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Nokia proves popular in the Netherlands as the Lumia 920 sells out…on the first day.

We’re still not quite sure what the situation is for Nokia’s stock of the Lumia 920. Word is that they kept production limits tight due to a fear of having a warehouse filled with unsold devices just collecting dust. That’s a dangerous position to be in when your financials are as precarious as Nokia’s.

Being the case, it’s still interesting to read that in the Netherlands, where the Lumia 920 just went on sale today, at least one major reseller ( is already reporting stock is so low that they can’t guarantee any orders past tomorrow. To make it worse, they don’t even know when the device will be back in stock.

A note has now gone up on their website, which is translated below:

“The official release date for the Nokia Lumia 920 is the 14th of January 2013. During pre-orders the 920 proved to be really popular. As a result of this there is a shortage of Nokia Lumia 920's for the entire country (of the Netherlands). This means that we cannot guarantee quick delivery if you place your order after the 15th of December 2012. We cannot provide a shipping date at this moment."

Indeed preorder interest was so high, it rivaled the iPhone 5 back in November. When reader of the site Niels called up he was told “…they just didn't know when it would be back on the shelves. And that the demand is 'high'”.

Once again the keywords are there: demand is high. So while we can write-off some of the Lumia 920 shortages to "initial low stock" it is also because once again, people just really want the darn thing. The question is when will Nokia finally ramp up production enough to meet that demand?

Source:; Thanks, Niels, for the tip!



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giorgio h says:

Yess true, I'm still waiting on my lumia 920.

dreamfly says:

Same here...been waiting since Nov 19.  Wrote an email to the Nokia CEO and he replied saying they were working hard on it.  Don't really know how they work but obviously every inefficiently.

jsnod25 says:

Well during their decline over the past couple years they closed many fan plants and laid off tens of thousands of employees, so they aren't able to produce like they used to. Plus they have a wide range of offerings and that limits production of any one model as well.

giorgio h says:

what is the email of the Nokia CEO

zonoskar says:


Stephen dot Elop at nokia dot com maybe?

dubnukem says:

I'm not surprised. Nokia used to be HUGE here in Holland. People were just waiting for them to release a good phone again. And they just did.

Martinspire says:

While that is true, it seems that the demand is high but deliveries to stores are just way too low. Phonehouse just got a handfull of devices on the 10th (rumor) and didn't get many either. If you check various forums you don't see many reviews or experiences with the device but you do see a lot of people waiting for their phone to be delivered.
It all was to be expected if you look at the launches in the area. Germany also had way too little stock. Not sure if this is because they launched all over the place, but it seems that the current problem isn't shortage of stock per se, but more related to the lack of or size of new stock

JuneMono says:

Still waiting for a Nokia 920 yellow. Waiting since 12/1/12. :(

Apoc says:

I pretty much gave up on waiting for my yellow Lumia 920. Probably will wait to see what Microsoft and Nokia will announce at MWC in Barcelona. But if it happens to come in stock before I will still get it!

bawboh86 says:

I gave up on a yellow as well. And a red, as it seems that one keeps selling out before I can make it to the store (after checking stocks online). I ended up with white. Oh well! It's still a great phone, even if the color doesn't stick out. ^_^

I've been waiting since 11/25/12.

pbroy says:

They need to hurry up and satisfy demand so we can start getting some more colors in the US, instead of black and white. Preferably GREY.

giorgio h says:

Is nokia going to do something about their production?

DanBB1 says:

As far as I know, they should be opening a new plant in Vietnam sometime "early 2013". Most likely the next Lumia flagship will be produced there.

Hey Daniel can U tell me when the lumia 620 will be released?? And any idea about its price?

Jnbs says:

I might not be Daniel, but here is kind of a hope that you can get it.. Preorders are being held at here is the preorder link: In my opinion is a great device, and I will preorder one myself. Availability is on January 2013 for most countries. (ITS SHIPPING ALREADY AWESOME!!!)

TK2011 says:

Why is everyone selling at around US$300 when Nokia announced it's $250? I want to get one for my daughter.

