Bookqueue updated, more features well on the way

Bookqueue was only recently bumped to support Windows Phone 8, but now the app has been updated again with some minor improvements. For those who are unaware of the app's functionality, it enables Windows Phone owners to quickly jot down books that are of interest. Synchronising with SkyDrive, Bookqueue keeps the user updated even if multiple devices are used, and supports the purchasing of titles.

So what's new in the latest version? Support for all Amazon stores is now present. This includes China, Italy and Spain, which were previously absent. Descriptions of individual books are now displayed in the details view. So nothing too major, but we have been informed by the developer that some features are still in the pipeline.

While we'll not blow the horn too loudly for everyone to get excited, but Bookqueue will sport the ability to connect to Goodreads and provide users with a unified view of books to read from both the service and the app. Neat eh? We look forward to seeing the update arrive in the future. In the mean time, should you find yourself coming across a number of books that cannot be read in time, be sure to check out Bookqueue.

You can download Bookqueue from the Windows Phone Store for free.



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Micah Dawson says:

This is good and I am hoping goodreads integration will work well in the future.

ejlee072006 says:

Oh I wish att logo not in front of the lumia 920...

What does the ATT logo have to do with this app? Just curious...

Aldoron says:

I was thinking the same thing lol

Snow says:

One problem in the app is that I thought archives means books that already read? So why is the books that are in the archives still listed in the priority section?

MrJustastic says:

currently using "Social Reads" which is a GoodReads app (3rd party) which does this feature already, saving your list directly to the service. Fantastic and well worth checking out, its the better of the two

Jazmac says:

Can it read from Skydrive, Dropbox or

YSDesign says:

not sure if it's the cause, but soon after i installed this (again), my phone hung and i had to do a hard reset again.  i took it off and i'll see if it still happens.

Graggery says:

Bookqueue software is good as it will help the user to read the type of books they want and also the book they cannot find in library or bookstall they can get here.This software will really helpful for students

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