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Rogers expanding Lumia 920 selection with more colours

Nokia Lumia 920

Canadian mobile operator Rogers has announced on its official blog plans to bring in more Lumia 920 stock, with a stronger selection of colours for consumers. Taking feedback into account, the team reports that the network will offer the Windows Phone in red, white and yellow. As well as this, there's also a small contest where you could win one of the new Lumia 920s.

Rogers argues it was the first network to launch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. That may be the case, but we've certainly no forgotten just how difficult it was to physically locate one for purchase. The Mobile Nations team raided a number of stores across the country, until eventually we managed to snatch one.

The new Lumia 920s will be available at Rogers stores and online in the next handful of weeks, which paints the picture that Nokia is going full steam ahead on production. The Windows Phone must also be doing quite well for the mobile operator to consider taking on not only more units, but more versions of the same smartphone.

We mentioned a small contest, didn't we? Rogers is giving away one of the new Windows Phones it'll be receiving in the next few weeks as a little token of appreciation for the patience of customers over the last few months. So how does one enter to be in with a chance? Simple, all that's required is to comment on the article detailing the new Lumia 920s (not this one, but the on the Rogers blog).

Before January 31st, those who comment on the blog post detailing which colour he (or she) is most exited about and what they're looking forward to doing most on the new Lumia 920, will be considered for the prize. Three winners will be selected - one for each colour. Terms and conditions are present, and note that entries must be 150 words or less.

It's reported on the blog post that the new coloured variants of the Nokia Windows Phone are already available on Rogers Reservation System for existing customers to reserve. Good to see more support from Canadian networks.

Source: Rogers



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pulkit10 says:

About time! Looks like I'll be upgrading mine after all. Definitely nice to see it appear after holding out for so long and not giving in...

Finally! Just in time for my current contract ending in 2 weeks. 


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)


Happy New Year!



WaywardBus says:

I managed to hold out for new 920 do I wait for the next lumia...?

gwydionjhr says:

Only if you you're hoping for a mega PureView camera sensor.  That would be the only change I can see coming that would make a substantive difference over the current gen phones. 

myrandex says:

Hah I would buy a phone full price ASAP if Nokia released one with a sweet physical keyboard (tough pro 2 style or better), and there are other hardware changes people might enjoy (Quad Core, expandable storage, etc.)

DanBB1 says:

Only if you are able to wait the next Lumia for some 6+ months to hit the shelves. I expect it to be revealed in MWC end of feb. and hit the shelves 2-4 months after.

pulkit10 says:

Well, even if they do manage to release a new one at MWC (won't happen), it'll be June by the time before it STARTS hittingt the shelves. Then, it'll be October by the time the color models start coming to Rogers so really, do you want to wait till October? 

WaywardBus says:

We shall see. The 7.8 update for my Lumia 900 might extend my patience...

Damnit, I upgraded a couple of weeks ago lol

ahabenezer says:

Will they allow a 30 day return period for the purposes of swapping colors?

WaywardBus says:

No, you won't be able to swap. Buyers remorse period is 15 days, or 30 minutes talk time. Whichever comes first.

allos autos says:

You have 15 days to return/exchange. You might be able to swap!

Its odd that Rogers with all their RED colors in their brand image wouldn't have red at launch. Better late than never I guess, I find it hard to offer any kind of compliment to these 'Robbers'

chilero says:

Thanks to the countless customers that communicated to them that only black was not we wanted.  Nice to see that they did pay attention.  I thought that they might add one colour but adding 3 is great.

phatboy66 says:

I'm really surprised too! I was sure they would only add one colour also

phatboy66 says:

Lol I know so many people who couldn't wait and got the black Lumia 920 during the launch even though what they really wanted was the yellow or red model. Sucks for them, I will FINALLY get what I have been waiting for!

WavingReds says:

Already got an international red version. Screw Rogers for being late.

xtrip says:

Where did you get such thing?!?!?? Is LTE working?...i did a lot of research..and the only pentaband, AWS enabled version is black!

WavingReds says:

I work in a private cell phone store so getting phones is easy ;) and no LTE doesn't work cause North American uses the 700 band but I didn't use LTE on my 900 so not a huge lose at all

mrolympia74 says:

Do you get lte on your international version. I don't on mine

WavingReds says:

Nope, don't have LTE on mine either but I didn't even use it on my 900 Cyan so not a lose to me

xtrip says:

Finally!!...was really dissapointed Nokia..came out with only one version..of pentaband/AWS phone..No more compromise ..LTE Vs Red:!))!

