Windows 8: 60 million licenses sold and climbing

Windows 8

While AT&T is seeing success with Windows Phone sales, Microsoft isn't doing to bad with Windows 8. During the 11th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech Forums at CES 2013, Microsoft announced that they have sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses to date.

According to Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller this includes both upgrades and sales to OEMs for new devices. The sales pace is similar to what Microsoft experienced with Windows 7.

As far as Windows 8 apps and games are concerned, growth continues to rise with the number of apps being available quadrupling since launch. As an added bonus, Microsoft recently passed the 100 million app download mark.

Source: Windows Blog



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I read this and also read another article about its hard to keep windows 8 PCs on the shelf but I still see people writing about windows is doing bad well I'm goin with there doing good

Seany72 says:

And there was other websites saying Windows 8 uptake was slow

erasure25 says:

And yet we hear nothing of cases of Apple's slowness.. e.g., OSX being like 2% of Steam users after something like 2+ years.

Talbot690 says:

I think windows 8 is awesome unfortunately my laptop shit the bed and no longer works... My desktop on the other hand is 12yrs old and running windows xp... Think its about time to upgrade maybe?

Rockartisten says:

Couldn't you come up with a better excuse for soiling yourself? You could have blamed the dog or something. ;-)

schlubadub says:

To Windows 7, definitely! I still feel W8 is for tablets & touch laptops only

bommerts says:

Why?  8 has immense improvements over 7, even for non-touch machines.

schlubadub says:

I think W7 is so fantastic that I really don't see any reason to switch. As much as I love Windows Phone, I don't think metro tiles have any place on a desktop PC (laptop & tablet, yes). I hate Gadgets on Vista & W7 with a passion, and having notification tiles etc on screen just seems like an extension of that. I'll upgrade eventually, or maybe I'll just jump to Windows 9 ;)

ymcpa says:

It's better with touch. It still works great with a mouse and keyboard. I got the MS touch mouse and it works great with metro. I still spend most of my time on the desktop and it works pretty much  the same as win7. The under the hood improvements make win8 better than win 7 even if you decide not to use metro at all.

schlubadub says:

See it's the "pretty much the same as Windows 7" just makes me wonder why I should bother switching... I love Windows 7, so why change for something that's pretty much the same ;) Especially when I have to go through the massive ordeal of reinstalling everything again. Before W7 I was on the same XP install for around 5 years ;)

ayejay0601 says:

Yeah, I agree; I am getting mixed signals---most articles are talking about how terrible Windows 8 is.  I personally think its great; so fast and smooth.  I will confess though it took awhile to get accustomed.

RayWP7 says:

Agreed. Once people get accustomed to the shift in UI it will be even better adopted, if reports about poor performance are true. The key is just using it for a spell. Can't say I wouldn't appreciate more touch and Win8 apps - especially for my Surface.

ClixT says:

And Windows 8 is actually "too fast for human beings" especially the boot time hehe (at least in my case.).

CommonBlob says:

With the exception of wpcentral ;)Tech journalism has become like normal journalism.
Full of lies, lies and opinion.

rockstarzzz says:

Sometimes there is a bias on WPCentral as well. Lets be honest!

Jabid21 says:

Exactly, Judge and Jury can be biased when it comes to cases no matter how hard one tries, so why not Journalism? The Three J's. :p

Luc4 says:

Sure but I take positive bias over negative bias any day which is what seems to be left at most sites...

ZX9 says:

True to that!

