Windows Phone Festive Photo Comp Winner

Microsoft announces winners of festive holiday photo competition

The Windows Phone team has announced on the official blog the winners of its festive holiday photo competition. The team asked consumers to shoot some photos using a Windows Phone and send in the results. So which photo won the contest? Feast your eyes on the image above, captured by Christian Schlör on his Lumia 920 (with a little help from the Fhotoroom app).

Taken in Austria, Christian manages to capture the spirit of the festive season with snow-covered buildings and the beautiful effect of tilt-shift.

"This is my 'Happy Holiday Picture' It is shot with my Lumia 920, and edited with a simple tilt shift effect in the Fhotoroom app. This was on the morning of the 27.12.2012, my 40th birthday, and a great opening for a beautiful day. I´m from Germany and spend my Holidays with Friends in Serfaus (Austria), and this is what you see here."

There are a number of other entries highlighted in the blog post who have been branded winners also, with some superb photos sporting differentiating effects and results.

Source: Windows Phone Blog



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Sergio0694 says:

Too much blur for my tastes.
And a bit of her wouldn't have been bad, the photo lacks in contrast and in sharpness. The hdr usually fix both of them for the 920 :)
Great photo, though, and congrats to the winner :)

Daniel_H_UK says:

you have to remember only the US 920s got the PR1.1 update with the fixes, but this is a superb photo
Congratulations to the Winner such a brilliant photograph.
and in my opinion a perfect example of why we don't need Instagram as our alternatives are just as good if not better especially when we have access to one of the best cameras available for Mobiles
And Again Well Done to the winner this is a well deserved win

Sergio0694 says:

I know that, that's why I said to use the hdr effect: the 920 without the firmware update takes soft photo, and a light hdr effect increases both the sharpness and the contrast of the photo :)

jsnod25 says:

It doesn't even look real... Gratz

cdbstl76 says:

Agreed. But I like it!

gevabar1 says:

If that is the winner next time I will enter

Rockartisten says:

Looks like a model. Did Peter Jackson build this village for them, or what?

VanillaFrog says:

The purpose of the tilt shift effect is to make the image appear as if it were minature or a toy model. This is achieved with the blurring at the top and bottom of the image.

StevePT says:

Yeah, looks like a HO scale train village...

Dare2Blink says:

I also though It was a model, and i´m not quite convinced that it is not.

TechnoTim says:

That's what real tilt shift lenses do, make things look fake/ miniature.

fatfingur says:

Tilt Shift effect?

TechnoTim says:

Yes. The effect mocks what a real lens does. I'm not convinced though that this was done using Fhotoroom tilt shift effect. I used it on many of my images and they never emulate a tilt shift lens to this degree.

pokokun says:

There's no such thing called Winter in my country. 
Cool picture, literally. 

uopjo6 says:

Tilt shift guys...tilt shift. 

Kind of takes away from the competition if you are able to edit photos.  Take away the tiltshift and it's just another scenery TBH.

rOIVAz says:

Where on the blog post does it indicate this photo is THE winner over the rest? I'm reading that they're all equally 'winners' no? The blog just says "Our favourites are below"..

duncan0622 says:

Is it a toy model? It doesn't look like reality

eraserx says:

Nice to see that the first and third place pictures were taken in Austria. I live in a very beautiful country ;)