've become something of a Nokia-fanboy after purchasing my Lumia 920, though I really like the design of the 8X and I have a feeling we will be seeing some interesing smartphones from competing brands in the coming months. :)

Either way, the fact that a smartphone that ISN'T an iPhone has garnered such a cult-following of fans/devotees is really only good news for the platform as a whole.  The way I see it, Windows Phone 8-users in general will benefit from this as the platform needs any kind of substantial momentum even if it means fanboys.

aldridhl says:

Well said sir.

Dare2Blink says:

Don´t take it personally, I, for example, consider Nokia phones as being of a superior build quality second to none, but I welcome any additions to the WP 7/8 family and believe that the more choices out there the better for the ecosystem overall. Try to understand that Nokia has undeliably done more the WP than all other OEM´s combined (with htc only now starting to do something about it) and that alone gives it a huge fanbase in the WP universe.

ejlee072006 says:

No thank you..!!!

jabtano says:

If this thing hit T-MO US I'm down for two on day one...

monigal2 says:

This phone has the best specs, and is probably the best windows phone out, but I like to be different so I want a red 8x or red 920..

WPenvy says:

Great white buffalo

gevabar1 says:

i would like to see the screen in person, but the design doesnt look so nice like the htc 8x or the nokia 920

chucky78 says:

Saw a Demo model at Rogers today and I'm glad I went with the 920. It's really nothing special. I'd even get the 8X over the Ativ S

al.cantara says:

I was gonna get the 900 but ended up with the Titan2. Then I was sure I was gonna get the 920 but I have feeling I'll end up with this one :) we'll see..

iamoniwaban says:

I was reluctant to purchase the Samsung ativ s. However. It is the best phone I have ever owned, and I have had over 30 cell phones.

kcovert says:

Style being subjective to me 920 is art nouveau and ATIV S business, meh

Yamishi says:

Here's something I'd like to see in the official review: Battery life comparison with Lumia 920. Honestly, it's going to be the deciding factor between the two, for me. The ATIV S has higher battery capacity, but depending on internal components, that doesn't necessarily mean longer life. I'd like to see the two compared against each other, and see if there's a significant difference in battery life.

HaibaneReki says:

300 mAh and different screen technology.. Left it charged over night in the office, will see in the morning how much juice is left. Have same setup as on my 920.

rx74ray says:

that would be great to find out...

HaibaneReki says:

so came to work just now, after 6pm - 9:40 am standby the Battery level shows 61% (2 days, 4 hours and 51 mins remaining).
My Lumia charged 100% in the evening (some time before midnight, maybe 11pm) showed 89% remaining around 8:30am.

HaibaneReki says:

Got a chance to play with one too ar work. Got used to 920's screen to much that now the amoled looks too saturated to me too, coming from 800, mind you. Also I don't like the build. Even though it's frame is aluminum (or whatever) it just feels "cheap" in hand. Opening the back is ridiculous. cricky-crack.. And it's too light, if you know what I mean =)

but hey. Big screen, SD slot, 2300 battery, might suit someone =)

Dare2Blink says:

Believe me that I'm not trying to take anything away from your ativ s, but I promise you that once you hold and play with a 929 for a bit you will cease to think that the ativ S is a premium device. The quality is on different levels. I have a 920 and frequently let people play with it and no one even ever though about calling it bulky and are usually busy picking their jaw from the floor...

bradleyj says:

Windows Phone has 3 awesome options: The advanced Lumia 920, the great look and feel of the HTC 8X, and the versitility of the Ativ S with its expandable memory, replacable battery and giant screen.
I think this phone is great and will be one of the most appealing phones to new Windows Phone buyers. Giant screen, light-weight and thin is very popular today.

Can someone look and see if this has any audio enhancements?

HaibaneReki says:

I found an "Audio output mode" in Extra settings for when it's docked, nothing else other than that

Abdul9 says:

I went into a store today just to feel the htc 8s and i have to say the screen of my 920 has spoilt me. One will notice the difference once one has had the 920 and felt the screen several times over, i doubt the Ativ s will be able to trump that. I intially wanted to get the ativ s but i am now glad i didn't waste my time waiting for it. Well i'll still go and check it in the stores to see how it feels.

chataddicted says:

Just look the device when its in off.. Sexy man... Nd size?? Its a biggy... So alover its a big sexy device... Thanks sammy for gift us such a gorgeous sexy device... :D

Jazmac says:

Samsung make everything well. IMHO  I'm sure the Ativ will be just as Stellar/

jfreiman says:

For those people who have the Ativ S, what turn-by-turn navigation does it come with?
The HTC comes with none, but the Lumia's come with Drive+.
Totally worth any 'sacrifice' for the heavier phone.

HaibaneReki says:

haven't found any in the pre-production OS build

cedarlog says:

its good high end phone to join windows phone :)

Icbuono5 says:

Looks like a pretty good looking WP device was going to get one when it would have come to the US but I'm totally happy with my 920! Truth be told, the WP button on the Ativ S would have driven me crazy since it doesn't light up like the back and search buttons do...makes it look sort of weird to me now that I see it running.

Rishicash says:

Ugly. Put it back in the box.

RambleOn1972 says:

Love my 920 and was considering this before, but Samsung amoled screens are complete crap!!! The blue tint to it kills me and it has the lowest ppi out of the high end WP8 devices... all in all I'm glad I went with the 920, much better build quality and honestly, 32g on my phone is plenty of space

Finaly a S3 with a OS that will work :-) This will convert plenty of Samsung fans to WP8. The worst thing about the S3 is Android... here that will be fixed!

dentaku.web says:

I picked up a fake ATIV S at a Telus store this Saturday and the thin-ness is great (of course the fake ones don't have the same weight as the real ones). I don't like the fake metal look and the cheap looking button at the bottom but I wouldn't mind having one especially because of the weight and the expandable storage.
Featurewise I prefer the Lumia 920 and looks/feel wise I prefer the HTC 8X.