CommonBlob says:

Oh ok :) a bit

Lot if hating sites like the verge are saying that the adoption rate for windows8 is slow. I knew it was a lie, I myself have done more than 80 updates for ppl. Why I'm mentioning this. Because ppl see windows 8 and go oooooooo pretty, I want that. It sells itself with looks.

diplomat696 says:

There is opinion everywhere. I just hate reading the trolls who can give no objective opinions whatsoever and the dinosaurs who complain about everything that takes a bit of time to learn.

erasure25 says:

You mean like the next post from Vladimir? Lol...

ajaykc says:

It didn't take me more than 30 minutes to know how to use things.  Now those little details, I don't even know everything that Win 7 had to offer so I am not going to claim that I know every trick in Win 8 but I am know enough not to complain. I upgraded my laptop and then my gf (an apple fan) wanted Win 8 on her computer like crazy so I had to buy one more license. 60 Million -2. There you have it. lol

RayWP7 says:

Yeah, the touch UI on desktop/mouse didn't make sense until I saw it on a tablet. Now it seems silly that it seemed so foreign to me.

it is terrible and sales are a failure even considering the market shift to smartphones. microsoft needs to make a new move, a smarter one. this windows 8 is shittiest os since 2000's millenium edition.

Twice Born says:

No.  No it isn't.  Did you even use Windows ME?  I call shenanigans.  

ajaykc says:

Vlad--- hates it because he can't get a pirated copy. lol

Hahaha, Fair do's i guess everyone is entitled to their opinions but STFU Vlad :P
On a more serious note, i truly believe Windows 8 is not only great but the beginning of the future line of softwares, everything is going to be copying Windows 8 in terms of the merging of their services.
I guess Microsoft has a problem, and that is that they create incredible products that are ahead of their time and they get bashed, then years later Apple come in and take what Microsoft has done and give it a masterclass work over in terms of marketing and then BAM they get the top spot!
But now that im older and have money :) i will fight to the death, if i have to buy every APP and every hardware Microsoft releases i WILL!

lubbalots says:

Didn't you read the title of this article and all of the positive comments? Must have dislexia.

ladydias says:

That comment is 100% opinion. Numbers don't lie and obviously millions of people think it works just fine, myself and family included. If you're going to talk about how much it sucks, you need to at least back it up

Don't feed the troll please

antmortmitch says:

Lmaooo @ don't feed the troll... People are so blinded by their bias opinions that they don't give room for change...

procen says:

Some people are afraid of changes that's the problem! I love my Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

amcalexandre says:

I bet u'r on drugs!

Xpider_MX says:

Windows 8 is a great OS, I'm using and it is better than Windows  7

walter1832 says:

In communist Russia, web site trolls you!

MastrMeatWad says:

If you are going to leave a subjective opinion with no facts at least explain your position. It is better to be thought of as an idiot troll than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
People would be less inclined to jump on you if you discussed instead of troll

Windows ME brought absolutely nothing good whatsoever to the table and will always be the worst version of Windows. Win8 brings many new things and interesting ideas as well as the fact that it runs smooth. Like it or hate it, only ignorance would lead you to any other conclusion. It may not be your cup of tea with the start screen, but if you look hard enough, you will find some features you will like. For example, I like the new task manager and copy interface to name a couple.

Tomasz S. says:

Windows ME actually brought several interesting new features - upnp, system restore, movie maker, image acquisition and more - which everyone takes for granted now.

lippidp says:

+1! I've been saying this also forever. I don't know why everyone beats up on Win ME. Vista, too, for that matter. I think it's because they don't know what the fuck they're talking about and it's easy to say something sucks.

You are right. I should have gone a different direction with that. It is true those features were released in winME first. Even though those features were slated to be in XP the following year. I think the hatred towards ME comes from 2 major things. The limitation to dos mode and the fact that it was released so close to XP when they were going to push the movement to the NT kernel anyway. 98SE was good enough to make it to the XP release.

Tomasz S. says:

I think the most important factor were compatibility and stability issues, which never got fixed as ME was abandoned. And yes, the timing of that relase was totally irrational, and made the whole thing pointless.


