How many Nokia Lumia 920s does it take to shoot a commercial?

We've seen the Nokia Lumia 920 make cameos in several venues but this commercial spot for KPN may be the largest gathering of the Windows Phones we've seen to date.

KPN is a mobile service provider in the Netherlands and chose the Lumia 920 to showcase their 4G network. If my count is correct and this isn't some fancy special effects trick, it took 875 Lumia 920's to shoot this twenty-five second spot.  I wonder what they did with the Windows Phones once the commercial was shot?

Source: Youtube; Thanks, Patrick, for the tip!



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alikokce says:

874... Miss the right bottom corner lol

mreaglejr says:

I thought it was 875.
Plus 1 for recording the whole thing! :)

KustomAU says:

So that's why there's a worldwide shortage ;P
Nice idea for a commercial though.

cdb033 says:

Lol, I believe so. Lol!!

jsnod25 says:

I wonder if it took this long since launch to get that many.

Tsyokiss says:

+1 was thinking about that aswell.. It just got released here in the Netherlands tho.. -_-

Marco300 says:

Shame they didnt use a bright color instead of the Classic Black!Still, Nice idea!

aaa6112 says:

Brighter color would be obtrusive when watching the large-scale video...all those bright borders would be sticking out

PolishHitta says:

Why can't we have those kinds of commercials in the US? All I see is Android retarded commercials

That's because the Netherlands is awesome. :D

And we have Microsoft in bed with HTC and for ATT, we have that stupid Will Arnett.

Will Arnett is awesome! You take that back!! :)

Xylon1 says:

No wonder the Lumia 920 isn't available in the entire country until January 14. 
Yes, that's right. That is when we finally get the official release here in The Netherlands.

That is unless you buy it unlocked from an international online retailer like Clove.co.uk (I bought one for my uncle and shipped it to Bolivia, where Windows Phone is largely unheard of). You could've done the same a month ago.

Tsyokiss says:

Its the 10th through coolblue.. ;)

Jrexxx says:

We were supposed to get it middle january here in Belgium, guess what: it got posponed till february!

Jf.Vigor says:

You guys do know this is fake right? Lol

willied says:

Nothing on the internet can be fake...at least, that's what the internet told me.

doctorweir says:

That's where all the stock is!!!

GG002 says:

If you want to know, she said "Daarom beloven wij dat het meerendeel van Nederland er binnen een jaar van kan maken" around the 10-second mark (started a few seconds before), which means "Therefore we promise that the majority of The Netherlands [its citizens] can use this [the 4G network] within a year." I assume KPN is talking about coverage.

Tsyokiss says:

Allthough we still have loads of blind spots in the country with 3G.. :-/

giorgio h says:

Yeah the netherlandssss