Official Facebook app updated for Windows Phone 7.8 compatibility

The official Facebook app for Windows Phone, a source of both love and hate for some users, has received another update. Unfortunately it doesn’t bring with it many new changes, as far as we can tell, but for Windows Phone 7.8 users, you can now take advantage of the double-wide Tile.

Doublewide tile on Window Phone 7.8

We also have some reports of from those on Windows Phone 7.5 that the app “starts faster” but we all know how placebo effects can take hold here. As you can guess, there is no changelog with this update.

The version for Windows Phone 7.x is up to 2.8 and Windows Phone 8 users are still on version 4.1, meaning if you are on a new handset you won’t be getting this update. Windows Phone 7.x users can grab the update here in the Store.

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cgold1 says:

Really wish changelogs were mandatory for updates.

DrewLumia900 says:

Only thing I noticed so far is that the app launched and loads slightly faster

I would say much faster now.

slpaige says:

For me about 10 seconds on the old version to about 5-6 seconds with the update on WP 7.5. So significant improvement.


I wish they would update the whole thing. I like the metro interface. But it is missing so many of the functions we need (like keeping pages I have hidden, hidden). I could live without the metro UI if it just worked right. Even the touch version on IE doesn't work right.

inteller says:

well that's just really effing great...a 7.8 app update for a 7.8 update we don't have.

I'm not sure it's better if this update comes out after 7.8...and at least for current users, it seems faster. I think it's great the FB app is getting more updates for compatiability.

lubbalots says:

I thought same thing.

Pricop says:

First the apps, then the updates, if they would give you 7.8 now you would complain: "No WP 7.8 apps with large tile", so stop complaining, want WP 7.8 now? Refurbish your phone using NCS just like me.

lubbalots says:

Its been a long wait buddy. WP isn't Android.

HKModi says:

Updated my Lumia 800  to 7.8 through Nokia Customer Care, its awesome. The space wasted by Arrow key is now used as a part of tiles, so you ll find it larger than previous one. happy.

pegg says:

I like the 7.5 screen margin on the right with arrow. The off center layout with space on the right felt more elegant to me.

WixosTrix says:

Same here.  I was very reluctant about the new Start Screen but towards the end of using my Lumia 900, things felt too constraint and I wanted to pin more things but didn't want to to scroll down so much all the time.  The space efficiency is well worth the elegance of the black bar and off centered layout.

Jammo says:

I wish i could get rid of the gap at the top as it defaults to a large gap when you scroll to the top of the home screen. Wasted space.
Plus put the time and all notifications on the left and right side of the tiles so it utilises the space better.

Lol?? We are still on windows 7.5. HTC has still not revealed their version of 7.8 and apps for windows 7.8 are out. Man this is a bummer :S

Natebird says:

HTC won't have a 7.8 version of there own it well be a firmware update if anything

Did they mention it?? So than that means that only Nokia is the innovative one?? -.-
was really hoping for screenshot features, WiFi alive, BT transfer and the notifications on the lockscreen. Also some updates to the IE.

rayd1994 says:

That sucks I wanted like faster performance and maybe new interface.

Gatlyn says:

Does anyone else think this makes the pinned tile look slightly different? I think the "f" is shrunk a tiny bit.

dinchy87 says:

The lighter blue color stripe is at the bottom before the update it wasnt. And the tile is now a bigger resolution. And the letter f is more crisp and slight better then before.

Gatlyn says:

Wow. Thanks!

hoonigandad says:

Woo hoo! Now can I just get the 7.8 update ! =/

srh9mm says:

Anybody know how to share a friends status, either with the app or in the what's new feed?

Shobiz says:

No difference, my co worker and I counted 10 seconds pre update and 10 after update. (Lumia 900 7.5)

erchiappa says:

Same thing... Useless update for my LG

I liked the new tile size.......
Better if it showed more pics than just cover pic!!!

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Lx23 says:

People should give this app low ratings so that Microsoft understand that they need to really improve it. I've given it a 2 stars rating.

Zero fucks given by Microsoft.

pulkit10 says:

Doubt they'd care. Facebook is the one that's supposed to make an app anyways (not that theirs will be any better if I go by personal experience on iOS).

Wish they'd just integrate more features into the people's hub. That's quicker, smoother and has a better interface.

Lx23 says:

Yep, I'd take a better people's hub integration over a better app. But they should just fix the app for the app lovers.

metallifanca says:

great for the resizable tile, it works perfectly, i haven't noticed a change about the starting time, i think it's the same. and still no sharing option, too bad.
For thoses who wants to have wp7.8, there is a lot of tutorials about how to get it, so stop crying and go get it ! :)

erchiappa says:

Also for my optimus 7? Link please

williewillus says:

Afaik they just smoothed off the animations, which creates a feeling of snappiness

Mads Knudsen says:

Why is it that on the Facebookapp I get game notifications from friends. On the www. Version I don't because I changed the settings. On my iPad I don't get these notifications.

Ronnet says:

It's definatly faster. The loading screen is just as long but before I couldnt swipe the first few seconds when the information appeared. Now its smooth the moment it moves past the loading screen.

Rick Smits says:

Twitter still slacking im guessing.

zephyrwala says:

Gorgeous wide tile support :)
Now more apps with wide tile and lock screen support will be coming to WP7.8

ethom13 says:

If I were to get this app will the short cut buttons light up blue when using Facebook like on the picture?