I'm going to pgrade before the offers runs out 

Residing says:

Sounds pretty good to me.  I purchased two new PC's with Windows 8, for myselft and a family member; not sure if I will upgrade my Windows 7 machine to version 8, though.  I like Windows 8 and find easy to navigate and I am still puzzled on how some are confused by it :)
Hopefully, the adoption numbers of Windows 8 will continue to rise.

jsnod25 says:

I think a major part of the confusion is that many people don't realize there is still the traditional desktop. All they see is the metro face, which is just a skin for a launcher, not the whole OS and they are judging it from appearances alone. It will adopt into the marketplace, and the negativity will never leave fully, as is the case with every new iteration of Windows.

theefman says:

So all those Modern apps are not actually running and executing code since "Metro" is just a launcher? Glad that's been cleared up.

jsnod25 says:

That's a silly comment... Of course they are executing code... But it's all installed In a file system similar to what we've known to exist for quite some time in windows. If you use win8 and install an app, you can find its installed files in a traditional manner, on a drive, in some folders and sub-folders... And you can get to it through desktop shortcuts of the .exe file as well... Don't be so insulting on such an idiotic response.

lubbalots says:

The confusion and negativity is exacerbated by tech sites like the verge and ZDNet. Honestly w8 is neither confusing nor hard to comprehend. Ziltch!!!!! Its hard to sway minds that are part or want to be part of a collective.

texantony says:

I buy and then give my opinion on technology the same way I do my movies... I watch them instead of letting review sites decide for me. 75% of movies that I like, Rotten Tomatoes dislikes, hehe. The only reviews I sort of trust are customer reviews from sites like Amazon.

BBC just lost 60 million possible contributers. Ha ha,

How does this compare to the number of Macs sold and the number of upgrades to mountain lion?

ayejay0601 says:

Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that apple sold about 6-7MM Macs (including macbooks) in the Q3 period.  Assume that Q4 is higher, because of the holidays and maybe they will sell close to 10MM.  

lubbalots says:

Alot of rich folks out there.

Not all people who have PCs use it because they can't afford a mac. Many PCs are more expensive than a mac...

lubbalots says:

Are you sure? My son built a PC using top notch components for less than $800 bucks. I don't and can't see any Macs beating that. We use w8. Fluid and fast!

procen says:

Building is more cheaper than buying and it depends on the specs also.

lubbalots says:

I've seen $2000 Macs but never 500-700$.

procen says:

You should try looking at a $3000.00 PC laptop.

lubbalots says:

I've been to bestbuy, walmart, OfficeMax, staples, and never seen a 3000$ PC or laptop. $1500 or less, yes.

jdawgnoonan says:

And when I go to any of those stores (except occasionally at Best Buy) I do not see a single machine that I find interesting. I bought my newest PC at the Microsoft store in Oak Brook, IL and I paid more for it than the prices you list. Macs are competitively priced if you compare all of the details. Screen quality, bus speed, everything. Don't just look at processor speed, disk quantity, or RAM quantity because there is more to it than that.

I am very happy with Windows 8 and my Lumia 920 arrives today.

I meant company built. For example, the razer blade is more expensive than a MacBook Air. But yes, there are cheaper pcs.

I bought a Acer Aspire Timlineu in Iraq about a few months ago for $1,000 and spent $30 or $40 I cant remember the price of the W8 upgrade but yeah I guess depends where you buy, PC can be expensive too with moderate specs. Mine is only a Ivy bridge i5

After using windows 8 for over a year now since the developer was released, and having as my daily driver since it was generally released, windows 7 feels like a true downgrade. I mean, in the real sense of downgrade. I cannot get myself to use it again...

blackprince says:

I could not agree more.

dkp23 says:

I wish windows RT or 8 had more xbox live arcade type games, im sure they can get bobblehead baseball on the surface, amirite?
If they did, would be a killer device if you can play arcade games like that. 

cowboy620 says:

I installing more than can handle I have to tell customers I'll have to put you an my waiting list. I push both wins 8 and wins phone 8. I would love to advertise there products for them, I'm a wins guy through and through. Thank you bill gates for a wonderful product starting with wins 1.

blessthejon says:

Chrome sucks. :p

Tim Stoddard says:

I upgraded my computer the day Windows 8 was released.  My computer was only a couple of months old and I was able to take advantage of the $14.99 upgrade offer.  I honestly cannot understand all of the bad press Windows 8 gets.  It took me all of about an hour to become familiar with it and to personalize the start screen.  I use Office regularly, and the switch from Metro to Desktop is not confusing at all.  One button gets me back to the metro; one button gets me to the desktop if I need it.  I find that the mouse and keyboard works just fine.  I have Windows 7 at work, and it's a step backward using my work computer. 

jdawgnoonan says:

My only complaints about windows 8 are: Modern IE and Desktop IE coexisting is irritating, XBox Music is inferior to Zune Software, and I do not like that all apps running on the desktop are lumped under 'Desktop' instead of being individually listed on the charm for running apps. Other than those things I think Windows 8 is the best version yet.

abailey535 says:

It really interesting how people are down playing windows 8 as terrible or bad with slow sale, but Microsoft has sold more the 60 million. Those number will drastically increase with the increase amount of touch screen laptop that will be coming out this year.. Who's laughing now...Microsoft should tell google to kiss there butt...lol

Tafsern says:

Worked like a charm since beta. It's awesome!

nlcbryan says:

I gotta be honest here. i've been using windows 8 since launch, i got mixed feelings. I ended up buying and installing start8 to remove the start screen. First problem, whenever my computer startup i got into start screen. I want to get into desktop! I know u gonna say "well just click on the screen its just one extra click lazy!". Well..it's my computer, its my windows 8, i want it to get into desktop at startup without clicking..is there a problem?! Second problem, whenever im watching movie or doing something, i wana click start and run a program but OMG it goes into full screen it gave me seizures. Third problem, playing games and clicking start no longer brings you to desktop but extra few steps. Forth problem, why in the world do i have to hover click click click to shut down?
Am i the only one who have all these problems?? It is ACCEPTABLE to u all? Unbelievable..YOU are the customer!
Don't get me wrong, i got a surface RT and love using it. It's fine with touch...not mouse and keyboard..

Ntropy99 says:

Gotta be honest, I don't get the need for the desktop. I will be happy when the desktop goes away. I find the complaints about not having a "start" button confusing - the whole screen is a start button that constantly updates, like my WP8 and my WP7 before that.  And maybe that is the difference, I don't have a screen with rows of widgets doing nothing.  I do agree that the desktop bouncing up when I open older programs annoying.  And the IE 10 experience being different from the start screen and the desktop is also annoying.  2 steps to shutdown, although I do it very seldom, is annoying.  But I like my tiles and have to say I am happy with Windows 8!  And what I like even more - typing what I am looking for without having to actually click a start button for it!

Luc4 says:

You can make all these changes incl. bypassing start screen at startup. Search the internet and you find how to do that.
It's pretty easy to add shortcut for hibernate or shutdown by pointing to shutdown.exe with parameters (or just assign power button to shutdown).
Also do you know that if you right-click in lower left corner you get popup menu incl. run textbox? No need to go to start menu. That said I created tons of taskbar shortcuts.

nlcbryan says:

Yes, that's what i did. I purchased start8 that puts back the start menu. And have it boot up to desktop all time. Yeah, it works now as i want it to be. But in terms of experience with windows 8, im not very happy with it. Because I have to spend $4.99 on the start8, and having to change the windows 8 main features to something just like windows 7 is never good..that means im paying $40 just for speed enhancements.
Experience on surface however, is different. I like it, i stayed on the metro UI all the time and loving it. I use wp7 on lumia900 and RT on surface and then 360, those similar looks really bring the ecosystem together. But sorry, metroUI on mouse and keyboard setup is a big no for me.

Cellus13 says:

Of course people say the adoption rate is slow. For some reason others want windows 8 to fail. I find it ridiculous. Now here! we are to the truth 60 million!