Johnnycat13 says:

This is what I get for supporting Rogers from day one by reserving and buying a black 920. Uck-fay you Rogers! I'm really getting sick of them slapping their dedicated customers in the face by offering better stock to those who waffled around for a few months (smartly so in hindsight) not supporting Rogers. Guess its yet another black phone for the next three years. :(

abel920 says:

Don't fret!  100% of all the beautiful and exotic cases will look so beautiful with the black version.
With the other colours, you're limited to what looks good and what compliments them. ;)
I have the black one too.
I wanted cyan though :-'(

apocacrux says:

You didn't see this coming? You are slapping yourself in the face not Rogers. They never said they would never carry other colours eventually. I find it hilarious that people blame companies for things that are the responsability of the consumer.

wetworker says:

It's about time. Last year I got the black 900 and about a month later they brought out the cyan that I wanted. Thank goodness I waited because I can finally get a red 920.

TofuDelight says:

+1 !! This is me exactly, word for word.

wetworker says:

Good things come to those who wait. Or who got screwed the year b4. :)

mrolympia74 says:

God dammit. If I knew I'd wait. Instead I got the international white version. No LTE and no portico and camera fix update. I wanted the Yellow

Daakkon says:

No cyan :'(:'(

14knickers says:

No doubt! Where the heck are the Grey L920's.
I don't believe they exist.  

gurnishan says:

they definately exist, there is a unboxing of one on youtube, they are sexy!!. and yet rogers failed to get them :( 

gurnishan says:

they definitely have a grey one, there's an uboxing video present on youtube, but rogers i guess missed it :(, the colour is definitely one of the best ones out there. Looks SEXYYY!!!

Preordered a black one from Rogers too. Totally bummed. Would have preferred a red or yellow one. :/
I wanted to make sure there was demand and a future for Windows Phone however. It's still a slick phone! :)

pulkit10 says:

Preordered? You might just be able to swap it.

TofuDelight says:


Abdul9 says:

Offtopic. I'm i the only one having trouble with downloading apps in the store? I have been having this problem since this morning, at first it was limited to some apps but now after a fresh install i can't even download anything. Please help.

apocacrux says:

@Abdul9, the store is down.
Check here to see when it's back up:

So are the Rogers colored 920's pentabands, aws? Someone clarify, please.

wzp21261686 says:

I want a yellow one!!!!!

gfunk84 says:

I was really hoping for cyan -- or even grey -- but this is better than nothing.

AccentAE86 says:

I wanted a yellow one, but couldn't wait so here I am with a black one.  But like others mentioned, I'm curious as to whether the coloured ones will be pentaband...

bono5112 says:

Who got the grey? Or did anybody get the the grey one?

Lundon44 says:

Wow... After all the complaints they finally decided to offer more colors. A little annoyed that it took them this long when it's something that should be done at launch. I ended up taking the black 920 only because it didn't seem likely that more color choices were coming though I wanted it in yellow. And though I could easily flip my black one online unlocked I don't know that all the hassle is worth getting another color considering I feel like were only 5 months or less away from another Lumia flagship.

david90531 says:

Wow, about time. But I already have my black L920, and happy with it actually. Still hopefully this will up the sales a bit for Canadian market

I am happy with my black phone for the most part. I think it is really cool looking, and although I might have gotten a red or yellow one if they had been available, I am happy to stay with what I have. Got to admit though, that the yellow one does look slick.

xtrip says:

Does anyone know if an existing Rogers customer can purchase an additional phone, at full price - 599$ ?

Lundon44 says:

Are these still $599 outright? Worst case the Microsoft store will sell them off contract as well.

xtrip says:

Yes, but usually Rogers..wont sell them without a Rogers account/phone number

mythos13 says:

It may hit the shelves in 2 - 4 months everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe  but it will be at least 8 months for Canadians.

xtrip says:

Rogers is accepting it shouldnt be that far:), they say they will try to deliver withing 15 working days

chucky78 says:

well this is good and bad news since I already bought a black one. There is a little silver lining for me though. Yesterday I did a reset on my phone and it bricked. I was going to return it today but now I'm thinking about waiting. I bought mine from the Microsoft store. next problem is it's unlocked. they better give me a unlocked replacement. I should have bought it from Rogers.

chucky78 says:

my advice is when the colours come to roger reset your phone and hope it bricks.

derekheidt says:

Has anyone here gotten an unlocked 920 working on the Bell network?

chucky78 says:

I'm using it on Wind. Rogers version is a Pentaband So it should work on Bell.

Duffau says:

So do these still come unlocked out of the box? Been wanting to get one for my tmobile line that could utilize hspa+. Thanks

TofuDelight says:

Oh, and kudos for the Canadian spelling of "colour" for this article! :)

stylinred says:

Must mean the Lumia 920 is doing well in Canada for Rogers to be adding colours and 3 at that; considering Rogers typically only introduces Black if its an "iffy" product and 1 other colour 6 months later if the phone does adequately