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WP Hobbit

Windows Phone meets Bilbo from The Hobbit

Microsoft has dedicated a section of the Windows Phone website for The Hobbit marketing. The webpage sports a cinematic advertisement for the film shows a customised home screen with "Home Sweet Shire" as well as the weather report for Middle-earth. Bilbo was obviously out on his adventure with his photos backed up on SkyDrive and Frodo pestering him with SMS messages and calls.

As was previously covered, the marketing campaign will take place in UK, US, France and Germany. The Lord of the Rings is a popular franchise that has a huge following, which Microsoft looks to tap into with the release of The Hobbit. The film sets to follow on from the previous adventure trilogy and treat audiences with familiar scenes and references.

Visitors of the Windows Phone website will be able to check out photos and videos that are combined with links to Microsoft services for consumers to learn more about what the company offers on top of software loaded onto hardware. 

Hobbit WP Wallpaper

As well as marketing and other goodies, there are also a number of wallpapers available with QR codes for download. Should you wish to add a bit of Middle-earth to your Windows Phone, then be sure to check out the work presented on the section of the website. Microsoft has stated in the past that it plans to push Windows Phone harder than previously.

The platform was previously promoted with movie characters, including Yoda from Star Wars in the Vodafone UK Red Box advertisements. The Hobbit has dwarfed the box office, taking a chart topping $36.7m (£22.6m) over the weekend. The film was released near Christmas, which is reported to be the cause of the slow down from the $84.8m it took last week.

If you're planning on heading out on an unexpected journey across lands, be sure to take your Windows Phone with you.

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Mamacita42 says:

That is really nice!

Zenite says:

I hate hobbits and Bilbo so no thanks.

Rewire says:

You may be thinking of hipsters,  they do dress alike so it is easy to get them confused.

aced411 says:

Windows Phone meets Dildo. Now there's an advert I'd like to see

spcdog says:

Apple already covered that back in the 90s. Go search for the "iBrator" commercial.

tej7 says:

Nice . Microsoft as usual is spending millions to promote HTC 8x and HTC is spending millions to promote HTC Droid DNA  and  nokia is just burning its cash reserve trying to promote its windows phone . Job well done microsoft !!!

Smg-Uk says:

Well it was Nokia's own decision to try to promote their own phones under the "Lumia" branding.

Pi Sin says:

htc 8 is not own branding? lol

Iain_S says:

Well Nokia do get a lot of money from MS to take care of their own advertising.

zikifer says:

There is a "Meet Bilbo" billboard nicely situated when you are entering Boston from the North. I always grin when I see it. It must get a lot of eyeballs, the traffic there in the morning is crazy.

jabtano says:

Yea I see it every day too they have one on RT 495 in Andover.. seeing it makes my morning ride in

Frodo wasn't around when Bilbo was on his adventure. Lore check.

UltimateKGB says:

Been on the big screen in Liverpool, UK for ages

Is that an iOS maps live tile?

dakranii says:

In the bottom left? No, its a Bing maps tile.

WinEXMan says:

This is dumb

That's silly. Microsoft, you're a silly billy.

Pricop says:

Only wallpapers? I was expected an application just like they did with the Batman stuff.

pbroy says:

Make a Meet Hello Kitty ad and then maybe I'll care...

Spacekimo says:

The sad thing is, my iPad Hobbit app got some awesome exclusive stuff like 360 panoramas of hobbit house / shire + profile for each of the characters and stuff like that. And no quality app and content for WP =(

Pi Sin says:

then why are you commenting here? go comment on your Apple place and quit reading WP stuff

Pricop says:

you are mentally retarded Pi Sin.

Spacekimo says:

bbut... I'm MS fanboy, not apple's? I'm complaining because there are better versions of the app for the other platforms! 

varunx says:

would have been nice if they could make an app for this movie. live tiles, wallpapers etc