MastrMeatWad says:

Many of those writers disclose they have apple stock...

neelagopi says:

I think most of these licenses are purchased by consumers not by corporations.
I don't think any major company has yet adopted it. In my office, they are testing Windows-8 and expected to dispatch by end of Jan or early Feb.
Once corporations adopt, this number will rise!

Luminatic says:

Probably true. Furthermore, some Companies might just have upgraded to Windows 7. I know of two companies that have, to be exact ... And that were big companies with ten thousands of employees. They won't uprade to the next Windows version so quickly.

vlad0 says:

I really like Windows 8 ... and I don't even have a touch screen..

rocketboy says:

Personally, I admit that Win 8 is a transition OS for MS, but it brings enough to the table that I'll still take it over any other OS at the moment. Just got issued a Win 7 laptop at work and it feels old already.
More signs Win 8 is steadily gaining:

lasana365 says:

To me windows 8 is better than 7. My surface is the shit

deloa84 says:

I bought a Windows 7 laptop just over a year ago. It was nearly a $2000 dollar laptop so no cheap stuff here... The laptop of course was fast and responsive. I got a free copy of Windows 8Pro from work and man does it fly!! I mean it starts up in like 8 seconds, which is almost as fast as some tablets out there. It also just feels more fluid and smooth than Windows 7 ever did. It also improved my battery life by at least 30 minutes! I cannot see why some sites show so much negativity for Windows 8. I remember reading an article on Engadget and they mentioned many of the benefits after installing it on a desktop computer. They mentioned things like read/write speeds improved, start up improved, compatibility was there, etc and at the end of the article they said it they would not recommend it for an upgrade since they did not think it was necessary or some bs they always like to say. I literally flipped out when I read that. And don't get me started on ZDNET and USA Today... USA wrote an article like they did not even try windows 8.. Then again USA Today seems very bias and always seems to praise Apple. IPhone launch they write like 10 articles on it, Windows Phone launch they write like 2 articles...

lubbalots says:

They are all part of a collective. These tech sites all think as one. They have no clue what individuality means or free thinking. They don't know anything else out of the box.

simphf says:

Only 60 million in a few months? Clearly Microsoft is doomed.
/massive sarcasm

baygacon says:

That is licenses, not installations. Remember those on Software Assurance are automatically licensed for Windows 8 (which are most large enterprises)

I purchased four Windows 8 Pro licenses and installed them! Heck for $39 that's a steal! To me it's Windows 7 with an App front end! Everything I had working with 7 works just fine with 8! But now I want a touch screen!

blackhawk556 says:

I upgraded my 5 year old desktop about a month ago and it just took a dump :-(. I kept getting an error and an update wouldn't install. I restarted the computer and when its restarting, it keeps trying to install the update over and over again. It cycles through this process and I can't get it to stop. This sucks I'll have to spend a while trying to get it fixed now. Oh well, I guess it will give me experience on how to fix it.

interopbyt says:

I upgraded my PC to Windows 8 on the first day it came out and it's still running smoothly like a boss ;)

cedarlog says:

im using it and loving it i will never go back to windows 7

DavidinCT says:

I guess I would like to know real number on how many people like it compared to Windows 7. Sure 60 million copies have been sold but, what is the real world % of OEM vs retail sales

AccentAE86 says:

60 million licences in a couple months? And BBC won't bring the iplayer to win8? There must be some seriously huge and fricken retarded anti-MS apple fanbois at the BBC.

I hate windows 8, does the 60 million take into consideration people with small business like mine with this scenario: I am taking ALL of my newly bought work station computers to my friendly tech, erasing 8, and installing 7. 8 slowed productivity to a stand still, screwed everything up, is insulting (what am I? a pre schooler looking for large icons to point at??) I use computers for work, not social media. I am totally frustrated, upset, and overall pissed off at 8 and if there were any other option besides windows (my software doesn't run on apple) I would run into its arms like waves crashing towards the shore.  Why couldn't they launch a social windows platform and keep a business platform in 7???