MeTweets update planned and is temporarily free over Christmas

MeTweets will be free for everyone on Christmas Day, thanks to the developer celebrating the festive period. On December 25th, those who don't already own the Twitter app will be able download the full version from the Store for free. It's a superb present from the developer of a highly rated Windows Phone app, and one which we recommend.

As well as being made available for free, MeTweets will be updated to take further take advantage of Windows Phone 8 with fixes and optimisations. The app was updated earlier this month, which introduced support for Windows Phone 8 and included a number of features and functionality. We're told this upcoming release will be submitted after the free period is up (on or after Boxing Day - December 26th).

You will be able to download MeTweets from the Windows Phone Store for free on Christmas Day (December 25th). For now (and after the festive day) the app is and will be priced at $1.49 (£1.29).

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MacDaMachine says:

I'll try it out now and buy it if its good. $1.50 = me eating one less mcdouble at work.

AmilM says:

I already purchased. Good app, but has some bugs. When I use "stream" feature, it will close always. Needs improvements. Rowi is better.

AmilM says:

I just uninstalled and reinstalled app and "streaming" bug fixed. So, great app.

luimende says:

I don't know what the "stream" feature does?

AmilM says:

Streaming is that tweets mentions and DM's arrive instantly on your device when they are published on Twitter. Can come in handy if you're following a flood of tweets. You don't need constant refresh for your timeline.

onggeo says:

My main Twitter app. Clean and fast. Hope there're improvements as well for us WP 7.X users.

ldj says:

My favourite client in WP7, but wish they'd offer the option to hide the top heading and sub-heading and show an addiitonal tweet in the timeline. Also needs a 'skip to top' action/link/gesture

oscargodson says:

Double tap the heading and it jumps to the top (like Timeline. Replies, etc)

T-rom09 says:

I wish you could see who replied or favorited a tweet when you look at it. Although I haven't seen any twitter app for WP that has it

AmilM says:

Ocell can show replies.

Memopoblete says:

This one can show reply's, in tweet details. This one is my fav twitter app on wp7. But, twabbit can show you gave and retweet (I think) you could ask the developer :)

1jaxstate1 says:

Any details on what's coming in the update

aussiedog61 says:

I really like this app, but I wish that it would show more than 20 tweets per list when in the 'Lists' category. I have requested this a couple of times and the developer stated that they would add this feature in a future update. I hope that they don't forget it this time. Otherwise a great, fast app.

Sahkolihaa says:

Bought to support the developer - like this app more than Rowi.

danmcg says:

Still looking for a power Twitter app to equal Tweetbot for iOS. I'm all in in my 920 and love it, but nothing matches the functionality of that app as of yet. I feel that it was the perfect Twitter app.

1jaxstate1 says:

I feel the same way about Plume for android.

Rauliulian says:

I know this is off topic but...where are the Xmas offers???Just a few apps that are on sale...sad...

Rauliulian says:

Cocktail flow is on sale ;)

SQLvariant says:

I was just able to download the free offer a couple of minutes ago. I tried this app a couple weeks ago and I really liked it but so far I still prefer Rowi but just by a smidge. I'm excited to see what the developer has to show in the next version(s) and will go back and purchase the app if I ever make it my main twitter app.

rdubmu says:

It isn't free, at least the pro version isn't

addicusbrown says:

Go it. Very simple and easy to use interface.

nez99 says:

Add a list as a column would be sweeeeeeeeet

thejesusegg says:

Not showing up as free for me. 8:56pm PST.

SkredRick says:

So, I'm confused... do the live tiles work in HTC 8x?

tacofiend says:

Crap. Waited a couple days too long, just bought it a couple days ago. Really good Twitter app though.