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Phonebox Lumia

Have the blues? Nokia announces Lumia colour match contest

Nokia has kicked off 2013 with a new challenge where two selected winners will bag a pair of Purity HD headphones by Monster. Sounds tempting, right? All that's required is for owners of new Lumia Windows Phones to match the colour of their device with an object or surrounding and snap a photo. They emphasise the cooler, more out there, the better. A few examples were provided by the team to get the idea engine started (see above).

Once a photo has been taken and is ready to go, simply comment on the main article with the file (link below) or fire it up into the Twittersphere with the #NokiaLumiaChallenge hashtag for judges to see. Entries will be selected based on how imaginative, inventive and random you've been on finding the most effective match for the Lumia Windows Phone. Photos that make the judges jump up with excitement will have the best chance in making it through, so be sure to get those thinking caps on.

With the array of colours available, particularly in cases and shells for the likes of the new Lumia 820, it should be pretty easy locating the perfect spot for the Windows Phone for it to turn itself into a temporary model. Don't forget to make use of on-screen real estate too. Arrange those tiles, show off the accent colours and enable those Live Tiles to display everything that's personally connected to you.

As with any competition there are terms and conditions that are present and should be read before entering. No Photoshop or post-editing apps are allowed, folks and you have to be either 16 or older. The contest will close on Thursday 8th February 2013, more than enough time to make use of the British weather for those white Lumia handsets that are out there.

Source: Nokia Conversations



There are 36 comments. Sign in to comment

kidjenius says:

This would be difficult for us black Lumia 920 owners

sayonical says:

No not if you get creative :p

alikokce says:

lol True but "we" can make it happen.

WinFan1 says:

Lol I was gonna go with the red accent on dark theme sit it on the black charger stand on the red touchcover in front of the red theme surface with the black and red beats audios around the phone but then thought nah not out there enough lol

EXkurogane says:

Just put it on the road behind a car's tyre and snap a photo. Easy. Also demos how touch Nokia phones are. 

hardcoreplur says:

Biggest issue... I don't have a 2nd L920 to take the picture with...

sayonical says:

Haha I have a white and yellow 920 :p

kidjenius says:

Lumia whore ;)

MidahoX says:

i didn't you you can be such a potato queen and rice queen at the same time.

GDannyboy says:

Agreed. Why else would I have another camera when this Lumia 920's is so rockin it?

sholokov says:

I used my red to take picture of the white, showing the red on top of Red touch cover. Confused? Take a look.

the TnC didnt state that the photo must be taken with Lumia, and i bliv u dont have to at all. I bliv u can use DSLR, just no photoshop or after effects. I think they wanna emphasize your imagination n the relation of your desired colors with things around you, it's about showing off the colours, not a contest of Carl Zeiss photography ability...

sholokov says:

Buy me a DSLR and I will use it.

druger81 says:

Too bad it's not any WP. :(. Sent from my 8X.

sayonical says:

Don't feel to bad. The headphones aren't even the new model with NFC and Bluetooth. They also sound terrible.

Sound terrible? That's a bit of a stretch as imo they sound quite good, in fact they're the best I own and trump my Sony's.

Headphones are like shoes though with personal preference taking precedent, but if anyone won these I'd hesitate to say that they would be disappointed in fact most normal humans would be quite freakin' happy with these headphones.

I suppose an audio Nazi people can find something to complain about but honestly, who cares about those people...

NIST says:

"normal humans" haahaa

Bilal_Fakih says:

Hehe some ppl should stop posting without knowledge! But I liked what u said "normal ppl" :) anyways thanx Daniel for the info about the headphones! Looking forward to it!!

sayonical says:

Lol Daniel I'm far far from an audiophile. I won both the Purity HD headset and in the purity in-ear buds last year and I've had ample ample time to compare them. The in ear buds are great. Sound quality was decent good miss, bass and lows. The purity HD only had decent mids with little to no bass and forget discerning lows. Its also not comfortable wearing for long periods. All this is of course my opinion :)

NIST says:

You sir may not be normal.

Narr says:

I liked the sound but had the same experience with the comfort level.

upupandawol says:

And the search begins

erzhik says:

Too bad I lack creativity...

MacDaMachine says:

Same here. And the only camera I own is on my 920

Soxpranos says:

Nice,anybody know where can you buy the HD purity wireless headphones in the US? Looked at alot of places online but didn't find any with the wireless HD set? Thanks

ByeVanno says:

my lumia is my only camera so they might be hard to think of how to work it

WinFan1 says:

you could use someone elses phone :)

Vector555 says:

Use a app that allows you to set a timer to snap the picture on your phone. Then hold a mirror?

Mystictrust says:

Good luck, cyan!

HM02 says:

Too bad it's not a pair of the Nokia Purity Pro headphones... I need those mayne.

Aldoron says:

Damnit ny black Lumia 920 is wrapped in a sexy red carbon fiber skin. Hmm...

pokokun says:

same here. I have my Yellow Lumia in a black Speck case. 

uopjo6 says:

So DSLR owners have the advantage

EXkurogane says:

It's more to creativity than an awesome photo from a $2000 DSLR. White 920 owner, i'd just head down to a mall's lingerie section, put my lumia on a tray of white bras and panties and take a photo. 

Rishicash says:

Someone will put a red or yellow one on a Ferrari and win. Everytime I see the red one I see the Ferrari logo on the back.

LaNiQuE says:

Cool contest im in .... Lol I love Dan and its funny how it went from sounds terrible to an all out comparison and I agree that headphone are a personal choice but like Dan said a normal human who won them would be happy with them