Unlocked Lumia 900 available for $199 at 1 Sale A Day

Lumia 900

Looking for an exciting Windows Phone deal for the New Year? How about $199 for an unlocked 4G Lumia 900? That's right, 1 Sale A Day currently has the Nokia Windows Phone 7.x smartphone listed online for that exact price. While it's not the latest Lumia 920, the previous generation handset is no slouch and will be powering Windows Phone 7.8 in due course.

So is there a catch? According to the deal listing, the Windows Phone condition is a certified refurbished unit by AT&T. The device also comes with 1 full year of manufacturer warranty. Should you wish to take advantage of the specifial offer, be sure to act fast as it ends in 9 hours.

Source: 1 Sale A Day



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RafRol says:

I want to take advantage of that specifial offer!

schlubadub says:

Mmm so specifial

Residing says:

Great deal! I just bought a family member a new Cyan Lumia 900 a couple of days ago, but if they weren't so against a having black phone, I'd definitely take advantage of this deal.

Thank god I already sold my 2 Lumia 900's on eBay last week for $260ea.

PolishHitta says:

No thank you. I'll wait for Lumia 920 on Verizon

rmichael75 says:

It is refurbished... so not new...So it is not a great deal.. It is a ok Deal

prophoto1 says:

just oredered one! always liked windows phones!! got the iphone 5 at the moment, but could refuse this! can't wait to get it! plus they use paypal!