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BBC News Mobile version 4 published with implemented fix

BBC News Mobile version 4 is yet again available on the Windows Phone Store. This latest version was previously pulled by the developer for having a bug that prevented the app from launching successfully. We reached out to Lawrence Gripper who revealed to Windows Phone Central that an update was on the way.

Being rewritten from the ground up, BBC News Mobile offers a new experience for those who have just invested in a Windows Phone handset. Here's a quick overview on what's new in version 4:

  • Lockscreen support – Use a new picture from the In Pictures blog as your lockscreen, will update daily.
  • Improved performance
  • Support for small, medium, and large Live Tiles
  • New welcome experience – Walks a user though setting up the app when launched for the first time.

You can download BBC News Mobile from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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rayd1994 says:

It still shows version 3.8 in the marketplace.

PoohGQ says:

It would be nice to specify it's not an official BBC News app!

morpheus1982 says:

Does it matter? The app clearly states so.

Wes Halton says:

Love the Voice command on the top news items ... excellent!!

morpheus1982 says:

Weave has been updated too, although the splash screen is still at the wrong aspect ratio for 8x.

BellaRed says:

It's great to have the BBC News back !!!! Thanks Mr Gripper :)

darrenjadams says:

Awesome job on the live tiles, especially the big one.

mrcraggle says:

Downloaded earlier and this update is so good. I can't wait to see more apps make more use of WP8 features. This uses the new lock screen background, double wide tile and voice functionality.

trx234 says:

Does this version only work on wp8 as I can't see it in the market place

VegaNovus says:

For those of you experiencing 8103010D from the backlash of this app - check this out.
Found an odd fix for 8103010D error on WP8 - Specifically with BBC News Mobile

PhoebeRogers says:

I like this version. It's fast and it's as easy to use as it could be. - Rich Von