Angry Birds coming to a Nokia Lumia 610 near you?

Angry Birds optimized for the Lumia 610

If you're an Angry Birds fan and own a Nokia Lumia 610 we may have some good news for you.

We had heard back in May that Rovio was going work on optimizing Angry Birds for the Lumia 610. While it may have taken six months to accomplish, it is our understanding that Rovio has optimized all versions of the Angry Birds games to work with the RAM memory limits of the Lumia 610.

There was no information available on how soon the Angry Birds titles will become available. We are still seeing Angry Birds as "unavailable for your device" on our Lumia 610 and it still may take some time to see the optimized versions show up in the Store.  If you're using a Lumia 610 and are seeing the Rovio titles becoming available, chime in below in the comments.

Now if we can only get the Hoth Chapter for Angry Birds:Star Wars released...

Source: nokiatweet; Thanks, sammy, for the tip!



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Sandjo says:

Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Space has run fine on L610 since the day they were released. Only the original AB has the restriction.

Raj Singh920 says:

Since the day they were released? are you kiddin' me? They used to give an error everytime you go to install them via marketplace.

beranger_v4 says:

Angry Birds Star Wars is at version and works indeed very well with my Lumia 610. Angry Birds Space also works with 256 MB (I'm not sure if it had a previous, unoptimized version). Still, the original Angry Birds requires more than 256 MB.

Pippa Ford says:

Can I ask how you managed to get them onto your phone?  I have just acquired a Lumia 610 and the kids are dying to get into angry birds - but I don;t know how to get it onto the phone if the app says it is unavailable...??

Sandjo says:

I am not kidding. AB SW and Space works fine on Lumia 610, since the day they were released. I installed them both the first week in beginning of December. They both work fine on WP with 256Mb or RAM.
The original AB still can't be installed on WP's with 256Mb. That still requires 512Mb.

chancooluk says:

I wouldn't say that they run fine. I have to turn the sound off for it to work smoothly on my 610. Not really a phone for gamers though.

Jakeway says:

Good on them for finally fixing it. Can't wait to see it working.

Gatlyn says:

Is there a chance they updated it for Mango while they were at it?

Natebird says:

What do you mean updated it for mango I believe that's the bases for all WP7 apps is 7.5 why would they do 7.0 seriously

Gatlyn says:

I mean updated it to take advantage of Mango features like fast app switching.

venetasoft says:

Rovio developers are not good...2 years to port a stupid 2d game to WP...

Ronnet says:

They are good, but in the case of Windows Phone they have been lazy or worse: they just didn't care.
I stil think it's important to have the original Angry Birds up and running on even the weaker WP7's. It's an important symbol otherwise you'll stil hear people say not all Windows Phones support Angry Birds by the time the Lumia 1080 with WP9 is out.

Natebird says:

Well if you can do better then ask for a job tell then deal with it geez

tissotti says:

It's nothing to do with company in size of Rovio not being able to do that.
They are business like any other company and didn't see any reason to port it because it would have not made enough of money. This they have done here is only because of MS and Nokia have probably paid them to do it.
You need to remember that for WP8 they can quite easily port to the code, thanks to native code. With WP7.x they need to recode a lot of stuff. 

conair346 says:

Sadly I find on my 820 with AB Star Wars installed that it makes my handset crash more often even when its not open, phones been switched off and restarted etc.
Until I get Portico I'll not be downloading any AB.

zeke1676 says:

I suggest you get your handset checked, I've got the 820 and not once did I have an issue with ab star wars crashing the phone as you mention...

conair346 says:

I had it replaced just after purchase due to it constantly crashing. Now its only specific apps when installed noticeably set off the epileptic crashing, otherwise its just random once a day jobby when doing random things.

Don't forget Viber. It is still Viber messenger and Viber HD for Lumia's is only on 7.5...