New themes added to Lock Themes for Windows Phone 8

Lock Themes for Windows Phone 8

Lock Themes is a Windows Phone 8 app that rotates your lockscreen wallpaper with a passle of themes to choose your wallpapers from or rotate images from your Pictures Hub.

Themes range from Astronomy to Video games to Angelina Jolie. The developer updates the themes periodically and the most notable themes joining the mix in the first update include NFL.com and ESPN.com.

Lock Themes

Both the ESPN and NFL themes delivers the top ten news articles from those websites to your lockscreen.  Oh... and for the Dallas Cowboys fans, there is a theme that pulls in the newest ten articles from the Cowboys NFL.com page.

Lock Themes is a nice Windows Phone 8 lockscreen app and it's nice to see theme updates rolling out to give users more variety. There is a trial version available for Lock Themes that is limited to a handful of the themes. The full version is running $.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

New themes added to Lock Themes for Windows Phone 8


Are the lock screens low resolution? I have that problem with almost every lock screen app... Awaiting the fix for Weather Flow. They told me they're working on it, so we'll see.

Hight resolution images for lock screen. Sorry! I can't seem to edit my own post. He daniel can look into it please.

I tried Lock Themes, but not all wallpapers are HD. I personally prefer the Wallbase app + Paper Shuffle.