Give your 8X and 920 some skin. DecalGirl embraces Windows Phone

DecalGirl for Windows Phone

You could stick someone in a room with Dieter Rams for a week and they could still leave having absolutely no appreciation of industrial design. For those friends, you can gift them these wild, wacky, and plain tacky (kind of cool) smartphone covers for their Lumia 920 or HTC 8X.

DecalGirl has some skins to cover up the latest and greatest Windows Phone devices. They all go for about $10 and have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

My personal favorite is the leopard print, what better way to show off my color blindness than the faux pattern of a majestic beast. Look, I get it, you want to be yourself and have the exterior of your smartphone be an extension of you. So put your shoulders back and head high as you sport your leopard pattern Windows Phone around the block.

Snarky Sam aside, it’s great to see companies pay attention to the platform and give us some options in the accessories department. It’s only a matter of time where we get to go to a place like CES and face an overwhelming selection of cases.

Honestly, the Tetris one above is kind of awesome and complements the Windows Phone interface rather nicely. Head on over to DecalGirl to browse their selection of skin for either your Lumia 920 (right here) or HTC 8X (right here).

I'll make you guys a deal, pick which one I should buy and demo on my Lumia 920. Which ever design gets the most votes or mentions, I'll nab. Unless you pick the leapard print, in which case we're no longer friends.

Thanks for the tip JFossTheBoss



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prestonalan says:

Sam, you are easily my favorite Windows Phone Central writer simply for the personality you put into your articles lol.

Sam Sabri says:

Thanks man. I do it all for you. 

cdbstl76 says:

Sam, have your editor pick 10, then open a poll. There rare so many that 100 people could vote, and 100 options voted for... Just a thought :-)

Sam, you rock. Also, Daniel, rich, George, Paul, James, and others you rock too. WPCentral needs to sell shirts like android central.

WPmunkey says:

I'll buy one

jonathonpm says:

Glad to see these are out for the 8x and 920, personally I prefer gelaskin but will be taking a gander to see what is on offer.
I disagree with the first paragraph 

You could stick someone in a room with Dieter Rams for a week and they could still leave having absolutely no appreciation of industrial design. For those friends, you can gift them these wild, wacky, and plain tacky (kind of cool) smartphone covers for their Lumia 920 or HTC 8X.

Yes some of the skins are truly awful, like the leopard print, but most offer a great way to personalise and protect your phone (from scratches to the body) without bulking it up with some massive case that definitely hides any nice industrial design of the device.


I would have done without a skin if my 920 was cyan but sadly its black so is in the need of brightening up.

Sam Sabri says:

I was just kidding :P

jonathonpm says:

ok you are forgiven, but to be fair there are plenty of people who buy a beautiful phone and then stick it in the most horrendous case.

martinmc78 says:

Great to see i can pimp my black 8x - Love what decalgirl does - have repeatedly used their products many moons ago on the original xbox then xbox 360 and picked up some great skins for my surface.
Skins are easy to apply and remove and never leave any residue. Awesome products and even the shipping to the UK is fast.
Edit - just seen i can get the same skin thats on my surface!!. Grid. Would it be too much though? Sitting on a train and pulling out tech with matching skins?

upupandawol says:

I've just ordered 3

Sam Sabri says:

Which ones did you get? Post some pics in the forum when you get em. 

EXkurogane says:

Ah, gelaskin. I wouldnt ruin the beauty of my Lumia by sticking this all over my phone though. 

bluedot says:

The leopard print is mighty tempting, but the Tetris one gets my vote :)

Miistercoool says:

I vote for the composition notebook one, I think it's pretty darn cool!

Quin452 says:

I would buy one, but there is a reason why I got a yellow Lumia 920... The case is black, so there is a nice contrast between the colours (one of my friends insists it is a bumblebee) :-/

it's cool seeing places that let you draw / upload your own artwork for things like this, maybe in the future I'll drum something up but right now I'm enjoying the phone as is. 

YianniGR says:

The Tetris one.. In fact I didn't get it, it's like cases or stickers?

Sam Sabri says:

More like a sticker than a case. It's meant as light protection against scuff marks and to throw some 'swag' on your phone. At least that is what all the kids tell me.

Rishicash says:

Right. Blue eye shadow on the Mona Lisa would look cool too.

gautch says:

Sam, if you contact them they may give you a coupon code for doing the poll and getting them some traffic.

xrs22 says:

This is mine i had done. My taekwondo school.
Make sure you get it right cause it's really adhesive and may stretch a bit.