Jnbs says:

Its only $50.. Remember that the 620 is not coming to the U.S.. Therefore importing it could be expensive..

Nakazul says:

They sold all 2 phones? (Sarcasm)

DJCBS says:

NOT surprised. SPECIALLY since the phone costs 600€ AND Nokia Holland OFFERS the charging pad (which costs around 70€) to people in Holland. So the Lumia 920 ends up costing 530€.

If more countries sold it at that price (which is the fair price for the phone), they would sell more units in other countries too.

Abdul9 says:

If i knew that i would have waited and ran to Holland to buy mine. Dam! Life is so unfair.

DJCBS says:

It's not that simple. You would have to live in Holland and have bought the phone from one of the specified retailers (which are basically the bigger ones like, PhoneHouse, MediaMarkt, Saturn, and the operators T-Mobile, Vodafone, Tele2). They don't give you the charging pad right away. Until February 28th you go to Nokia's website ( and register your IMEI as well as name and address of course and the colour you desire. Then send by March 8th a copy of the receipt and a printed copy of the form. Then within 4-6 weeks they send it to your address in Holland.
It's not THAT fast to get BUT it's free and spares you 70€ nonetheless.

ericjojo says:

Nokia Lumia 920 all the really digging my Yellow L920!!!

If I'm Nokia, while they need the cash, I'd keep the supply limited and take the hit. Their next flagship should sell like the galaxy SII did for Samsung. Perceived demand is more important for them right now than actual sells if they can take the financial hit. They need mindshare and every time we keep hearing the Lumia 920 sold out, the more it makes it the must have device with the 16 to 25 crowd. Honestly, the lack of Instagram is probably the only thing keeping the Lumia line from exploding with sales. Kids love these colorful phones. But they aren't leaving all their friends behind to get one. Microsoft just needs to give Facebook the cash to get it done. Its clear Google is paying them to not release it on windows phone. Microsoft, write a bigger check.

TK2011 says:

Instagram for WP is supposedly in progress. We just need to wait a little more.

Lloyd_S says:

Letter to editor.....

infur says: the best selling phone in this shop and also sold out.

kwarkus says:

the Lumia 920 was out in 1 day for few weeks.

pazces84 says:

sucks for those who are still waiting on getting their hands on a L920 :-/ 

AaHaa says:

Yeah, tell me about it. I was supposed to get it last thursday, but I got a mail telling me it was delayed because of the massive amount of preorders. When I called the webshop, they told me Nokia gave them a lot less phones than they anticipated, so I don't think it's save to say the phone is selling very well YET. Maybe every retailer just got very few devices. By some miracle, I received mine this saturday by the way... Don't know how I maneged to slip through the waiting queues.

giorgio h says:

Wanneer heb jij het besteld?

AaHaa says:

18th of december.

Moaske says:

Being from Holland I managed to get a Black one from The Phonehouse in Netherlands: they seem to be very well connected to Nokia as the seem to have received the earliest and most stock. Even one of our biggest etailers (Cool Blue) has them still on backorder for most of it's clients.
By the way, I hesitated a long time about the color, but finally decided that the high gloss of the colors is too damn ugly. The semi matte finish of black is nicer and goes with all accent colors, although my first choice would have been a grey one if it had come available at a reasonable time. I think we're not gonna see that grey one before april of may...

XBWillem says:

Ordered mine months ago and haven't even received confirmation it is on its way...

XBWillem says:

At that is, so kinda worried I'm not getting it.

GG002 says:

It says 8-10 weeks on, which most likely applies to me (too)!

XBWillem says:

What..... Going to call them today.

paulxxwall says:

When u guys get them u will luv them lumia920 usa

diplomat696 says:

If there is such high demand and low supply though how long are people willing to wait before going in another direction...

Mafiatounes says:

I bought mine in France 2 months ago when it released, i was there for work and i just could not wait.. Hi my name is rami and i am a Lumiaddict.

I'm so glad I've got mine <3 Didn't really had to wait cos I think they had got another batch that was just in!! These phones are selling like hot cakes

KingCrimson says:

Go Nokia, onwards and upwards to VICTORY!

