T-Mobile Germany working on visual voicemail for Win Phone 8

Visual Voicemail

T-Mobile Germany has been reported to be working on adding visual voicemail, a feature that enables smartphone owners to view available voicemail messages in list, removing the requirement to contact the audio voicemail service. Should a handset and mobile operator support such functionality, it can prove to be an efficient way of managing messages left by contacts.

According to a thread on the official community forum, a member from the Telekom team responded to consumers and stated that visual voicemail for Windows Phone 8 is currently "in the works". The status of potential Data Sense support has not changed, however and it remains to be seen if the mobile operator will offer such a feature to subscribers.

Source: T-Mobile, via: WPArea.de; thanks, Fred, for the tip!



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It would be great if Rogers here in Canada would support it! Come on carriers! :(

stevethenerd says:

Rogers offers visual voicemail for smartphones... they text you an .amr file that WP will play. Great alternative to vv... (:

zigzagr63 says:

Isn't visual voice mail built into WP8 already? I like the way the voice mail system is now on WP.

It is if your carrier supports it.

tbonenga says:

Yes, it's built in. I believe it was there from day one on my HD7 on Tmo USA. Never used it because MagikMail/YouMail is far superior.

sholokov says:

It is. I have been using it on my AT&T phone.

Just use MagikMail. It's way better. I love it.

dbam987 says:

I really hope Verizon drops their subscription cost for visual voicemail. Signs point to never.

Chill510 says:

Its been on Tmo USA for while now....(had it on my Radar and now my Lumia810) kinda surprising that Tmo UK is just now talking about getting it.