Get help with the Windows Phone 8 app Tap for HELP!

Tap for HELP!

Tap for HELP! is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to help you through non-emergency situations while on the road. Tap for HELP! uses your Windows Phone location services and Bing Search to find emergency services that are close to your current location.

Tap for HELP! categorizes everything across three pages, Emergency, On the Road and General.

Tap for HELP!

The Emergency page covers police, fire, hospitals and animal hospital searches. The On The Road page takes care of gas station, taxi service, towing and repair shop searches. The General page covers dining, banking, pharmacy, and church locations.

Tap any of the search bars and Tap for Help! will generate a Bing Map that flags the location of the services you're searching for. Tap the flag and you'll pull up more detailed information on that location (address, phone number, directions, etc.).

Tap for HELP! puts a decent amount of resources in an easy to use package. And sometimes when you're in an unfamiliar area, the easier it is to search for help the better. As the developer notes in the app description, Tap for HELP! isn't designed to replace 911, which should be used in the event of a real emergency.  Instead, Tap for HELP! is for those non-emergency situations such as a flat tire, need to get some cash, need to find a pharmacy, hungry and not sure what is available in the area, etc.  It's a nice app to have on your Windows Phone just in case.

Tap for HELP! is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

UPDATE: Apparently Tap for HELP! isn't just for Windows Phone 8 devices.  We've gotten comments that it is also available on Windows Phone 7.5 devices as well.

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suavemezie says:

Sweet app! All important information's in one app. Great. Loving it

ihavewp8 says:

It works with wp 7.5 too not just for wp8

Listed as a Windows Phone 8 app... nice to know it works on the older devices.

John20212 says:

increasingly wpcentral is becoming less useful when it comes to anything other than wp8, had to start going to other sites to read the latest on wp7.5 and wp7.8 updates, sad

mwgeek says:

I have met the dev he's a nice guy so support him

Jim Connell says:

This is a really useful app. Well laid out and contains really useful information. I particularly like the direct link from addresses to the Nokia Maps app.  Thanks to the developer.

gundam001 says:

Why did I missed this one? It seems like a useful app.Now, I'm thinking of getting it. - Scott Sohr

how1ard says:

Not available in the UK, would download if it was.