I just got off the phone from a nokia support rep, as my 920 locks up every few hours. Even after the update.  She told me that they are currently replacing most all of AT&T's store supply as well as all of the stock that is already in the customers hands.  This could be why there is so much shortage.  She did say that they are keeping it as quiet as possible, which I found odd that she would offer that up..  I love my phone, I just don't feel I should have to do a soft reset every few hours...

Junior_bg says:

Here in Brazil there are thousands of people waiting for the new Lumias 820 and 920, but the prediction of Nokia Brazil is that the new appliances are marketed only in mid-March 2013. Many are not leaving expected and buying galaxy's III and iPhone's 5 ...


In germany/berlin it is no Problem to get 920s on mobilecom debitel, 599€. They have white, black and red

SergeMcG says:

I don't think Lumia 920 will ever be meeting demand. A production increase should take months otherwise it is too costly. By the time they can meet demand is time to release the next flagship model.. I hope I'm wrong, for all those who are waiting. I had to get mine from Dubai!
The queue outside Apple stores is miniscule in comparison at the crowds of those waiting for their Lumia 920 to be shipped. 

so true! they will never meet demand. They should announce a new lumia now!

Rabbagello says:

I'm also still waiting since 12/12/'12. Belsimpel(.nl) claimed my order would take 2 weeks, than 3 weeks, than they said it would be back in stock on the 9th of Jan. Finally on that day they mailed me to say that they had no clue on when it would be back in stock. Please be sooooon!! My HTC HD7 is starting to die on me. =/

giorgio h says:

Dutch people everywhere..

ceraf says:

It would be nice if they actually reported a ballpark figure of the number of phones sold.

DJCBS says:

In Portugal the original release date of the 920 at Fnac - January 18th - was now pushed to February because Nokia redirected stock destined to the country to face demands in other countries that have already released it. I would be surprised if one of those countries was Holland.
However the 820 AND the 620 have a release date of January 28th.

On the other hands, no Operator here has announced the arrival of the new WP, with Vodafone clearly admiting that they do NOT recommend the phone to any customer who asks for help choosing a Smartphone.

Pawelaziz says:

I pre-ordered the nokia lumia 920 back in december ( 20-25 december) and I've already received 2 emails from CoolBlue. They told me that they can't deliver the lumia on time, now eventually I'm told that they'll deliver the lumia on 22 january in stead of 7 january. I can't wait!!!!! I need that phone!!!

GG002 says:

Lucky you! I couldn't preorder back in December, and did it in beginning of Jan, and now reports 8-10 weeks of delay!!!!!!!! BLOODY H*LL

Nokia may ramp up production, but likely for the next iteration of the Lumia line.   The current line has been on the market for a few months, and it sold what it's going to sell. 
This is provided, of course, that Nokia's financials will allow them to survive another year without getting bought.

Marvin_S says:

If the demand is there, why would they sell :) this is the luxury problem they have been waiting for for the last 5 years!

Whodaboss says:

Just imagine if the Lumia 920 was released on all networks in the U.S. versus just on AT&T.  Nokia stock would be at least $10 by now because there would have been so much demand.  Oh well, my Lumia 810 will have to do for now.

Marvin_S says:

Would not have mattered much, the company has much more traction in Europe. So if they get supplies up in Europe and Asia, they can reach sales numbers much much higher than they would in the states. It's much better to keep your biggest market happy.

peSHIr says:

Only question for me? "Where is that grey colour?"
It is still promised as an available one ("beschikbaar") on even though I can find no images of a grey 920 on the Nokia site right now. Just to be clear: available (to me) means that I can buy it, not "we probably plan to start manufacture it in this color as well if black and white turn out to be actually selling". :-/

Marvin_S says:

Ik denk niet dat we het grijze model de komende maanden in de winkels kunnen verwachten.

FAKNL says:

Getting my white 920 today between 1854-2054 delivered, can't wait.

Thamuz says:

So that's why they postponed the Lumia 920 until the end of February in Belgium...

EvadNL says:

Just received a mail from saying it could take up to half way of march before I get my Lumia 920 :( very sad!

Still waiting for it here in Greece.Many people want it here also.