Locksider+ updated to allow saving images locally

Lockscreen+ for Windows Phone 8

We’re starting to lose track of the number of apps that let you update your lockscreen, but one that has been a favorite among a lot of readers has been Locksider+, which just got an update today. The update brings a handful of fan requested features to this handy Windows Phone 8 app.

If you aren’t familiar with Locksider+, it’s a lockscreen app from developer Liquid Daffodil that allows you to change your lockscreen wallpaper and have your temperature displayed.

Aesthetically, the app is the same, the two biggest improvements to Locksider+ are the ability to download the photos locally to the phone and switch the temperate to Celsius. Liquid Daffodil has always been focused on pleasing the users, so those features were added at the request of everyone using the app.

The update also fixes issues when your Local Region number format uses commas instead of periods (0,00) that was causing Weather updates to fail .

You can download the app for $1.50 in the Windows Phone Store here or use the QR code below to pick it up.

QR: Locksider


What’s your favorite lockscreen app right now?



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pregohenry says:

I love HelloFriends app for my lockscreen. Just a really nice app.

Sam Sabri says:

If only all my friends were supermodels. 

upupandawol says:

Pahahahahja their caller ids can!

addicusbrown says:

I hope LD has fixed the not updating the picture and weather issues. I love the picture selections. Downloading the update now.

If this allowed me to use one or all of my albums, it would be perfect

Codesmith says:

NOTE: Locksider and Locksider+ will not probably never add the ability to add your local images into the "mix" as that functionaility is already available in so many lockscreen apps, and diverts the key concept of the app. BUT, as always, if enough fans ask nicely, we usually give in. :)

Well, other lock screen apps are not made by you guys lol, I love the app though

Dominus57 says:

Is there an app that allows you to use local pictures and displays weather on the lock screen?

I haven't found a single app that lets me randomly rotate images from a folder.

aaa6112 says:

I hope locksider gets updated with this feature too.

Codesmith says:

Do you mean adding Weather or adding the ability to save favorite images locally? If the latter, it's already coming in a pending update. :) Enjoy!

equiel says:

What's the weather app name used on the picture

Sam Sabri says:

That is Weather Flow. 

sundawg#WP says:

Bing. I keep going back to it. Locksider would be much more useful to me if the weather updated separate from the image (I think right now they have to change together.). My request would be to allow weather to update every 15-30 minutes and images should be more like once a day.

abel920 says:

Omg 1.50 I got it when it was just released for free. I loooooove this app!

I have my update set up every half an hour, and there are times where I see the same picture.

I hope they include thousands more pictures! I love this app like really!

Sam Sabri says:

Because buying a dev half a cup of coffee is a stretch for an app you enjoy? :)

neogodless says:

The article title says Lockscreen+ instead of Locksider+
On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know what the new 23MB for Cocktail Flow was? Just a new package?

Sam Sabri says:

My bad. Brain is still recovering from the holidays :)

abel920 says:

Oh no.. I'm not that stingy lol.
I got the locksider plus for free when it just came out. I didn't know the free was only promo.

Sorry about that comment. I just love this app.

Codesmith says:

Hey Fans, I'll get with WPCentral to correct the post, but here's some good details for you:

  1. The app is, of course Locksider+ (not Lockscreen+) :)
  2. The update fixes issues when your Local Region number format uses commas instead of periods (0,00) that was causing Weather updates to fail (not allows "selection" as stated above)
  3. Any issues you've had with Celsius in some Regions
  4. You can save ANY wallpapers you love now locally, although all of these are already available in the Outsider Extras app.

An update going out early next week will ALSO allow you to have separate schedules for Weather and Image updates. You'll love it!

aaa6112 says:

What timing. Thanks for working on making the frequencies of updates to the wallpaper and temperature mutually exclusive.

aaa6112 says:

I sent an email to the dev requesting this exact thing. That way we can have much more frequent updates to the temperature than the wallpaper (which consumes more data). You should contact the dev too, if you haven't already. I also requested adding an option to download and update the wallpaper only when I am on WiFi.

Codesmith says:

Yes, and glad you did! Separate update schedules is already included in pending updates, and it's HIGHLY likely the next update will include some semblance of "not on Wi-Fi" throttling. You'll love it!

aaa6112 says:

You're awesome. :)

Codesmith says:

Oh, and if you rated the app less than 5 ***** due to a bug or request or issue that is now handled, PLEASE don't forget to go update your Rating/Review! We're very sensitive over here and Liquid Daffodil. :)

Lumia 920 says:

Why not add weather icone instead text ?
Also necessary ton add other language like french, spanish, german etc..
Thanks et keep going ;)

Codesmith says:

German, Italian, Spanish and French are already in the works for both Locksider and Locksider+. We aren't going the icon route because we want it to appear more consistent with the OS lockscreen look.

glassadam says:

Glad to see I'm not the only one who fills his home screen with pretty much all double wide tiles! :)

suavemezie says:

Flickr is the best lock screen ever!

holmesr says:

Locksider Plus, Locksider Plus, Locksider Plus, ...LD rocks all his apps!
One request for Locksider Plus, the one thing I would like to see is the ability to mark an image(s) so it's not available for use from the pool.
Thanks for your dedication to the platform.

Genserik says:

I like weather flow the best.

rockstarzzz says:

On a related side note, anyone reading this on their WP Central app, can you guys see the plus sign in comments? I cant. All I see is Locksider instead of Locksider+

glassadam says:

True, been meaning to bring that up.

rockstarzzz says:

Also, can someone explain how saving pics locally is better or helpful as Ive had no problem getting it from server before. What was the reason this was a popular demand? How do you guys use that?

glassadam says:

I like having the image switch, but then it gave me an image that I really, really like, and want to be able to use again every once in a while, say next month. By that time it will have disappeared from the "recent" section of the app, so it's lost..... Unless you saved it directly to your phone.

coast says:

I haven't received the update...and a manual update search from the settings menu brings "Your phone is up to date." Has this update not come to Verizon yet? 

coast says:

Never mind--I got the update a few minutes after making the post above. Maybe because I went in and fiddled with the app's settings? Although I've never heard of having to open an app to get updates for it.

richv77 says:

I noticed an update around 12 noon today  (Jan 10) but I am not sure what has changed?