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Skype 2.1 update for Windows Phone 8 detailed

The Skype team have published a new entry on the official blog that details changes applied in the latest version of the popular message and calling app for Windows Phone 8. Version 2.1 was recently pushed to the latest hardware running on Microsoft's platform. We previously looked at the update and noticed a number of changes, but with the official changelog it's now easier to list everything that's included in the release. So what's new in 2.1?

As mentioned above, previously we noticed that Skype contacts are no longer synchronised with the People Hub, which is confirmed in the changelog. This has been temporarily disabled due to issues with device stability. The team reports they are indeed working with the folk from Windows Phone to sort out issues raised and hopefully the functionality will return in a future update.

Issues fixed in this release:

  •  Significantly improved the reliability of presence and chat and call notifications when the app is closed
  • Calling Improved call reliability
  • Chat In some cases, chat messages would appear in incorrect order. Chat messages will now appear in correct order, by timestamp

As well as bug fixes, optimisations and reliability improvements, the 2.1 update also contains the following:

  • Updated chat keyboard with improved autocomplete/autocorrect is now available
  • Buddies from Windows Live Messenger are labelled in the People list
  • Added option to enable toast notifications for Windows Live Messenger buddies

It's a positive release that shows the team is working valiantly to squash all bugs present in the app and to improve the overall experience. While it's not a perfect solution for the service on Windows Phone, we're slowly getting there. Remember folks, the app is still a preview and is by no means a final version.

You can download Skype from the Windows Phone Store for free.

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Yet I still can't log out...

"It enhances the user experience". 


wp7USER says:

LMBCOOOOO!!!!! That comment right there is gold! I cant stop laughing. Best so far for 2013.

Lol yeah that definitely made me lol thank you!

JimmyRespawn says:

Best comment ever. hahaha

Aaron M says:

I was wondering myself if there was a way to do that.  I guess not?

walter1832 says:

Surprisingly my notifications (toas/live tile) work again for chat.  Why can't they add landscape typing.

Z10YkakPES says:

Cuz its not priority for now, give it time

sclmnn says:

Pressing back button to home screen disables Skype in background?

fwaits says:

I tried this last night and with the app closed (back button to home screen) I made a call from my sons Skype account on a PC to mine and within a couple seconds the phone rang and I was able to connect the call.

aaa6112 says:

Yes this works fine buy did your account show up online in your son's account? I tried the same from my wife's Touchpad and the call came through to my Lumia 920 after I had quit Skype. However, on my wife's Touchpad, I showed up offline which I think can be very confusing/ misleading.

cowboy620 says:

For me Skype works fine, I use more on my wins 8 computers than phone so they can take their time and get it right no hurry for me.

walter1832 says:

The timestamp for chat is still messed up.  It bunches all your chats together by person.  For example a chat I had with my wife looks like this instead of interlacing them as they come in.  It groups it.

wife: '1st message'  9am
wife: '2nd message' 9:15 am
wife: '3rd message' 9:40 am

me: '1st message' 9:05am
me: '2nd message' 9:20am
me: '3rd message' 9:43am

rodneyej says:

That's annoying!

I know married life gets old after a while, but geez, is that really all you had to say to each other?  ;)

pr0phecy says:

first fix the sync issue then I might be game again...

autofahrer says:

They disabled syncing with the people hub so people dont hit the issue until they have a fix for it.

At least there's one app creator that is on board, trying to male an amazing app for windows phone. They aren't intentionally half assing it to be cool in front of their apples and android buddies.

cashcar1979 says:

MSFT owns them...

Sandro1893 says:

Even if the app is not synchronized anymore with people hub, toast notifications are finally working well with messages and calls as much better then before so far.
Now just miss the synchronization in the hub.
Please upgrade soon...

eastbayrae says:

No message sync? It shows calls only now. This was an update? More of a downgrade.

pulkit10 says:

That's what baffles me. Why is it still a 'preview'? Shouldn't development be accelerated for a Microsoft platform? Should have baked this into the platform. Kind of disappointed with this but at least now we have a recently working app.

jcagga says:

It will be preview until it's baked to the platform!

In my book, any current version of anything is the current final version. Preview? Does that just mean we should be like, "oh, ok. So that's why its subpar?"

I still remember when wp8 was supposed to be super Skype integrated and badass. Granted, I don't really mind either way but yea.

Tomasz S. says:

It's probably gonna be integrated by 2014. Some ground was layed in WP8, as in the possibility of plugging into the people hub and make the phone "ring" after receiving a push notification. Now they have to finish building the new Skype client, while Skype servers are probably still being rebuilt to work in an orderly client-server fashion like Messenger instead of the ragtag p2p style of the old Skype.
Meanwhile some other genius at Microsoft decided to start partially fusing Messenger with Skype, which doesn't really help the cause, and creates a confusing mess of tripled contacts.

rockstarzzz says:

What I don't get is, what we were shown at launch of WP8 - was that a beta app too? I do find it lame when apps showcased are preview and betas for a good quarter of the year thereafter on any OS!

msxbox says:

Not sure if anyone has mentioned but for the update to work its best to uninstall Skype and reinstall worked for me background Skype now seems fine

Sandro1893 says:

I agree....let's wait the next update to judge....

MMFF77 says:

This tip was missing, not receiving notifications, uninstall and installed now receive notifications locked phone, did not happen before doing this, thanks.

So after a lot of whining and complaining it seemed to do the trick lol! Idk what I did or how but Skype works great now. I can agree things are missing and its def no where near what was advertised at the keynote but its good.

Cruzer1 says:

Got gf to send me a message with it not running and running in the background, didn't receive anything unless its slow to receive.

sickleykey says:

I also had the same issue after updating to the new version. I then uninstalled and re-installed Skype on both (me and wife's phone). Since then i have no issues. I am getting the notifications immediately and lock-screen and the live tile both are showing the message count.

PeterFnet says:

Is the why my Lumia 920 was freezing?

Shoulders says:

Mine was occasionally freezing too (cant turn phone on when its on standby, have to do a reset). Since updating Skype it happened 3 times in yesterday, its never been that regular to freeze.

I've uninstalled it now (use it mainly on my surface anyway) and I'll see if that was the issue.

phasar says:

Another WP8 failure!!

michail71 says:

It says they are working with Microsoft? MS should send a team of developers and designers over to Skype.

Once they are together have them use face time and the chat client on the iPhone for a few days. Then make Skype better than that.

Skype just doesn't feel like it's a seamless part of WP8.

JimmyRespawn says:

after reinstalling this version, notification finally work. but idk why miss call won't show up on live tile.