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Nokia pushes out another Network+ update for Lumias

The boys and girls from Finland are once again actively tweaking their system apps for their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. We’ve received a few tips this morning that their Network+ app has been updated and indeed, we can confirm.

The app is now being bumped to version What’s changed? Heck if we know though we can tell you that the app, formely called Calls + SMS, deals with some cell network settings and is considered pretty important, especially if you’re experiencing any oddities in cell behavior.

One possible fix with this update is mentioned by reader Andre B., who noted that the “… 4g signal status shows immediately after pressing the clock”. We think we know what he means as on occasion we’ve seen all our info pulled down by tapping the clock in the upper right hand corner (e.g. battery, vibrate, WiFi) but the network configuration at times was missing.

So maybe that’s all this addresses, in which case it’s hard to get excited about but of course we’ll take it.

You can update Network+ for your Lumia (Windows Phone 8) here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Andre and 5tephen, for the tips!

QR: Network+



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CJ Thunder says:

Just got Camera Extras update too. Nokia knows what's on the line.

Yes, I got the Camera Extras update on my Lumia 900, but I have no idea what it adds/fixes, and WPcentral hasn't said anything about it.

:-) How is it possible for anyone to keep track of what updates are going for various apps on various devices on various networks ?

weis says:

and Nokia's panorama updated...

blackhawk556 says:

So this app messes with the network settings? Nokia is able to modify network settings without having to push out a OS/Firmware update?? I'm still a little confused why we need this. Sorry.

blackhawk556 says:

So this app messes with the network settings. Nokia is able to modify network settings without having to push out a OS/Firmware update?? I'm still a little confused why we need this. Sorry.

tissotti says:

Yes this is the whole idea and amazing. Nokia can itself control some of the udpates and most of it doesn't need to package them and update them constantly.
The reason we see Nokia's official line of updates being pushed 1-3 times a week. 

Beezie84 says:

Yup.. The update has to improve reception.. I live in a weird area that I can get 2g, 4g, and GPRS within my same room on T-Mobile.. My galaxy s3 never loses service, but switches between 2g and 4g most times, until today my Lumia primarily would show no service for the most part, or 4g occasionally.. Now I see 2g more consistent than the no service

stagad says:

Nokia and Windows have lost it. They keep churning out these apps that don't really make any difference to performance. I have a Lumia 920...a waste and I've just installed this Network+ but it didn't make any difference. Many functions don't work on the phone...I've said it before... 10 years with Nokia and I've just about had it...I'm on the look out for a new brand that meets the needs, lifestyle and expectations of our time

ivibes says:

Nokia Care & Skydrive are also updated at the same time in my region (Netherlands)

I see an SkyDrive update (v3.0.1) update as well.  USA

MadSci2 says:

Hmmm. Neither App is available on my 920 on AT&T. Methinks these are WP 7.5 only?

YetiBoney says:

Nope, I got the update earlier today on my AT&T 920.

Adretheon says:

It's not technically an app, its just a menu under settings. The updates for it however come up under the app updates Probly so they can make these minor changes without needing to wait for a full os update..

Alex Kj says:

I've got the update on my 920 with WP8. It's just different users will get an update notification at different time of the day.

slimz0r says:

I know I had problems after the wp8 update with network signal fails and the missing 4g emblem.. Seems this fixed both issues I was having...

sholokov says:

I wonder if the extra language support in the SMS drop box existed before update.

MadSci2 says:

Well I can't find the Apps in the marketplace?!

Oren Kaufman says:

My wife reported that my texts were being sent twice after the update. Rebooting phone fixed it.

ade333 says:

I've been getting dup texts for about 2 weeks now - only seems to happen when the txts are from iPhone users. Hopefully this fixes it

MikeInBA says:

Im on AT&T and have experienced the same.  It first started on my iPhone 3g, and thought it was that, but every once in a while it would happen with my Focus and Focus S.  It seems no matter what I change it still happens (infrequently), Ive chalked it up to AT&T.  Ive had friends complain of the same after switching to AT&T.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

I have issue where my mobile provider TELE2 interent stops working... i have wifi always on so my speculation is: it somehow disconnects from everything if doesn't find open wifi / secure wifi connection for a while (usually happens when i am off from home to gym and can't use wifi for 2 hours) and phone thinks that i don't want to use my operator internet, reboot solves this but...
Will see if update fixes it.

MadSci2 says:

Well my problems seem to be with the Marketplace, which is giving an "8000ffff" error for everything, so please ignore my prior speculations.

Hiiiiiiiii says:

What about feedback to nokia update qr?

dlusted says:

I think what would be helpful, if the brilliant guys on WPCentral set up a locked thread in the WP8 Lumia Forums with all the links of new updates.....

As this would help the people are still waiting for app updates to appear, and will save having to troll news feeds and/or forums for links/QR's to download

jkarasch says:

What's an update?

Signed - 8x owner on Verizon.

MadSci2 says:

LOL The difference between Nokia and HTC is, Nokia owners know the answer :-)

cdb033 says:

Just got my network update.

Aldoron says:

My Lumia 920 on Rogers received the update

Just updated. Cali

cdb033 says:

Is something wrong with the store? I'm getting an error code when I try to buy music or update my SkyDrive. Just throwing that out there.

theefman says:

Seems to be down, dont see any content when I open it on my 920.

MadSci2 says:

My access has been restored. Try it now

cdb033 says:

I'm able to buy games and apps but not music. It continues to give me this error code 80151200. What on earth does this code mean? I can't find the meaning of this code anywhere.

cdb033 says:

Nope, I'm getting that error code and its telling me to check back later.

Rod Hull says:

Just got a batch of udates, including this, Nokia Care and SkyDrive. The network one seems to have added options to have the SMS character set optimised for Turkish and Portuguese. I don't recall seeing these options before.

NWRounder says:

Downloaded camera extras, now I have the Pink Hue back AGAIN. Wtf Don't update!

Quin 2013 says:

This seems weird to me because the info has always shown when ever I touch the clock on the upper right hand corner, except for certain apps.

I don't see anything else.

kin0tam says:

Just got my update, my 920 has been acting strangely since. My people live tile is now moving at a really high rate. Also my phone now thinks I'm on the Rogers network. Says Rogers on the home screen under the phone icon and says Rogers in the settings under cellular.... p.s I'm with Fido which is what was displayed on the phone in both places pre-update

kin0tam says:

unless some elves magically snuck into my front pocket and switched my SIM card, I'd say the update does have a bug or two. Anyone else notice anything strange post update?

MadSci2 says:

Well Network+ Update arrived, but given the kvetching here about problems post-update I think I'll wait a bit...

abduz says:

While I do appreciate these updates...I really do...can we have Viber and Tango back on our Lumias/WP8 already?!  It's seriously a shame that it's taking forever to get these apps back, especially since they already exist on our previous WP's.

cuzincurly says:

nothing here too

Slai says:

My reception has vaaaaastly improved, according to the symbol on the statusbar.