My 500px for Windows Phone 8: For 500px fan in all of us

My 500px for Windows Phone 8

If you're a 500px photo website fan, you'll like the new Windows Phone 8 app My 500px. Not only will My 500px let you rotate photos from 500px as your lockscreen but you can also log into your 500px account to view your photos, favorites and "like" images.

You can set the lockscreen by 500px feature, category and sort by ratings, vote counts and other criteria. From the three dot menu you can set the lockscreen rotation cycle from 1 hour to 24 hours.

My 500px

As well as using My 500px as your lockscreen app, you can view images from 500px, save them to your Windows Phone, Like them, and add the photos as your favorites. Keep in mind that some of these features requires you to log into to your 500px account. The 500px account is free (there are paid membership options as well) and you can create a 500px membership from the app.

You can also tag an image to your My Cycle. The My Cycle feature lets you rotate up to nine images on the My 500px live tile.

500px is a outstanding photo website and My 500px does a nice job of pulling the images to your Windows Phone. There is a free trial version that is limited to viewing the latest ten images in feeds. The full version is currently running at the introductory price of $.99.

You can find My 500px for your Windows Phone 8 device here at the Windows Phone Store.

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fsweb2011 says:

Beautifully designed app and images BUT it locked my phone after 5 minutes using it...very strange...it locked the phone and started playing a song in Nokia music! While it was all off...it was a bit creepy...i didn't have Nokia music running on the background, as I use Xbox music...so very strange...

gundam001 says:

Thank you for sharing this update. This is really a nice app. I enjoyed using it. - Scott Sohr