Turn your Windows Phone photos into drawings with Sketch

Sketch for Windows Phone

Sketch is a Windows Phone app that converts your photographs into pencil drawings. Sketch can convert existing photos into drawings or launch the camera app and capture new photos to convert.

The Windows Phone photography app has twenty seven drawing styles to choose from, each having the ability to be fine tuned. Add sharing support for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Photobucket and Sketch isn't too shabby of a photo effects app for your Windows Phone.

Sketch's user interface is fairly straight forward. From the main menu you have the option to load an existing image to convert or launch the camera app.

Sketch Screens

Once you choose or take the photo you want to convert to a drawing, Sketch will take you to the editing screen. A thumbnail image sits at the top and you simply scroll through the different sketch styles. If you need to take a sneak peak at the original image, just swipe up or down at the thumbnail.

You can also add a dash of color or vignetting to the image and adjust the intensity, contours, brightness and contrast of the image. When you get everything just right, tap the save button and your save/sharing options are displayed.

If you capture an image to modify, an untouched copy of the image is saved to your Pictures Hub just in case you want to try another sketch style or just have an untouched copy. Also, if you use your camera app in Sketch, it will not preview your sketch style in the viewfinder.

Sketch Sample

Images are resized to about 2.6MB but does maintain your aspect ratio setting. Not really the best for printing but the images do just fine for electronic sharing (email, websites, etc.).

All in all, Sketch is a nice effects app for your Windows Phone photography library. I wouldn't mind seeing the end product saved at a larger resolution or at least the option to do so. Sketch has a healthy selection of styles and the ability to fine tune how each style is applied to your photo. It's a nice app worth trying.

Two versions of Sketch are available in the Windows Phone Store. You have Sketch Free which is a fully functional, ad-supported version. Then there's Sketch which is an ad-free version that runs $.99 and has a time limited trial version.

QR: Sketch Free                        QR: Sketch Paid Version



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awww.. I was hoping it was a drawing app for the phone, not a picture converter. Oh well...

Loco5150 says:

How about paint for WP then?

rockstarzzz says:

$0.99 and is still a time limited trial? What do I pay to get a fully functional one then? :s

the paid version has no ads.

rockstarzzz says:

But is STILL time limited?! So after a while or whatever time limit is..What happens?

hipporama says:

It is a time limited TRIAL version. If you want to continue using the ad-free version after that time you will have to buy it.

yep... the paid version, which is ad free, has a trial version that is time limited.  There is a free version that has ads and has no time limitation as well.

weis says:

so there are 3 versions of it. Sketch Free (ad-supported), Sketch (ad-free, $0.99) and Sketch trial (ad-free, time limited)...

You can tell it's Monday...

weis says:

Don't worry, whoever can get his/her head around what you wrote, functions just fine  ;-)

hyperova says:


ttsoldier says:

It's like instagram!
But not really.

mlfj4901 says:

I've had this app for quite awhile, and really like it for both colored and uncolored sketches

Tahiti Bob says:

Can't Photofunia do that already?

Isn't this already a built in filter??

Chacness says:

I think the dev messed up. I've already purchased this app a long tome ago and have the full version installed on my 920. I clicked on the app link thinking there might be an update and the market place doesn't see that I have it installed and wants me to purchase it again.... FAIL

Ray Adams says:

Doesn't save image to media library on HTC 8x. NullPointer exception.

Mark Bryan says:

Please email support@thumbmunkeys.com and we will try to help. 
Any more details you can give would also be helpful, ie. does it still crash when you dont apply a filter, is it only a specific filter or photo that causes the crash?
(sketch developer)

gundam001 says:

I have only the Sketch free. And what I like most is the colored sketch. - Aldo Todini

snapstouch says:

Snapstouch is free online tool to convert photo to sketch, photo to painting, photo to drawing, photo to outline, photo to B&W etc. This tool adds theses effect with maintaining actual size and that is totally free of cost even you don't need to create account to add the effects.

snapstouch says:

Snapstouch is free online tool to convert photo to sketch, photo to painting ,photo to drawing, photo to outline etc. This tool adds theses effect with maintaining actual size and that is totally free of cost even you don’t need to create account as well to add these effects.